Friday, February 24, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


TRNN's Shir Hever how the military court put itself on trial

A one-state solution threatens the Palestinian government's raison
d'etre, framed in the Oslo Agreements as an intermediary step towards an
independent Palestinian state, explains TRNN correspondent Shir Hever

Dimitri Lascaris and Earl Washburn discuss a national survey that shows
an increasing number of Canadians recognizing that Israel is violating
the human rights of the Palestinian people and that the Canadian state
is complicit

This morning, 19 February 2017, large numbers of Civil Administration
personnel and police arrived at the Khan al-Ahmar community, which is
located near the settlement of Maale Adumim. They served 39 stop-work
orders (a preamble step preceding demolition orders) , which apply to
all of the community’s buildings, including its school. The school was
built in 2009 and also serves children from other nearby communities.
Khan al-Ahmar is situated in an area Israel earmarked for the future
expansion of Maale Adumim. In 2016, Israeli authorities demolished 12
dwellings in the community, rendering 60 people homeless, including 35

Israeli activists disrupt Israeli Police ceremony to ask #BDS
Czar, Minister of Hasbara (propaganda) and Internal Security (police)
Gilad Erdan, about the murder of Yakub Musa Abu al-Kian and the
following cover-up and incitement on this issue. The Minister of
Propaganda had said, for example, that al-Kian - an innocent teacher -
was an ISIS member. As their only evidence, the police presented to the
media some YisraelHayom newspapers (the Hebrew speaking Netanyahu paper)
which were found at al-Kian's home and dealt with ISIS attacks.

Palestinians & Jews disrupt the confirmation hearing of  David Friedman.


Atalya, 19-year-old from Jerusalem, in a interview about her refusal to
join the army. She hopes her refusal will serve as inspiration to
others, and offers all those who are drafted - to tour the West Bank, to
take part in joint activities in the territories, to be exposed to the
reality of the occupation, before the automatic decision to enlist.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


Electronic Intifada's Ali Abunimah says there should be no territorial
partition and forced segregation between Israelis and Palestinians, but
instead a single democratic state that equally protects the rights of

Trump and Netanyahu meet [this] week. Both promote walls that steal land
and cut families off from one another. As protesters chant, "From
Palestine to Mexico, All the Walls Have Got to Go," check out our video
and see how these walls impact millions of lives.

NFL players pulled out of an Israeli government sponsored trip to
Israel. BDS activists are calling on Radiohead to cancel their Israel
gig. Watch prominent artists, including Roger Waters, Kathleen Chalfant
& Tunde Adebimpe from TV on the Radio, make the case for the
cultural of boycott of Israel and urge artists to sign onto the call in
this Adalah-NY video.

Before Prime Minister Netanyahu visits Trump this week, Fareed asks Rashid Khalidi about the implications of potentially moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Israel/Palestine News

The day after Valentine's day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to Washington, D.C. to meet President Donald Trump in the White House for the first time. The world needs to know that their shared oppressive agendas are a #BadRomance denying the rights of people from the US to Palestine. We've got a message for them both. Help us share this video and visit our campaign page to sign the pledge and see more ways to take action.

Political economist Shir Hever says the consequences of recent
legislation will lead to a deterioration in foreign relations and
deliver a major blow to the nation’s culture industry

Top officials implicated in sex crime scandals occupy top positions within Israeli state, says journalist David Sheen  2 part

Neither Israel, Saudi Arabia, or Jordan want to see the emergence of a
grassroots liberation struggle in the Palestinian territories, says TRNN
correspondent Shir Hever

Palestinians and proponents of the two-state solution for Israel and the
Palestinians - including the United Nations - are criticizing Israel's
new law that allows the appropriation of private Palestinian land for
the construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. The passage of
the controversial law follows the recent election of Donald Trump as
U.S. president. VOA's Zlatica Hoke reports.

Historian Prof. Avi Shlaim, of St Anthony's College, Oxford, speaks
about the manufactured campaign started by the Israel Lobby against the
Left in the Labour Party.

'We go to heaven, you go to hell': Israeli settlers caught on video threatening to kill Palestinians in Hebron

Friday, February 3, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


Israeli police evacuated more than 200 Israeli settlers Wednesday from
the West Bank outpost of Amona, dragging families with young children
out of the illegal community that was built more than a decade ago. it
may seem that justice prevailed in favor of the original Palestinian
landowners, but for many, it is not a victory. Amona residents will
ultimately be relocated in adjacent plots of land, which also belongs to

A demo in Ni'illin.

On 15 Jan. 2017, the Civil Administration began uprooting olive trees
and leveling land near the Palestinian villages of ‘Azzun and a-Nabi
Elyas in Qalqilya District, as part of a plan to build a bypass road to
replace a section of Route 55 that runs through the villages. To that
end, the authorities have expropriated 10.4 hectares of land from ‘Azzun
and uprooted some 1,000 olive trees. Declarations that this will serve
“the public interest” are belied by Israel’s policy of using Area C for
its citizens only, illustrated by similar cases.

As Israel's Supreme Court deliberates over whether or not to sanction
Netanyahu's plan to deport non-Jewish refugees back to Africa, hundreds
of them hold a protest in Jerusalem at the Israeli parliament on 26
January 2017