Friday, June 23, 2017

israel/Palestine News


Seventeen women have been murdered this year - four of them in the past
week. Hundreds demonstrated calling for women's blood not to be

In solidarity with the residents of Gaza, who are plunged into darkness,
activists raised a message of light and hope to the Gazans, to whom
Israel is further reducing the allocation of electricity.

The untold story of the return of the residents of Wadi Fukin to their village in 1972 after 20 years as refugees.

The 8th edition of the ISDEF weapons exhibition took place in Tel-Aviv
at the beginning of the month - a resistance protest was held in front
of it.

“I am Palestinian and I’m going to stay Palestinian forever. It doesn’t matter where I live or what passport I carry.”

by Israel during the Naksa in 1967, Manal grew up as a refugee in
Jordan. Today, Manal lives in Brooklyn and remains active on
Palestinian, undocumented, Muslim, and Arab women's rights locally.

Beirut-based journalist Nour Samaha has uncovered extensive Israeli government support of anti-Assad forces in southern Syria