Friday, May 20, 2016

Israel/Palestine News

Ultra-Nationalist Avigdor Lieberman Accepts Post as Defense Minister of Israel

Michel Warschawski of the Alternative Information Center says
Netanyahu's decision to appoint Avigdor Lieberman is a concession to
far-right and religious pressure.

Liyla and the Shadows of War (Google Play link) is a game about a child's struggles living in the Gaza strip, and Apple says it is ineligible for consideration for inclusion in the Ios App Store because it would be "more appropriate to categorize your app in News or Reference for example."
The rejection from Apple is consistent with the company's very vague guidelines, which says that apps can't be critical or describe sex, because apps are "different than books or songs."
But these guidelines are unevenly applied. For example, the App Store contains an Angry Birds clone called Israeli Heroes that lets you hurl cartoon missiles at vaguely Arabic-looking adversaries.


Pro-Israel groups Charm City Tribe and IMPACT celebrated Israel's 68th
anniversary at a bar in Fells Point while protesters outside mourned for
the Palestinians killed and displaced during the land grab.

This tour in Jerusalem shows the city as experienced by Palestinian communities under occupation.

68 years after the Nakba, when most Palestinians were forced out of
their homes during the creation of Israel, those who stayed behind are
struggling to hold on to their homes. For residents like Basma, that
means living with the constant threat of demolition, without sewage,
electricity, paved roads or playgrounds.

In 1948, around 80% of Palestinians were forced out of their homes
during the creation of Israel. That event is known as the Nakba, or “the
Catastrophe.” So where did they go? And how many Palestinians are there
around the world now?

Caught on Camera: Video evidence of the Israeli soldier who shot and
killed 17-year-old Nadeem Nowarah on Nakba Day in 2014. Two years later,
the family of Nadeem is still looking for justice. Early this month,
the first hearing of charges being pressed against Nadeem's killer took
place. #Nakba

[Video created by Defence for Children International - Palestine]