Friday, March 27, 2015

Israel/Palestine News

The Pain Doesn't Go Away - Rachel Corrie's Parents on RAI (1/3)

Rachel Corrie was a 23-year-old American peace activist who was crushed
to death in Gaza by an Israeli bulldozer on March 16, 2003; on Reality
Asserts Itself Craig and Cindy Corrie tell Paul Jay "we inherited from
our daughter a cause", her experiences, "completely changed our view of
the whole situation".


When a dad in Gaza wanted to bring home the perfect pet, what did he
choose? A lion, of course. Rafah Zoo was bombed in the Israeli attacks
last summer, and couldn't afford to look after its surviving animals.
That's when Saad Eldeen Al-Jamal stepped in, and offered the two cubs a
new home.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is apologizing for comments
widely seen as racist. But Palestinian citizens of Israel aren't happy.
And even the White House seems to think it's too little, too late. So
this time, has Netanyahu bitten off more than he can chew?

During the Israeli election, Benjamin Netanyahu made a promise to never
allow a Palestinian state if he was elected. That played well with a
significant portion of Israelis – but what do Palestinians think about
his bold statement?

March 15, 2015 an ISM volunteer was arrested in occupied Al Khalil
(Hebron). He was held for seven hours for bogus reasons, and after that
he was prohibited to visit the city for two weeks. Israeli forces are
harassing and arresting local and international human rights activists
on a daily basis, as they are trying to do their tasks, such as
documenting violence towards Palestinians and protecting children on
their way to school.

Another demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.

David Sheen speaks on South African TV about the results of the 2015 Israeli elections.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Israel/Palestine News

Netanyahu Victory Lays Bare Israel as Racist, Colonial State

Analyst Shir Hever: Despite Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing,
neoliberal, and racist policies, his reelection thwarted a potentially
more aggressive and violent regime from taking power
Ali Abunimah: Palestinians Better Off with Netanyahu

Netanyahu invoked racist calls about Arabs flowing to the polls to get
out his vote; his win will make it easier to isolate Israel because
Netanyahu is the face of Israel as it really is

Protesters in Nabi Saleh barely escape being hit by tear gas canisters fired by the IDF.

A demo takes place in Abu Dis, a West Bank town close to Jerusalem.
Jewish-American Leadership Rising in Opposition to Israeli Occupation

TRNN concludes its coverage of the Jewish Voice for Peace 2015 National
Meeting with closing remarks from Israelis and Jewish Americans and
excerpts from the keynote speech by Angela Y. Davis
Students Critical of Israeli Occupation Face Academic Crackdown

At the 2015 Jewish Voice for Peace Conference in Baltimore, TRNN speaks
to Jewish and Palestinian students, academics and attorneys who are
demanding that college campuses stop suppressing dissent
Israelis and Palestinians See Little Hope For Change In Upcoming Election

TRNN reports from the Jewish Voice for Peace National Meeting in
Baltimore where activists say the occupation of Palestine will continue
whoever wins the upcoming Israeli election

Israel's Arab citizens make up 20 percent of the country's population.
Their representation in Israel's parliament has been called a "political
sideshow. But as Mar. 17 elections approach, that is changing.

A settler throws stones at a Palestinian shepherd & his flock.  The IDF grabs him, but just sends him back to the settlement.

A demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.

Hamas has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon and have asked users to send
them questions using #AskHamas. As you might expect, things didn't go as

Friday, March 13, 2015

Israel/Palestine News


Sweden announced that intends to increase its annual contribution to the
United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to US $ 36 million. This
represents an additional SEK 18 million (USD 2 million). This does not
include Sweden’s contribution to the UNRWA emergency appeal, which
amounts to SEK 40 million (US$ 4.8 million) this year. The funds will be
used by the UN Agency for its human development work in health,
education, relief and social services in Jordan, Lebanon, the occupied
Palestinian territory and Syria. Announcing the increased contribution
to journalists in Shu’fat refugee camp in Jerusalem, Sweden’s Consul
General, Ann-Sofie Nilsson said: “Only 20 minutes away from the Old
City, thousands of people are living under very difficult circumstances.
Improved basic services such as healthcare and education are essential
to create a better, brighter future for the Palestinian refugees.
Therefore, Sweden has increased its funding to UNRWA this year to US$ 36
million. This reflects Sweden’s continued commitment to the Palestinian
Over Thirty Five Thousand Protest Netanyahu’s Leadership in Tel Aviv

Yes, there is a crisis in leadership in Israel and the main crisis is
that no one wants to be the leader, says Shir Hever, of the Alternative
Information Center.

“I could only think of one thing when I was running: that I had to help
the people that were running with me.” Meet Susan, manager of a
collective centre in Gaza and one of our #everydayheroines.

ISM volunteers in Al-Khalil (Hebron) live in an apartment in H2, the
area of Al-Khalil where about 30,000 Palestinians live directly
allongside illegal Israeli settlements under complete Israeli military
control. On February 24, Israeli soldiers invaded the ISM apartment.

that date, Israeli forces conducted numerous night raids, including
some on ISM's Palestinian neighbors and other activist groups.

On March 1, Palestinian Abu Sami won a court order allowing him to access his land near the settlement of Tekoa .  He went to the land with his family & activists to plant olive trees.  Settlers & the IDF show up to harass him.


Member of Knesset Ahmad Tibi speaks in Arabic and by doing so "disgraces" Israel's apartheid parliament.

December 9th, 2014, during a session marking Human Rights Day.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Israel/Palestine News

The PLO declares it will end all security co-operation with Israel.
Netanyahu Invokes Biblical Armageddon in US Congress

Ali Abunimah, editor of Electronic Intifada, says Netanyahu is playing
to the extreme Israeli right, Christian evangelical Zionists, and
attempting to prepare conditions for war.


Bibi’s Congress Speech Remixed by Noy Alooshe.
Meet the Family With A Megaphone in US & Israeli Politics (2/2)

TRNN's Jessica Desvarieux questions the Falic family matriarch Nily
Falic on being a top donor to Netanyahu's and some Democrats' campaigns,
and looks at why more than 50 Democrats boycotted the Israeli Prime
Minister's address while the majority of them attended
Former IAEA Director says No Basis for Netanyahu Iran Claims

Robert Kelley says Netanyahu avoids facts and evidence to push conflict to a point where war is the only answer
Netanyahu says Iran Intends to Destroy Israel

Larry Wilkerson says hundreds of Israeli military and intelligence leaders do not consider Iran an existential threat

Director Nissim Mossek posts a collage of past events in Israel.
At Least 18 Black Caucus Members Boycotting Netanyahu's Speech

Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford says they are motivated by defending the
President against Boehner's slight, but are not taking a principled
What Do Ordinary Israelis Think of Netanyahu's U.S. Visit?

Halper, co-founder and Director of Israeli Committee Against Housing
Demolitions, says neither the professional soldiers nor the people of
Israel believe that Iran is an immediate security threat.


In a less than 15 minute speech, Secretary John Kerry chides the UN Human Rights Council for 'singling out' Israel.
Why the $655 Million Verdict Against the PA is Not A Victory for Human Rights

Michael Ratner says a US Court's ruling against the Palestinian
Authority demonstrates America's hypocrisy towards Israel by impeding
justice for victims of Israel while holding the Palestinian people
collectively responsible for the acts of a few.
Winter in the Ruins of Gaza 

30 UN Agencies and International NGO’s released a letter condemning the
lack of reconstruction and development in Gaza after the war last
summer. The pledges made in Cairo has not been received and there
appears to be a tragic perpetual holding pattern when it comes to Gaza
says Pernille Ironside Chief of Gaza Field Office, UNICEF

10th anniversary of demonstrations by the village of Bil'in, near
Ramallah, against the theft of their land; the separation wall cutting
them off from it; against the occupation and against apartheid

On February 28, in late morning, the security chief of Ma’on settlement
and Israeli soldiers arrived in Umm Zeitouna valley where the shepherds,
accompanied by international volunteers, were grazing their flock on
land which Israeli settlers from Ma’on are attempting to annex. After
few minutes the Israeli police arrived and they immediately detained two
shepherds and two international volunteers. At about 12.30 pm Israeli
police arrested the two shepherds and took them to Kyriat Arba police
station. The volunteers were released. The Palestinians were released at
about 3 pm, after paying a fine of 500 NIS for each person.

He's back. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu – questing to win hearts, minds
and votes back home during election season – will be speaking to the
U.S. Congress on Tuesday, March 3. The topic? Iran, of course. But not
everyone's excited – including President Obama. While Bibi's visit is
causing a stir, AJ+ breaks down five things he won't say during his