Friday, March 28, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


Gazans & international activists rally on Land Day.

The al-Aida refugee camp, near Bethlehem has been the scene of clashes between Palestinians & the IDF for a week.

Israel's push for new settlements is an attempt to create facts on the ground, says Dr. Mustafa Barghouti.

Gaza's industry is shut down because of lack of materials due to the siege.

"Emad Ayouti is a twenty year old
Palestinian farmer who was injured on Friday when he was working on his
family's land east of the Gaza Strip. Ayouti along with three more
Palestinians were shot and wounded by Israeli soldiers.

Every Friday
young Palestinians gather near the so-called buffer zone which
constitutes nearly twenty percent of Gaza's fertile lands. The
Palestinians protest Tel Aviv's creation of the area, with most of the
protests receiving Israeli attacks in response. Among the Palestinians
are farmers and gravel collectors including children who try to make a
living in the area. Dozens of Palestinians have been either killed or
wounded in recent years. Health officials say most of those wounded are
teenagers, and that they've all been directly hit with live ammunition."

Israeli settlers slashed the tires of 45 cars in East Jerusalem.

Musa al-Shaer a Palestinian journalist says the IDF used him & two colleagues as human shields in Bethlehem.

No entry for you, says settlement guard & the IDF.

No treaty with Israel will happen if it does not lead to an independent Palestinian state, the PA says.

Tens of thousands of Gazans rally to honor assassinated Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

Ta'ayush have encounters with a police checkpoint & then a settler security guard.

Israel raids Jenin refugee camp & kills three Palestinians it accuses of planning terrorism.

Gazan fishermen are attacked again by the Israeli Navy.

Demos take place in Nabi Saleh & Ni'ilin.

UNRWA calls on Israel & Egypt to lift their siege of Gaza to stop a humanitarian disaster.

John Kerry meets with Mahmoud Abbas in Jordan to talk about the peace talks.

The Royal Institute of British Architects has voted to join BDS.

Palestinians in Yarmuk refugee camp are caught between Syrian militants & the Syrian Army.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry has denounced Israel's continued settlement plans.

Professor Iymen Chehade accuses Columbia College of cancelling  his class on the Israeli-Palestine Conflict after he screened Five
Broken Cameras.

The student government at the University of Michigan rejected a divestment measure by a 25-9 vote. Max Blumenthal gives a speech in favor of BDS starting @ 30:00.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


Settlers cause trouble on Shuhada Street in Hebron.

Soldiers storm Al Aqsa mosque & wound demonstrators as Housing Minister Uri Ariel visits again.


Settlers harass Palestinian shepherds & dance after the IDF does nothing.

Palestinian prisoners go on hunger strike to protest their administrative detention.

An IDF soldier shoots Mohammad Abu Ayyash in the head in the South Hebron Hills.

"*Breaking News/ Bil'in, the West Bank : The Zionist Israeli forces
assaulted the town at night ,at two in the Morning, arresting the young
Palestinian Mohammed Abid AbuRahma ,20 years old..after they raided his
house with their Terrorising trained dogs. while other soldiers
assaulted the young Ashraf AbuRahma by spraying Pepper Gas on his
face..and after the arrest ,they shooted & launched a serie of Tear
Gas directed to the houses of the town..& left the place in a smoky
cloud of grudge.."


A report says child arrests in the West Bank are rising.

Settlers in the South Hebron Hills attack Palestinian shepherds.

The IDF has discovered a tunnel from Gaza.

A demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.

Gaza man tries to make hydrogen from water to replace scarce cooking gas.


PA leader Abbas talks with Pres. Obama in the White House as peace talks continue among doubts.


The Israeli air force has attacked targets inside Syrian territories in the Golan Heights.

after the airstrikes, Israeli Minister of Military Affairs Moshe Yaalon
warned Damascus of a high price for what he called the Syrian
government's help for militant groups determined to attack Israel. The
strikes come one day after a blast in the Israeli-occupied region left
four Israeli soldiers wounded. Hours after the explosion, Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tel Aviv would act forcefully to
preserve Israel's security. Israel occupied Syria's Golan Heights during
the Six-Day War of 19-67, when it also seized control of the West Bank
and the Gaza Strip. The UN also regards the Golan Heights as occupied

David Sheen talks to The Real News about Israel's treatment of African refugees.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


Hebron:  first, a settler climbs up to roof to take down Palestinian flag,

 . . then a border policeman untangles the settler from barbed wire,

 . . .finally soldiers come to the roof.

Gaza holds Israeli Apartheid Week.

B'Tselem field researchers Manal Ja'abri and Musa Abu Hashhash
encountered soldiers detaining two eight-year-old boys at the entrance
to al-'Arrub refugee camp: Ahmad al-Ghreidi and Hilmi al-Ghreidi. Manal
Ja'abri began documenting the incident with her video camera and
insisted on her right to do so, after soldiers initially tried to
prevent her from filming. The children were released some ten minutes
later. A lieutenant who was on the scene spoke to the children
throughout the incident, although he had been explicitly told that they
do not understand Hebrew. Speaking ostensibly pleasantly, clearly acting
for the camera, he then proceeded to insult Ja'abri. After that, he and
another soldier had their photographs taken with her, without her
consent - as one said, "just like in the zoo".

Security guard of settlement in South Hebron Hills acts out for the camera.

"An Israeli court has sentenced a Palestinian teenager to 25 years in prison for an alleged bombing.

Mohammed Mafarja is convicted of planting a bomb on a bus that wounded
over a dozen people in Tel Aviv back in 2012. An Israeli official says
the boy pleaded guilty last December to charges that include attempted
murder. The bomb was detonated on the last day of an eight-day Israeli
war on the besieged Gaza Strip two years ago."

Sheep show wounds from settler stoning attack.

Gaza's power plant will shut down again due to lack of fuel.

Palestinians in Beit Ein hold a funeral for Sargy Darwish, shot in the head by an IDF soldier.

Palestinian women celebrate International Women's Day with demos & filming settler attacks.

Israel plans to build 400 settlements in the Golan Heights.

Father Ibrahim Shomali has held masses for two years as a protest of the Wall that will cut thru Beit Jala.

Israel increases demolitions of Palestinian homes.

In Gaza, Israel bombs Gaza City & Rafah after Islamic Jihad launches dozens of rockets because Israel killed 3 of their members earlier.

In a letter to Netanyahu, dozens of Israeli teenagers have refused military service as a protest against the Occupation.

Both John Kerry & PA chief Abbas say recognizing Israel as a Jewish state is not a precondition for talks.

Israel displays weapons captured from a ship on the Red Sea.

Palestinians in a refugee camp in Damascus still suffer from the presence of jihadist militants.

The Knesset votes to make it harder for Arabs to be represented in the body.

After protests by hundreds of thousand Ultra-Orthodox, the Knesset votes to stop military exemptions.

British PM David Cameron visits Israel.

The Europe-Palestine History Conference takes place in London.

UCLA Professor Robin Kelly introduces David Sheen in UCLA during his speaking tour in the US.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


The Al Aqsa mosque is again a site of conflict.

Palestinians in a suburb of Jerusalem have had their water cut off.

The head of Islamic Jihad in Jerusalem is sentenced to eight months in prison for incitement.

In Gaza, Khawla Abed Sharqaqwi Fayyad tells how a loan from UNRWA helped her start a business.

The IDF has started demolishing Bedouin homes in the Negev under the Prawer plan.

The IDF issues demolition orders to a wind powered water pump in the South Hebron Hills.

The IDF detains six donkeys in the South Hebron Hills.

Khadrah 'Abd al-Karim tells how filming attacking settlers transformed her.

The Knesset will pass a bill authorizing prison authorities to force feed hunger striking Palestinian prisoners.

In Gaza, Islamic Jihad holds a rally in support of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

"The Palestinian Authority's Information Ministry says 31 minors under
the age of 18 were detained within only 13 days. Palestinian officials
and rights groups say Palestinian children are subjected to torture
during interrogation. According to the Ministry of Prisoners Affairs,
there are 187 Palestinian children currently in Israeli jails. A few
days ago, an Israeli court in the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds sentenced
two Palestinian teenagers to prison. Both were charged with throwing
stones and empty bottles at Israeli forces."

An Israeli drone kills two Gazans in the northern town of Beit Hanun.

Demos take place in Bilin & Ni'ilin.

Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills stop the IDF from taking most of their building materials for a kindergarten.

The Real News looks at why there is almost no Arab voices in the Israeli media.

Ultra-Oethodxo Jews rally in Jerusalem to protest Israel's plan to draft their children into the IDF.

The prime minister of Israel states he will not make any concessions to Palestinians in the peace talks.

Ahead of a meeting with PM Netanyahu, Pres. Obama warns Israel the US may not be able to help if peace talks fail.

Activists in Jordan launch a boycott of Israeli goods.

Israeli warplanes violate Lebanon's airspace.

A spokeswoman for Syria claimed Israel is helping fighters opposing Assad.
AIPAC holds its' annual meeting in Washington DC.

Michael Ratner says the 1967 war turned him from a supporter of Zionism to an outspoken critic.

The US House of Representatives has almost unanimously passed a bill making Israel a major strategic partner & expanding military aid.