Friday, September 27, 2013

Israel/Palestine News

Paul Jay of The Real News asks Palestinian activist Rania Masri why she considers Israel an 'enemy state.'

Border police try to stop a bus full of activists from going to Susya.

Palestinian shepherds sing & an activist plays a flute in the South Hebron Hills.

Three settlers damage two olive trees in the South Hebron Hills.

A conference takes place in Susya.

A demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.

Reuters shows scuffles in Hebron in the West Bank & in East Jerusalem at Al Aqsa mosque.

Israel closes the center of Hebron for a week-long Jewish religious festival, leading to clashes with Palestinians, & the shooting death of an Israeli soldier.

Restrictions by the Israeli Navy & now the Egyptian Navy make life tough for Gaza's fishermen.

EU diplomats trying to bring aid to Palestinians who had their village bulldozed in the West Bank, were physically stopped by the IDF & their aid was seized.

Iranian President Hasan Rouhaniin opens the way to negotiations over his country's nuclear activities in a speech at the UN, with the US responding positively & Israel negatively.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Israel/Palestine News

Yousef Alhelou discusses how the Egyptian military government has repeatedly shut down the Rafah border crossing to Gaza.

Israel forces shoot Palestinian boy to death

Israeli settlers burn down a house in the Palestinian village of Madama.

A modeling agency opens in Ramallah.

Gazans protest foreign interference in Syria.

The IDF has bulldozed a Palestinian village in the Jordan Valley.

Israel bombs Gaza after rocket fire.

Activist Meron Estefanos is interviewed about Eritrean refugees in Israel.

Robert Perry discusses Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren's statement that Israel would prefer a non-Iranian supported regime in Syria.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Israel/Palestinian News

The closure of smuggling tunnels to Gaza leads to a fuel shortage for Gaza's fishermen.

 Palestinians clash with Israeli forces as hundreds of Jews pray at Joseph's Tomb

Israel is seizing more Palestinian land in the Jordan Valley & East Jerusalem.

Hamas activists in Ramallah protest the peace talks.

AFP News Agency looks at the history of the Wall.

There was a car bombing on the Egyptian side of the Rafah border crossing to Gaza.  Later, the Egyptian army reacts.

Activists get the license number of IDF soldier watching them.

VideoMedia looks at banking in the West Bank.

Demos take place in Bilin & Ni'ilin.

UNRWA looks at some of 500,000 Palestinian children in Jordan, Lebanon, the West Bank & Gaza going back to school this year.

The Jerusalem Post interviews Anat Hoffman of Women of the Wall.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Israel/Palestine News

Palestinians protest the current round of peace talks in Gaza & the West Bank.

Israeli police confiscate a water truck in the South Hebron Hills.

The Egyptian Army is apparently blowing up smuggling tunnels to Gaza.

UNRWA presents two videos on Palestinians returning to school.

Demos take place in Bilin & Ni'ilin.

In Tel Aviv, Arabs & Jews rally against the Prawer plan to evict Bedouins from the Negev.

The Israeli government is ending the program of flying Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

Orit Marom talks about how the Israeli government & people treat African refugees.

Artist  Zoya Cherkassky talks about emigrating to Israel from the Ukraine, marrying a Sudanese man, & being harassed by right-wing Israelis for her views on Jews dating Arabs.

Israeli police & Palestinians clash at Al Aqsa mosque.

Several videos on how the Syria crisis is effecting Israel.

This video examines the construction of a new settlement in East Jerusalem.

An amateur video shows militants shooting at a ship on the Suez Canal.