Friday, September 28, 2012

Israel/Palestine News


Jonathan Schell discusses whether Netanyahu is trying to influence the US election with his talk of 'red-lines' for Iran.

Richard Silverstein talks on the Israel Lobby's efforts to start a war with Iran.

Nadia Hijab talks about how international aid affects Palestinian society & the Occupation.

The Israeli government is asked to act on hate crimes.

Activists protest the treatment of Eritrean refugees in front of Defense Minister Barak's home in Tel Aviv.

 Rami Gudovitch talks in three videos on how Israel treats African refugees.

For Israeli's reaction to this speech, go here

In a speech before the UN General Assembly, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says Israel is committing ethnic cleansing & asks for non-member observer status for Palestine.

In Gaza, Hamas announces the retirement of leader Khaled Meshaal.

Hamas bans the import of Israeli fruits except for bananas & apples into Gaza.

Gunmen kill one IDF soldier & have 3 of their number killed in an attack on Egypt's border near Gaza.

Gazans demonstrate in solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike.

In the South Hebron Hills, settlers attack Palestinian farmers with stones, activists browbeat soldiers into doing something, but IDF still screams at activists to leave.

Demos take place in Ni'ilin & Nabi Saleh.

Human rights groups accuse the IDF of abusing Palestinian kids they arrest for throwing stones.

Al Jazeera's Listening Post documents how news networks have ignored the story of the mass hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Israel/Palestine News


The Real News looks at how Netanyahu is effecting the US election.

The Stream asks if the Israeli public will back war on Iran.

Palestinians in Tel Aviv & Gaza join in the protests against the You Tube video attacking Mohammed.

When the IDF makes a night raid on Nabi Saleh, stones are thrown, grenades set off & shots fired.

Three videos about life in Gaza.

Demos took place in Ni'ilin & Nabi Saleh.

Youssef Abu Mghasib, a Gaza farmer, describes how Israeli tanks & bulldozers wiped out his farm.

Chasing sheep again?  What is this, a new amateur sport for settlers?

Al Jazeera looks at the economics of occupation in the West Bank.

Yousef Al-Helou looks at the future of Gaza's tunnels.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Israel/Palestine News

Defense Minister Barak has reportedly changed his mind about war with Iran.

The White House declines to meet with PM Netanyahu.

Social protesters march in Tel Aviv & occupy the lobby of a bank.

Jerusalem police discover a weapons cache in East Jerusalem of either a Hamas cell or weapons dealers.

Breaking The Silence presents two videos of ex-soldiers talking about their part in the Occupation.

A Gaza mother reacts to the deaths of her two sons, killed by an Israeli drone.

Hashem Azzeh was able to walk down the street in front of his house in Hebron for the first time in years escorted by activists.

Demos take place in Nabi Saleh & Ni'ilin.

Settlers chase sheep off Palestinian land, then soldiers back them up in the South Hebron Hills.

Palestinians in the West Bank protest the policies of the Palestinian Authority that has led to higher prices, & win concessions.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Israel Palestine News

Democracy Now! reports on the push back from delegates at the Democratic Convention as the DNC attempts to change the party platform on Jerusalem.

Activists try to deliver bread to Eritrean refugees stranded at the Sinai border, but are blocked by the IDF.

Israelis & Eritreans protest against the internment of refugees in the Negev desert.

In Tel Aviv, protesters against war with Iran listen to a speech by Manal Timraz, a Palestinian who had 15 family members killed by a bomb in Gaza.

After a 'price tag' attack on the Latrun monastery, over 100 people visit to show solidarity, including Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon.

Settlers in East Jerusalem evict Palestinian family members from a room in their house.

Domestic violence is increasing in the West Bank, Al Jazeera reports.

Two videos from Breaking The Silence, presenting ex-soldiers who testify about the specifics of the Occupation.

An Israeli patrol boat shoots into the water near fishermen two miles off the coast of Gaza.

The Alternative Information Center presents another edition of AIC Vision.

A demo took place in Ni'ilin.

The Real News reports on the UNRWA report finding that Gaza may be uninhabitable by 2020.