Friday, February 28, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


Gaza labor unions protest the Egyptian closure of Rafah.

The IDF has shot dead Mot'azz Washaha, while arresting 10 Palestinians all over the West Bank.

Settlers bulldoze Palestinian lands to expand settlements.

The IDF  invades Nabi Saleh again.

Near Nablus, settlers have attacked cars & houses in the village of Jit.

Because of the Israeli & Egyptian blockade, Gaza is turning to solar power.

Israeli security forces storm Al Aqsa mosque.
Haitham Khatib has created a collage of demos & actions in the West Bank.

A Palestinian farmer is attacked by settlers while working his land in Hebron.

Gazans rally in support of Palestinian prisoners.
Abdul-Rahman at-Tawil dies in a prison hospital after being attacked with batons & teargas.

The IDF arrests 6 & 7 year old kids in Hebron.

The Knesset passed a bill to create a Christian nationality on ID cards of Palestinian Israeli citizens.

A West Bank start-up uses motion detectors to control PCs, game boys, & smart phones.

A demo takes place on Shuhada Street in Hebron.

Israeli Apartheid week is taking place in 200 cities worldwide.

A Luxemburg pension fund is the latest European financial institution to boycott Israel.

Hezbollah promises to retaliate for an Israeli air raid, so Israel goes on alert.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Israel/Palestine News

The Occupation threatens Palestinian farmers in the West Bank & Gaza.

Both the PA & Hamas have warned Israel not to claim sovereignty over the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

Palestinians protested outside the Office of PA chief Abbas as he met with 170 Israeli students to discuss the two state solution.

Hamas says it will oppose any foreign troops as peace keepers in a Palestinian state.
" The Palestinian Center of Human Rights is urging the international
community to take immediate action against Tel Aviv and force it to stop
its crimes. The body says under the Fourth Geneva Convention, Israeli
crimes are tantamount to war crimes. The rights group says Israeli
forces have killed one Palestinian worker and injured another while
collecting rocks in the east of the Gaza city in the past few days. The
body says hundreds of jobless Palestinians make money by collecting and
selling rocks for construction purposes."

The Israeli Cabinet has approved 350 new settlement houses in Talpiot East Jerusalem.

Nineteen year old Nihad Aqil was shot in the leg at a checkpoint near Nablus.

Demolition of Palestinian homes in the West Bank are rising.

Eight Palestinian activists are on hunger strike, protesting their detention without charge .
The IDF raids homes in Nabi Saleh in the early morning.

Israel will build a Jewish museum & tourist center on Palestinian land in East Jerusalem.
Settlers attack a school in Bur injuring six students.

The Alternative Information Center is accepting registration for 2014 Peace Camps.

"The blockade and the tunnel closure are already blamed for the scarcity
of construction materials, rising unemployment and deepening suffering
for the impoverished Palestinians there. This has now made officials of
Hamas Movement that controls the territory to think of new ways to
devise mechanisms for wider flows of goods and materials into the
enclave. Hamas officials say they have proposed to delegate control of
key crossings with Egypt and Israel to private enterprises. But the
acting Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas, who should decide over
this, is not expected to approve it. "

Demos take place in Nabi Saleh & Ni'ilin.

Youth Against Settlements in Hebron plan to demonstrate on Feb. 21 for the opening of Shuhada Street.

South Korean tourists are killed & injured in a bus bombing in the Sinai.

A concert at Al Quds University is interrupted by teargas & rubber bullets.
A Gaza mother wishes to hug her imprisoned son before she dies.

Clashes occur in Hebron as activist commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Ibrahim mosque massacre.

The Israeli government forms a strategy to counter BDS.

The IDF enters a UN buffer zone with Lebanon to retrieve a crashed drone.

The Egyptian Army is creating a buffer zone on the border with Gaza.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


A Gazan fisherman has found an ancient Greek statue on the beach.

The IDF has open fire on Gazans, killing one & injuring two children.

Settlers vandalize Palestinian vehicles in a West Bank village.

Gazans in need of medical treatment are denied entry into Israel because their documents say 'State of Palestine.'  Another mislabeled video.

The IDF watches as settlers attack Palestinian shepherds & peace activists in the South Hebron Hills.

The IDF raids Palestinian homes in the West Bank, abducting  12 Palestinians, including 2 senior Hamas members.

"Last week, some 300 Palestinian
activists established the protest village of Ein Hijleh in a cluster of
palm trees and abandoned houses in the Jordan Valley north of the Dead

Ein Hijleh was created in the face of pledges by Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he would not "uproot any Israeli
citizen" from the West Bank and his insistence on retaining control of
the Jordan Valley amid talks brokered by U.S. Secretary of State John
The village was organized by the Palestinian Popular Struggle
Coordination Committee, with aim of "refusing the political status quo,
especially given futile negotiations destroying the rights of our people
for liberation and claim to their land."
During the seven days of
the encampment, activists began to make the crumbling houses
inhabitable, planted trees, installed solar panels, hosted political,
religious and diplomatic leaders, screened films and held cultural and
political discussions.
But in the early morning hours of Friday,
February 7, one week after the village was re-established, hundreds of
Israeli forces descended on the remaining activists. Dozens were
arrested and as many as 41 were injured according to reports that
emerged from the early morning chaos.
On February 12, nine activists
have been evicted for a second time when they returned to the village.
The popular resistance activists returned to check up on their village
and stay, when Israeli forces raided the village and showed a military
order declaring the village a closed military zone for 1 month.
activists, Mahmoud Zawahre and Monther Amira have been arrested. Both
Zawahre and Amira were taken to a detention center before they were
released on bail. Israeli forces informed both arrestees that they are
not allowed to return to the area or visit it for two months."
"IDF arrested Bilal after they raided nabi saleh village shot a lot of tear gas . . .
Israeli occupation forces raided the village of Nabi Saleh for two days
in reaction to a Palestinian flag on the hill. Bilal Tamimi, the
reporter of the village, arrested.
The people of Nabi Saleh wanted to
put a sign with a Palestinian flag and a tent on the hill where Rushdie
Tamimi was killed one year ago. The Israelis say that this area is area
c, but we don't accept this and we reclaim our land.
Yesterday the
Israeli occupation forces raided the village and closed the gate at
entrance of the village causing the angry of the palestinian blocked on
the street.
Today, violent clashes broke out when the Israeli
occupation forces stormed the village of Nabi Saleh. The soldiers
arrived with 5 jeeps and a large number of young men of the village
tried to defend their land, launching stones against the soldiers. The
Israelis vandalized the flag of Palestine and launched an incredible
number of tear gas, rubber-coated bullets and live bullets, causing
damage to the properties of the citizens.
The Israelis forces
arrested the photojournalist Bilal Tamimi while he was trying to cover
the confrontation. He was beaten by the army and taken to an unknow
The Palestinian Popular Resistent Movement asks to the
Palestinian people to resist against the occupation and the Kerry plan,
which don't recognize our rights."

A demo takes place in Bilin.

UHRWA workers in the West Bank have been on hunger strike for better wages.

Israel rejects a Palestinian proposal to have a NATO force provide security in the Jordan Valley.

Housing Minister Uri Ariel provokes outrage from Muslims by visiting the Al Aqsa Mosque.  The video has nothing to do with Ariel Sharon, except 14 years ago he started the Second Intifada by visiting the Al Aqsa mosque.

African refugees march to the Ministry of Interior office in Tel Aviv to protest detention.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


A Fatah delegation comes to Gaza for more talks with Hamas.

The IDF has sealed off al Arroub refugee camp in Hebron.

Gaza's unemployment is among the worst in the world, but Arabs in Israel suffer high unemployment also due to discrimination.

'A coalition of international aid agencies says the Israeli demolition of
Palestinian homes has hit a five-year high since recent direct talks
between the Palestinian Authority and Tel Aviv.
25 aid organizations
said in a statement that demolitions increased by almost 50 percent
between July and December 20-13 compared to the same period in 20-12.
The statement also said displacement of Palestinians has spiked by
nearly three-quarters over the period. The coalition said 663
Palestinian homes have been demolished last year, the highest in five
years. Around one fifth of those buildings were built with international
donor aid. This comes as the International Red Cross earlier suspended
supplying tents to displaced Palestinians in the Jordan Valley in
protest over the Israeli confiscation of aid material.'

Gazans still suffer from Israel's siege.

Activists cross an IDF flying checkpoint.

Israel will continue building more settlements.

In the South Hebron Hills, the IDF protects settlers as they harass Palestinian shepherds.

Cancer rates have risen in Gaza, & Gazans blame Israel's use of unconventional weapons.

Israel has returned the bodies of Ayat al-Akhras & Dawoud Abu Sway to their families.

Kerry's proposal to give the PA $4 Billion in aid will only help the rich, says economist Alaa Tartir.

To protest Israel's plans to annex the Jordan Valley, Palestinians erect the village of Ain Hijleh.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews have clashed with police in demos in Jerusalem & other Israeli towns.

Demos take place in Nabi Saleh & Ain Hijleh.

Israel has imprisoned 11,000 Palestinians including 2500 children in the last three years according to the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees.

New York legislators bring up an anti-boycott bill aimed at protecting Israel from BDS.

Michael Ratner & other progressive NYC Jews condemn Mayor de Blasio's blanket support of Israel.

The BDS movement gains steam from public attention to the controversy over Scarlet Johanssen & Soda Stream.