Friday, June 24, 2016

Israel/Palestine News

Everything is Not Alright from newisraelfund on Vimeo.

A more just, equal, and democratic Israel is possible. Together, let’s pave a new path forward.

“The life of a Palestinian child is nothing but fear, humiliation, and rage. Everything is a burden.” - Mohammad, 16

Israeli military detains around #‎700ChildPrisoners each year. This
video is part of the Israeli Military Detention: No Way to Treat a
Child. Find out more by visiting their page.

The Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City was cleared of its
Palestinian inhabitants on the eve of the Ramadan holiday, 5 June 2016,
to make way for a flag procession by Jewish religious nationalists,
celebrating Israel conquering the eastern half of the city 49 years

Store owners, street merchants, and shoppers preparing
for that evening’s celebratory feast were driven out of the lanes that
fell along the route chosen by march organizers and approved by Israel’s
Supreme Court. From a safe distance behind police barricades,
Palestinian residents of Jerusalem watched silently as ultra-nationalist
Jews paraded through the quarter, singing songs of praise to Yahweh and
calling for the ethnic cleansing of non-Jews.

Tens of thousands
of Israelis took hours to stream through the monumental Damascus Gate
and weave their way through the alleys of the Muslim Quarter, eventually
reaching their final destination, the holy Western Wall plaza, where
they were treated to musical performances and a series of speeches by
top religious and political officials.

Video by Dan Cohen and David Sheen

When Google's executive visited the Israeli Air Force base of Hatzerim,
beside the ethnically cleansed city of Bir-a-Saba and only 30km away
from the Gaza Strip.

Gaza is under a barbaric and illegal siege and is routinely being bombed by this very air force.

In memory of the 551 children who were massacred during 8 July and 26 August 2014, as the IAF carried out over 6,000 airstrikes.

Some commenters have contested our report that this man is saying
"Ba-Nakba!", claiming that he is actually saying "Ba-Rabak!" This video
plays back the footage at regular speed, 1/2 speed and 1/3 speed so you
can listen closely and hear for yourself.  More on this at Mondoweiss.