Friday, May 30, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


Pope Francis visits Jordan, Palestine & Israel.

Hordes of settlers & other Israelis celebrate Jerusalem Day.

A resident of Shu'fat refugee camp east of Jerusalem  has to hustle to get water for his family after municipal water is shut off.

A mass hunger strike outside the Red
Crescent headquarters in Ramallah in support of Palestinian prisoners.
The strikers are calling for the immediate release of all Palestinian
political prisoners held in Israeli jails without charge or trial.
Earlier, we were joined by our correspondent in Ramallah.

Palestinian crops are burned in the South Hebron Hills.

Bedouins march to the UN HQ to protest demolitions in the Negev & the Jordan Valley.

Egypt has closed the Rafah Crossing to Gaza again.

Abbas taps Hamdallah to form Fatah-Hamas unity government

In Hebron, the IDF again uses stun grenades & tear gas against school kids.

Activists got to Palestinian land next to a settlement, spar with settlers, then get ran off by the IDF.

Hundreds in Gaza rally in support of huger striking prisoners.

On May 27, four Palestinian 12-14
years old girls from the South Hebron hills area villages of Tuba and
Maghayir Al Abeed have been arrested by the Israeli police on the charge
of theft of cherries in a field in which Israeli settlers from Ma'on
settlement are growing several cherry trees.
This grove is situated
close to the place in which the children usually wait an Israeli
military escort in order to come back to home. The escort was
established in 2004 by the Children's Rights Committee of the Knesset
because of the ongoing attacks to the Palestinian children (coming from
the nearby villages of Tuba and Maghayir Al Abeed to the school of At
Tuwani) from Havat Ma'on and Ma'on settlers.


The so-called Committee for Planning
and Building in the occupied Municipality of Jerusalem al-Quds approved
50 new settlement units in the illegal Israeli Har Humah settlement in
occupied Jerusalem al-Quds.
This as Palestinian news agency Ma'an
reported that Israeli bulldozers leveled Palestinian land in the
district of Salfit, as occupation forces gave confiscation notices of
approximately 750 acres to the Palestinian landowners. Local sources say
that their land has now been declared as a 'closed military zone' by
Israeli forces.Acting Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas stated
that the Palestine Liberation Organization will not resume negotiations
with Israel until Tel Aviv halts settlement construction. Earlier Israel
had approved around 14,000 settlement units throughout a 9 month frame
during US-led negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
According to Palestinian observers, the confiscation of Palestinian
land and the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements serve the same
aim, which is to concurrently diminish the Palestinian population and
increase the number of Israeli settlers in the West Bank.

Israeli academic Oren Yiftachel discusses Netanyahu's calls to change Israel's Basic Law so it is a Jewish State.

Ugur Suleyman Soylemez, left in a coma after IDF attacks on the Mavi Marmara in 2010, has died.

Israel has refused to sign an international conventional arms treaty.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


The sniper killings of two Palestinian youths outside Ofer prison leads to outrage.

According to Israeli daily Haaretz, an IDF officer told a Knesset committee that live fire exercises were used to ban Palestinians from their land.

A 17-year old Palestinian youth was run over by a settler bus next to
Checkpoint 56 in Al-Khalil (Hebron). The youth was taken to the
hospital. Settlers from the Illegal settlement of Tel Rumeida harassed
Palestinians who were trying to document the incident. Israeli soldiers
entered through the checkpoint and threw stun grenades and fired tear
gas towards Palestinian youths.

School kids in Hebron throw stones at IDF troops, who reply with stun grenades & tear gas.

The hunger strike of Palestinians in Israeli jails continues.
An aid convoy enters Gaza thru the Rafah border crossing.

Palestinians prepare for the visit of Pope Francis to Israel & Palestine.

The IDF uses the excuse of 'training' to run armored vehicles over Palestinian crops in the South Hebron Hills.

Palestinians celebrate their return to Lifta, a Palestinian village in Israel  abandoned during the Nakba of 1948.

Palestinian Professor Haidar Eid
discusses several of the most pressing topics of Palestinian national
liberation, including the ongoing siege of Gaza, the apartheid nature of
Israel, the BDS movement and the one state solution.
Dr Haidar Eid
is Associate Professor in the Department of English Literature, Al-Aqsa
University, Gaza Strip, Palestine. Dr Eid is a founding member of the
One Democratic State Group (ODSG) and a member of the Palestinian
Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.
Bashir, producer of this interview, holds a master's degree in global
politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science
(LSE). She is a member of the Gaza-based organizing committee for
boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel and an advocate
of the One Democratic State Group.

A demo takes place at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

Hamas former adviser Ahmad Yousef talks about the transitional government between the Palestinian factions.

The parents of Rachel Corrie are appealing to the Israeli Supreme Court.

Israel & the US hold war games testing Israel's missile defense.

The PA signs an oil deal with Venezuela.

Lebanon will complain to the UN Security Council about Israeli border violations.

The Real News concludes its interview with Ali Abunimah, one of the founders of the website Electronic Intifada.


Friday, May 16, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


Palestinians remember the Nakba with rallies.

Nadim Nuwwara and Mohammad Abu Thaher, both 17, are buried by their families after being shot dead by the IDF while protesting at Ofer prison.

A six-year-old Palestinian child,
who was reported missing on Saturday, has been found in a forest area on
the hills of Hebron also known as al-Khalil. Reports say the child had
been kidnapped by Israeli settlers in the area. Israel is accused of
turning a blind eye to illegal acts by the settlers.

One in five arrested Palestinian youths are placed in solitary by Israel .

The IDF routinely fires teargas & throws stun grenades at schoolchildren in Hebron.

26 Palestinian men who were deported from the Church of the Nativity in
the occupied West Bank in 2002 are still living in exile in the Gaza
Strip. They have now entered the thirteenth year away from their

The student council at Birzeit University, located in the north of the
West Bank city of Ramallah, organized events in support of Palestinian
prisoners who are on hunger strike to protest their imprisonment without

A 15 year old boy is detained for allegedly attacking 10 settler youth.

In Hebron, a soldier harasses a Palestinian photographer.

The PA says it may end security co operation with Israel if settlement building isn't frozen.

A demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.

Christian leaders in Israel call on the government to stop settlers from attacking churches & holy sites.

Israeli activist Tamar Aviyah uses a bullhorn to upbraid Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar at his home over violations of international refugee law.

Hans Blix says Israel has nuclear weapons & should join the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

Israel will send troops to Nigeria to help find the kidnapped schoolgirls.

The Speaker of Lebanon's parliament condemns Israel for crossing into Lebanon to cut down trees.

In three videos, The Real News interviews Ali Abunimah, founder of Electronic Intifada.

Turkey & Israel will normalize relations & the siege of Gaza will continue.

The UK government gives Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni immunity from arrest for war crimes when she visits London.

The Palestinian Embassy in Argentina marks Nakba Day.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


Nell Burden interviews Palestinian villagers of Azmot about settler harassment.

This morning (5/7/14) in al-Khalil
(Hebron), a group of four Israeli soldiers tried to enter in the boys
school next to checkpoint 29 to arrest a 10-year-old.

Two boys
were detained, and the teachers of the school quickly convinced the
soldiers to release one of the boys. After some more discussion the
soldiers then let go of the second, only to run up to the street and
throw a tear gas grenade and stun grenades at other schoolchildren.
This incident lasted approximately 20 minutes.

In cases like this
we can see how important the job of the teachers is in this area, and
how difficult it is to is educate under military occupation.


Gaza wheat farmers harvest early in the buffer zone so the IDF won't bulldoze their crop.

12-year-old Osama Yasser Salim was released two days after being arrested in the village of Azzun.

The IDF raids the Youth Against Settlements meeting hall.

The Palestinian Prisoner Club asks for help from human rights organizations after the hundredth Palestinian has been arrested in Hebron.

Soldier gets his finger sucked by settler girl in Hebron.

Thousands of members of Fatah will rejoin the police in Gaza.

Ta'ayush witnesses police harassment & Palestinian arrest in the South Hebron Hills.

Palestinians mark World Press Freedom Day with rallies.
The PA joins five UN treaties.

Demos take place in Ni'ilin & Nabi Saleh.


PA chief Abbas says he would restart peace talks with Israel if Palestinian prisoners are released & settlement expansion stops.

Palestinians rally to support the one day hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners protesting administrative detention.

Welfare organizations have reported that homelessness among youth is rising in Israel.

Former head of Israel's nuclear agency Brigadier General Uzi Eilam criticizes Netanyahu's nuclear stance on Iran.


Israel has stationed Patriot missiles at the Egyptian & Jordanian borders.

Another day in Hebron, another street search.

What?  The soldiers are rolling doobies?

The Israeli Army is saying that the Palestinian in the black T shirt had
brass knuckles in his hand; this video shows that all the Palestinian had
was a set of small, hand-held prayer beads.

The issue of the right to return of Palestinian refugees resurfaces in the news.

Netanyahu pushes new Basic Law defining Israel as a Jewish state.

Carmi Gillon,  former Shin Bet chief, says Israel will not try to stop attacks on Palestinians by settlers.

The Canadian government labels a Palestinian charity a terrorist organization while giving charity status to pro-settlement NGOs.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


On May Day, Gazans demand work & the end to the Israeli siege.

The PLO says it will continue to seek to join international organizations.

Gaza's sole commercial crossing was
reopened after being sealed for ten days by Israeli authorities. The
Kerem Shalom crossing is now Gaza's only route for goods after Egyptian
forces destroyed tunnels along the border with Egypt last year.

The PLO meets in Ramallah.

Human Rights Watch calls on Israel to stop shooting Gazans in the border buffer zones inside Gaza.

Israel is confiscating more land from Arabs in the Golan Heights.

The bodies of Palestinians killed 16 years ago by Israel have finally been returned to their families.

Every Saturday, a group of Zionist tourists enter the old city of
al-Khalil (Hebron). Here, a guide from an illegal settlement of the area
shows them around, while surrounded and 'protected' by the Israeli
army. This situation directly affects the free movement of the
Palestinian people in the market, and it is yet another example of the
daily oppression that Palestinians live under.

Israel continues sanctions on the PA.

John Kerry says Israel could turn into an apartheid state if it rejects the two state peace plan.

The IDF conducts another night raid in Nabi Saleh, arresting two.

The State Dept. says Israel has failed to prosecute settlers attacking Palestinians and Christians in the Occupied Territories.

A young Palestinian boy is arrested by the IDF after they pull him from a trash bin.

Adam Abd al-Raof Jamous & Juhar Nassar al-Din Halbieh were arrested by Israel after returning from medical treatment in Jordan.  They went to Jordan after receiving injuries from Israeli police.. 

A demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.

Lia Tarachansky and Shir Hever discuss the unity agreement between Hams & Fatah.

IDF soldier detaining 15 year old Palestinian boy in Hebron tries to shoot him.


David Sheen gives a talk about Israel's war on Africans at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada on March 9, 2014.

Ex-PM Ehud Olmert has been convicted of bribery & faces jail.

Israel fears Hezbollah's entry into the Syrian civil war has changed the balance of power.

Yousef Aljamal discusses Gaza Writes Back, a collection of short stories by Gazans.

Moss Ntlha, General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance of South Africa, explains his views on Israel & apartheid.