Sunday, November 21, 2010

Antisemitism Charge Kills Palgaz on DKos

I'm Friendlystranger.  I've been posting on Daily Kos under that name for over a year.  One thing I have done consistently is post 'diaries' on the issue of Israel and Palestine. Recently, a commenter complained about the use of a stringer I used in Gaza because he was working for Press TV, the Iranian government news network.  His main complaint was that Press TV was antisemitic.  He linked to & quoted several stories that Press TV had on their website which were indeed antisemitic.  None of the stories were by the Gaza stringer Palgaz or Yousef Al-Helou.  But the moderator still made me take down the embedded video, just because Press TV was proven to be antisemitic in several stories.  Palgaz was smeared with that brush, even though he has done nothing to show himself as antisemtic.  I think it is unfair, so I will now post his videos here.