Friday, July 3, 2015

Israel/Palestine News

Survivor of Israeli Attack on USS Liberty: It Could Not Have Been a Mistake

To mark the 48th anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty,
TRNN speaks to survivor Sgt. Bryce Lockwood and former CIA Analyst Ray

Lieutenant Colonel Itzhar Jona, who heads Israel Aerospace Industries,
spoke about “loitering munitions” — what he called a “politically
correct” name for Suicide Drones. They are a hybrid of drone and missile
technology that have “autonomous and partially autonomous” elements,
and are “launched like a missile, fly like an UAV [unmanned aerial
vehicle],” and once they identify a target, revert to “attack like a
missile.” Jona called the Suicide Drone a “UAV that thinks and decides
for itself,” then added, “If you [the operator] aren’t totally clear on
the logic, it can even surprise you.”

Jona praised the advantage
of the Suicide Drone because the operator “doesn’t have to bring it home
or deal with all sorts of dilemmas.” The Suicide Drone will quickly
find a target using its internal logic, which Jona explained in this
way: “It carries a warhead that eventually needs to explode. There needs
to be a target at the end that will want to explode. Or it won’t want
to and we will help it explode.”

An anti-Iran propaganda video from the office of the Israeli Prime Minister.

Palestinians protest a new settlement near El Arub refugee camp south of Bethlehem.

Israeli forces boarded and took over a boat bound for Gaza, five years
after a similar incident resulted in the death of 9 activists.

At 18:30 PM on the 29th of June 2015, masked settlers from the nearby
illegal settlement of Beit Hadassah attacked Palestinian houses and souq
(market) with a water hose and stones.

A settler with an assault rifle arrives, also.