Friday, June 29, 2012

Israel/Palestine News


Thousands protest the arrest of social justice activists in Tel Aviv.

Ultra Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem protest plans to draft their youths into the IDF.

Refugees deported from Israel arrive in South Sudan.

After a Supreme Court ruling, the Ministry of Defense evicts settlers from Ulpana in the West Bank.

Demos take place in Nabi Saleh, Ofer & Beit Ommar.

Yusef Al Helou highlights the right of return & human rights in two videos.

More Gazans are killed by Israeli airstrikes.

This video documents how inhabitants of Al Nu'man are being forced out by the expansion of the City of Jerusalem (they have only West Bank IDs, so are considered illegal residents) & the enclosure of their village by the Wall.

Haith M. Katib's daughter asks, "Why do the Israelis come to our house, when we don't go to theirs?"

Hassan Al Najjar has seen Israel destroy his house in Gaza twice, but refuses to stop rebuilding.

Residents of Susiya & Israeli solidarity activists demonstrate against the demolition of the village.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Israel/Palestine News


The Real News looks at how right wing Jewish donors are affecting the Obama administration's policies on Israel.

Israeli authorities have issued demolition orders for the Palestinian town of Susiya.

Night raids take place in Ni'ilin & Nabi Saleh.

The Occupation forces arrest a Palestinian activist in Beit Ommar.

The Wall forces students to wait hours before going to school.

Al Haq describes the case of 'Azzoun 'Atma, a Palestinian village divided by the Wall.

A Gazan child sends a message to people of conscience.

Gaza's farmers explain what it is like under the siege.

UNRWA asks Gazans what they would do if the siege was ended.

Yusef al-Helou does a segment on artists in Gaza.

Israel has again bombed Gaza.  Israelis working on a border wall with Egypt were attacked from Egypt, killing one.  Israel blamed Hamas.

Gaza's aquifer has reached crisis levels of contamination.

PressTV focuses on the BDS campaign.

Peter Beinart talks about his book The Crisis of Zionism.

Dov Lior, Chief Rabbi of the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba, speaks at a right wing conference concerning refugees coming to Israel.

Israel starts deporting 120 South Sudanese refugees.

The Tel Aviv protest against 45 years of Occupation, with the slogans translated.

Israel's social justice movement or J14 is starting again this summer.  As this video shows, J14 is having problems handling the Occupation & Israeli Palestinians.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Israel/Palestine News


Gareth Porter says sanctions against Iran are economic warfare designed to stop an attack by Israel.

Demos take place in Nabi Saleh & Beit Naba.

The Gaza siege, in its' fifth year, still takes its' toll.

100 activists enter Gaza thru the Rafa crossing.

Dr Mahmoud Alhirthani and Dr Musa Mohd Nordin donate books to the Hashim Yeop Sani Library at the Centre for Political and Development Studies (CPDS) in Gaza City.

The Israeli Navy attacks the CPS Gaza boat Oliva with a water cannon.

On behalf of the surviving members of the Sammoni family and the hundreds of other families in Gaza who have been killed by war crimes committed by the Givati Brigade of the Israeli Army, we are shocked and disappointed by the decision of De Beers to present the Queen of England with a diamond manufactured by the Steinmetz Diamond company -- a company which supported the Givati Brigade during the Israeli war on Gaza late 2008 as they murdered 29 members of our family in cold blood. We the Sammoni family call on the Queen of England and the British people to decline this gift. We demand that De Beers be instructed to remove this offensive blood diamond display immediately.

Mustafa has videos on the Yes Theater in Hebron & the Freedom Theater in Jenin.

Activists document construction at an outpost in the South Hebron hills.

Al Haq calls for dismantling the Wall on the 10th anniversary of its construction.

Palestinian youths throw stones at an IDF soldier, who then throws stones at them, & shoots at them.

Israel claims soccer player Mahmoud Sarsak has ended his hunger strike, but his family says he has not.

Demonstrators in Tel Aviv mark 45 years of occupation of the West Bank & Gaza.

Netanyahu has approved the building of 800 new houses in West Bank settlements as he demolishes an outpost.

The Jerusalem Holocaust museum has been defaced with anti-Zionist slogans, & police believe Hassidic Jews were responsible.

Israel has started to deport African refugees from the country.  Here are several videos with differing viewpoints on the issue.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Israel/Palestine News


Demos took place in Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, & Bilin.

A video in memory of Aqil Srour, killed by the IDF three years ago in Ni'ilin.

Three videos of harassment in the South Hebron hills.

Osama Abdo of IHH helps celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Mavi Marmara attack.

Gazans celebrate the return of twelve Palestinian remains from Israel.

Israel launched airstrikes in Gaza.

A couple of videos on Mahmoud Al Sarsak, a Gazan soccer player who was detained by Israel when he tried to travel to the West Bank to train.  He has been on hunger strike for more then 80 days.

Israel & the US have collaborated on a cyber-warfare program targeting Iran.

Social justice rallies are starting again in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv.

Settlers in the West Bank protest a Supreme Court ruling requiring the demolition of a settlement outpost.

We start off with several videos on the anti-African marches, counter-marches, riot & arson attack that occurred in Israel.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Israel/Palestine News


Inside Story looks at the criticism of Israel over its' handling of African refugees.

National Democratic Alliance (BALAD) MK Jamal Zahalka says African refugees should have full rights.

" . . . We are talking about a threat to the very lives of every single person living here . . .  I'm telling you that the migration from Africa & from the Palestinian Authority & the Arab countries is about to sentence every single one of us to death . . ."

Israel is cleaning up old minefields set up to stop 'infiltrators' from Jordan.  An 'infiltrator' is an Israeli term for a Palestinian refugee trying to sneak back into Israel to return to their houses & farmland.

Gaza contractors' union boycotts UNICEF over its' acceptance of Israeli companies in bids.

The Palestinian Electoral Commission visits Gaza.

WHO condemns the Israeli siege of Gaza.

Gaza marks the second anniversary of the Mavi Marmara attack.

Israel hands over 91 Palestinian dead to the Palestinian Authority.

Four years of struggle in Ni'ilin is commemorated.

As part of their fight to prevent eviction from their village, the residents of Al Mufaqarah in the South Hebron hills are building several brick houses (they live in caves.)

A security guard for a settlement acts like he will run down a cameraman in the South Hebron Hills.

The IDF stops a Palestinian family from harvesting their crops because they are close to a settler outpost in the South Hebron hills.

A demo took place in Nabi Saleh.

Israeli bulldozers scrape up cropland in Qarara, northeast of Khan Younis, southern Gaza.