Friday, April 24, 2015

Israel/Palestine News


On 10 March 2015, soldiers entered the home of ‘Imad and Fayzeh Abu
Shamsiyeh, B'Tselem camera volunteers in Hebron. The soldiers woke the
children, photographed them, viewed footage the Shamsiyehs filmed of
life in Hebron and of Israeli security forces, and confiscated a hard
disk and a memory card with images. Photographing and recording, even of
soldiers, are permitted in the West Bank. B'Tselem urges the military
to immediately return the confiscated property with its contents intact,
and refrain from harassing B’Tselem volunteers or hampering the work of

Palestinian rap group DAM has added a female member, and released a
feminist anthem. They're working with the UN to fight sexism in the
Middle East. And they want fans to upload photos of themselves breaking
gender stereotypes.

A Palestinian mourns the death of Rushdi Tamimi.

Palestinian women from Beit Hanoun found shelter with their families at
an UNRWA school. They tell of the rough living conditions after losing
their homes and speak of their hopes for the future.
According to UN figures for Beit Hanoun, 90 homes were destroyed and 24 others damaged during Operation Protective Edge.

A settler with a gun runs Palestinians off their own land.