Friday, August 18, 2017

israel/Palestine News


Pro-Israeli groups are pushing the White House to transition from neoconservativism to Alt-Right, says Shir Hever

The Israeli government is compiling a list of BDS (Boycott, Divestment,
Sanctions) activists who are not allowed to travel to Israel. Asa
Winstanly of the Electronic Intifada talks about the effort to expose
this secret list

Richard Spencer, a white nationalist and de facto leader of the
so-called “alt-right,” described himself to a reporter on Israel’s
Channel 2 News as “a white Zionist” on Wednesday evening and argued that
Israelis “should respect someone like me.”

Palestinian activist Mohammed Othman, American website designer Adam
Abel and pro-skater Kenny Reed are making dreams come true for the
teen-skaters in the West Bank city of Qalqilyah.
Not only do they
aim to normalize the lives of the local children but also promote gender
equality. And even though skating is considered to be a "boys' sport",
in Qalqilyah girls do come to skate. Read

Israeli forces this morning demolished a two-story building in the occupied East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Issawiya.


TRNN's Shir Hever discusses the reasons for the rapid rise in Palestinian incarceration, including hundreds of children

"Hadas always swam according to her compass, and not with all the other
fish. And her compass has led her to this courageous act."
So said
this week, the father of conscientious objector Hadas Tal, who declared
her refusal on grounds of opposition to the occupation.

In late July, dozens of Israeli settlers raided and occupied the Abu
Rajab family home in the Old City of Hebron near the Ibrahimi Mosque.
Since then they have slowly moved in under the constant protection of
armed Israeli soldiers. Abu Rajab family members are now subjected to
daily harassment from the settlers, while soldiers control the family’s
every move in and out of the parts of the home where they have been able
to remain.