Friday, April 29, 2016

Israel/Palestine News

Maram Abu Ismail, 23, and her 16-year-old brother, Ibrahim Taha, were
shot dead by Israeli forces at the Qalandia checkpoint. Israeli
authorities say they were armed and trying to carry out a knife attack.

UK member of Parliament Naz Shah was suspended after anti-Israel
Facebook posts emerged. They were posted before she was elected.

Two Palestinian girls invented a smart cane to help the blind. It's equipped with sensors that detect obstacles.

At age 12, Dima al-Wawi is the youngest female to ever be incarcerated
by Israel. She was released Sunday after two and a half months of
imprisonment -- in February, an Israeli military court convicted her of
attempted voluntary manslaughter. That same month, the Israel Prison
Service reported that Israel had 438 minors in detention.
Dima was
interrogated without her parents or a lawyer present, and was shackled
during her court sessions. In this video, her mother describes the
al-Wawi family's struggle during her imprisonment and release.

Mohammed Abu Khdeir's murderer re-enacts his psychotic crime.

Liberal Zionists are no Arab lovers!
With Isaac Herzog, the Zionist Union.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Israel/Palestine News


An Israeli soldier was charged with manslaughter for shooting and
killing a wounded Palestinian man. Now, thousands are still demanding
his release.

Activists film a mountain gazelle dashing across a road in the West Bank.

A Palestinian graffiti artist brings urban style to an ancient art form.

Another hit by KARMEL JAPHA!
Nos Colonies / Our Settlements

Yet another act of discrimination in apartheid Israel. In this case,
only potential Jewish clients should apply to purchase an apartment in
Palestinian Yafa, 96% of which became refugees in 1948 and are denied
from going back home ever since.

(Should be 'lawmakers' or 'Congress members.')

held a panel discussion aimed at questioning the legitimacy of certain
Knesset legislation, which is mostly concerned with silencing
Palestinian Members of Knesset. The discussion was titled "Is Israel
moving towards a Palestinian-free Knesset?" while the core issues, along
with questioning the very role of such Palestinian Members of Knesset,
was never really discussed.

Instead, the viewers watched an
evasive panel who wouldn't address the key issues. But luckily certain
members of the internet community have submitted their input ahead of
the show and touched on those. Thanks goes to @NotOccupying @Thalwen and
@BenAbyad. I had also submitted a video at AJStream's request but it
was never aired - here it is.
Sanders Vs. Clinton on Israel's 2014 Attacks on Gaza

The Real News  gets Ali Abunimah to examine the Democratic candidates responses on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Friday April 15th 2016 protest by the village of Nabi Saleh in the
occupied West Bank against the theft of their land and their spring by
the neighboring settlement Halamish, against the Israeli occupation and
against apartheid.

Activists film a calf's first steps.


On Monday, April 11, 2016, Dan Cohen went to Jerusalem's Zion Square to
ask Israelis for their thoughts on Bernie Sanders, the Jewish-American
presidential candidate.

Nearly all of the Israelis he spoke to had strong dislike for Sanders, and many disparaged him, even disqualifying him as a Jew.


On Monday, April 11, 2016, Dan Cohen went to Jerusalem’s Zion Square to
ask Israelis for their thoughts on the US presidential race and most
Israelis he spoke to spoke fondly of Donald Trump. Trump’s brash
speaking style resonated with them, and few seemed phased by his
statements that he would be neutral on Israel/Palestine. Those who did
preferred Ted Cruz, the Texas senator who has promised to be more
pro-Israel than any other candidate.

In a debate before the New York Primary, Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders give their views on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Israel/Palestine News


Palestinian beekeepers aren't just interested in the sweet stuff – the
healing qualities of bee stings are being used to treat a range of
complaints, from cerebral palsy to cancer. The blockade by Egypt and
Israel means Gaza lacks medical equipment and medicine, so some
Palestinians are turning to alternative treatments.

Dima hasn't even finished seventh grade yet, but she's already behind bars in Israel.

New app tackles traffic at checkpoints in the West Bank



Hundreds of military checkpoints scattered around the occupied
Palestinian territory are prone to arbitrarily closure without prior
warning, restricting the freedom of movement for Palestinians whose
daily lives are already defined by a sense of chaos, temporariness and

However, a new smartphone app Azmeh – which
translates to mean ‘traffic jam’ in Arabic – has been designed to tackle
this very problem.

Journalist and author Max Blumenthal talks about the growing BDS movement and the efforts to muzzle it

Segregation at the Technion dormitories.
This is from an Israeli Channel 2 report, published on 8 April 2016.

Kids (sheep kind) play on a Palestinian's land in the South Hebron Hills.

Demos take place in Nil'in & Nabi Saleh.

Israeli bulldozers destroy buildings in Umm El Khair.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Israel/Palestine News

Netanyahu's Strategy will Undermine Israel's Long-Term Security

Col. Larry Wilkerson discusses the danger inherent in the U.S. aligning
its interests entirely with Israel's, and how American support is
creating an untenable future for the state

Fellow soldiers of the shooting IDF/ITF soldier claim that this is
practically a daily occurrence. The execution of Abed al-Fattah Yusri
al-Sharif is nothing out of the ordinary but is only treated
differently, according to them, because the shooter was an ordinary
soldier rather than a commander:
"The problem is that him,
specifically, shouldn't have done that. Someone more senior, an officer,
who would have paid attention and I'm telling you, if an officer would
have paid attention - he would have shot him. The problem is that he was
a regular soldier."
Q: Does it happen sometimes that officers act this way ["verify a kill"]?
A: Of course! In tons!

It appears a IDF soldier has planted a knife on a Palestinian woman.

Israeli forces have allowed fishermen in Gaza to venture farther into the sea, but there's still a catch.

Sonia Grieco follows two Palestinian families who have fled Syria to
Beirut's Shatila refugee camp. “The life in the camp is tough, but at
least the war is far”, says Rajaa, a recently widowed mother of two.


Israeli forces have demolished every home in the Bedouin village of
Khirbet Taha in the northern West Bank district of Nablus during three
separate demolitions since the start of the year.

Unlike most
Bedouin villages, the residents in Khirbet Taha own their own land.
However that land falls in Area C, territory in the occupied West Bank
under full Israeli control.

The village's only school was also
destroyed, leaving children to study in a dilapidated 100-year-old
mosque -- the only structure left standing in the village.

the United Nations, Israel has demolished half as many Palestinian
buildings in the first few months of 2016, as they had in all of 2015.
In February alone, the UN found that more Palestinians homes were
destroyed than any other month since 2009, when the organization began
its documentation.

Friday April the first.2016 protest by the village of Nabi Saleh in the
occupied West Bank against the theft of their land and their spring by
the neighboring settlement Halamish, against the Israeli occupation and
against apartheid.

It is always sad to see the lengths to which Zionists would go, bend
over backwards, in order to not see the simple reason for being
boycotted: settler-colonialism, brutal military occupation and
entrenched apartheid.
Rather than respecting the most fundamental
rights of all the people of the land - rather than acknowledging that
equality, freedom and justice should be given to all rather then the
select few - they invest tremendous amounts of money and energy in order
to RE-BRAND and SELL the apartheid supremacist state, as if it was a
latte macchiato.

At the Stop BDS conference in occupied Jerusalem, March 28th 2016, Minister of Hasbara [Propaganda] Erdan said the following:
"The BDS organizations will have no rest.
to this day, people who have slandered, threatened or acted against
Israel did not pay any price for doing so. I promise you that this is
about to change.
Also their activists know it, and soon any activist
who uses their influence to de-legitimize the only Jewish state in the
world will know they will pay a price for that!"

On March 28th 2016 in occupied Jerusalem, Israeli Yediot newspaper
(Ynet) hosted a conference which was dedicated to fighting the boycott,
divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against apartheid Israel.

than discussing the merits of the BDS campaign, which is grounded in
international law and universally recognized human rights, the
participants avoided doing any of that and in turn accused the campaign
of everything ranging from anti-Semitism to outright terror.

of Interior, Aryeh Deri (currently under fraud investigation), and
Minister of Transport, Intelligence and Atomic Energy, Yisrael Katz,
have discussed their ministries' actions against BDS activists. These
range from the potential denial of citizenship and residency, to what
Minister Katz had termed "targeted civil thwarting".

The new term
"targeted civil thwarting" / "סיכול אזרחי ממוקד", according to Katz,
means the use of intel gathering in order to 'expose illegal activity'
by BDS activists. This term is a word play on the commonly used "סיכול
ממוקד" which would literally translate into "targeted thwarting" but is a
known euphemism meaning targeted assassinations.

It would make
sense to assume that what the future holds would be less targeted
assassinations by the Zionist regime and more attempts to "use intel to
thwart...", meaning to escalate their attempts to frame and discredit
BDS activists who will continue to carry out their activity publicly and

Phillip Weiss talks to Israeli-American Tzvia Thier about Israel & Jews.




In Gaza, men, women & a little girl dance to a patriotic song by Mohammed Assaf.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Israel/Palestine News


Some people in Israel are calling for the release of a soldier, Elaor
Azria, accused of shooting a wounded Palestinian man in the head.

According to the United Nations, 90 percent of the water in Gaza is undrinkable, and the population relies heavily on a coastal aquifer that could become unusable in 2016. What will happen to the population in Gaza?

Roseanne Barr's keynote speech and following discussion in an anti-BDS
conference which was held in occupied Jerusalem, March 2016.

seems to be less than coherent (in speech in politics) while blaming
the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign with anything and
everything. She also attempts several cheap shots at certain
individuals, which ehemmm, makes her stand even weaker.

An Israeli soldier faces a murder charge after two Palestinians were shot dead in the West Bank.

Watch as #‎Israeli ambulances drive almost drive over the bodies of
Ramzi Qasrawi (21) and Abed Alshareef (21). The two young Palestinian
men were shot in an extra judicial execution by #‎IsraeliForces and then
their bodies were left on the ground as though they were not human
beings. #‎Hebron #‎TelRumeida


Phil Weiss interviews the man who shot the viral video of the killing in
Hebron. During the January 2016 discussion he describes the Israeli
restrictions on Palestinians in his neighborhood.
UN Human Rights Council Will Monitor Corporations Operating in Occupied ...

The U.N. vote to expose corporations profiting from Israeli occupation
demonstrates shifting global opinion on settlements, says the Institute
of Policy Studies' Phyllis Bennis

Little to no access to water, food, electricity, sanitation, proper
healthcare – these are just some of the things that have resulted from
the Israeli siege of Gaza. And Dr. Mads Gilbert has got something to say
about it.

Another demo  in Billin.

AJ+'s Dena Takruri went to AIPAC and, well, had a lot to say when she came back.