Friday, June 24, 2016

Israel/Palestine News

Everything is Not Alright from newisraelfund on Vimeo.

A more just, equal, and democratic Israel is possible. Together, let’s pave a new path forward.

“The life of a Palestinian child is nothing but fear, humiliation, and rage. Everything is a burden.” - Mohammad, 16

Israeli military detains around #‎700ChildPrisoners each year. This
video is part of the Israeli Military Detention: No Way to Treat a
Child. Find out more by visiting their page.

The Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City was cleared of its
Palestinian inhabitants on the eve of the Ramadan holiday, 5 June 2016,
to make way for a flag procession by Jewish religious nationalists,
celebrating Israel conquering the eastern half of the city 49 years

Store owners, street merchants, and shoppers preparing
for that evening’s celebratory feast were driven out of the lanes that
fell along the route chosen by march organizers and approved by Israel’s
Supreme Court. From a safe distance behind police barricades,
Palestinian residents of Jerusalem watched silently as ultra-nationalist
Jews paraded through the quarter, singing songs of praise to Yahweh and
calling for the ethnic cleansing of non-Jews.

Tens of thousands
of Israelis took hours to stream through the monumental Damascus Gate
and weave their way through the alleys of the Muslim Quarter, eventually
reaching their final destination, the holy Western Wall plaza, where
they were treated to musical performances and a series of speeches by
top religious and political officials.

Video by Dan Cohen and David Sheen

When Google's executive visited the Israeli Air Force base of Hatzerim,
beside the ethnically cleansed city of Bir-a-Saba and only 30km away
from the Gaza Strip.

Gaza is under a barbaric and illegal siege and is routinely being bombed by this very air force.

In memory of the 551 children who were massacred during 8 July and 26 August 2014, as the IAF carried out over 6,000 airstrikes.

Some commenters have contested our report that this man is saying
"Ba-Nakba!", claiming that he is actually saying "Ba-Rabak!" This video
plays back the footage at regular speed, 1/2 speed and 1/3 speed so you
can listen closely and hear for yourself.  More on this at Mondoweiss.

On the 49th anniversary of Israel's occupation of East Jerusalem,
Palestinians were forced out of the Old City's Muslim Quarter so that
thousands of Israeli Jews could march through. In front of Jerusalem's
City Hall, the massive crowd chanted the song "Zochreni Na", which
includes the lyric, "Avenge one of my two eyes, from Palestine!". The
crowd concluded the chant with a curse generally reserved for vile
enemies such as Nazis, "May their memory be blotted out!" Six months
ago, it was revealed that this song is an anthem of Jewish Supremacists
who support even the murder of the Dawabshe family. In September 2015,
Jewish settlers firebombed the home of a Palestinian family, the
Dawabshe's, in the West Bank village of Duma, burning to death the
father, mother, and one-year-old baby.

On the 49th anniversary of Israel's occupation of East Jerusalem,
Palestinians are forced out of the Old City's Muslim Quarter so
thousands of Israeli Jews march through. As they march, the Israelis
chant "Take revenge on the non-Jews!"

“They were beating me until all I felt was pain.” 3 out of 4 Palestinian
children endure physical violence after their arrest by Israeli forces.

video is part of the Israeli Military Detention: No Way to Treat a
Child #‎700ChildPrisoners campaign, find out more by visiting their

A demo takes place in Ni'llin.

The libZionists from "Saving Jewish Jerusalem" came up with a new
campaign. Subtitles and captions added as a service to the [decent
non-Zionist] public.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Israel/Palestine News


A Palestinian clown was given an extended sentence by an Israeli military court. He is being held without charge or trial.

Many people in Gaza lack secure access to food. So Italian chef Domenico
Maurizio Loi visited Gaza to share his recipe secrets and change that

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says his state will boycott any group
that backs the BDS movement. BDS, which stands for Boycott, Divestment
and Sanctions, advocates for Palestinian human rights and opposes the
illegal Israeli occupation. But is he really boycotting free speech?

On 5 June 2016 Civil Administration and Border Police personnel arrived
at Wadi al-Qatif (Satah al-Bahar) (near Route 1 between the settlement
of Mitzpe Yeriho and a-Nabi Musa). They dismantled and confiscated 7
pre-fabs donated several weeks earlier by a humanitarian aid agency to
replace old huts: Six pre-fabs served as living quarters for six
families (26 individuals, including 13 minors). The seventh was a
day-care center for 12 children. The community lives in an area the
military termed a closed military zone in the 1980s. The clip shows CA
personnel clearing out the day-care pre-fab prior to dismantling and
confiscating it.

1News of Malaysia documents the IDF blocking the road to Yatta, the village of the recent Tel Aviv gunmen.
Decades-Long Israeli Military Occupation Drives Palestinian Revenge Attacks

Filmmaker and former TRNN Correspondent, Lia Tarachansky says the
messianic extreme far-right has filled the political void in Israel
following the 2014 attacks on Gaza known as Operation Protective Edge

Journalist Max Blumenthal was among a handful of people who interrupted
an event featuring former Israeli army spokesperson Avital Leibovich,
who has defended the killing of Palestinian journalists

People are struggling to find clean drinking water in Gaza, but one
resident has a solution. Fayez al-Hindi has built a solar power system
to purify water. According to municipalities, it’s working.

Berkeley-based rabbi Michael Lerner spoke as a representative of the
Jewish faith at Muhammad Ali’s memorial service in Louisville today, and
delivered a fiery sermon calling for a litany of social change,
including the ending of drone warfare, the ending of Israeli West Bank
occupation, and literally dozens of other things—commanding multiple
standing ovations.

Internationally renowned Palestinian human rights defender Issa Amro
talks about his work as the coordinator of Youth Against Settlements
(YAS), a Hebron-based organization that documents human rights abuses
and encourages the local families to resist nonviolently and remain
steadfast in their homes despite severe freedom of movement restrictions
and ongoing attacks by settlers and soldiers.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Israel/Palestine News


"6 miles, 9 miles, 3 miles. It's all the same."

For fishermen in
Gaza, Israeli gunfire, harassment, intimidation, and arrest remain
constant threats to their daily lives. Whether 9 miles or 3 miles, the
restricted area simply doesn't have enough fish.
Ali Abunimah: NY Governor Blacklists BDS to Defend Israeli Apartheid

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo ban on state business with organizations that
support the boycott movement is unconstitutional and panders to Israel,
says Electronic Intifada's Ali Abunimah

The Women In Black demonstrate in Zion Square in Jerusalem.

A fire burns near a building in Nabi Saleh (probably started by a tear gas canister.)

Friday June 3d 2016 protest by the village of Nabi Saleh in the occupied
West Bank against the theft of their land and their spring by the
neighboring settlement Halamish, against the Israeli occupation and
against apartheid.

On 24 May 2016, dozens of soldiers spread through the streets of the
Jaber neighborhood in Hebron, gathering children and teens. They stood
20 of them against a wall, asked them about a stone-throwing incident
earlier that day, photographed each one and let them go. At least 14
were minors, seven including under the age of criminal liability. The
goal of this conduct appears to have been to intimidate the children and
deter them from throwing stones, in blatant disregard of the military’s
duty to protect the rights of minors.

Activists drive around Hebron.

Engage Toi by Karmel Japha, with English subtitles.

About the Jewish Defense League and all the French who go to serve in the Israeli army.

Robert Martin is an Australian activist who lives in Melbourne. Robert
was drawn to Palestine at the commencement of Israel's Gaza attack.
Robert began to investigate what actually was happening in Palestine and
couldn't believe what he was reading. He knew he couldn't rely on
mainstream media for the truth so he decided to see for himself.

had read and watched plenty of interviews and documentaries on Issues
faced by both sides, including Miko Peled, Illan Pappe, Doc Jazz (Tariq
Shadid) and Andrew Tucker (Christians for Israel) and the belief of the
Zionist movement.

Robert knew he was in for an eye opening trip
immediately after the Israeli army entered the bus he was in and asked
to see his passport. After disembarking the bus he was invited to the
front of the line to have his passport checked again, this shocked
Robert a bit as he saw so many Palestinians in the line and he refused
to push in the line.

Robert made a trip to Bil'in as he had
made contact with Hamde Abu Rhama and was keen to see the village in
which Hamde lived.. Robert was being given a quick tour of the village
(it's small as so much of its land has been taken) when he saw the truth
of live under occupation. Hamde and Robert had been chasing some
animals as Hamde wanted to take pictures of them and they were
interrupted by soldiers. An army van came rushing down the road, stopped
quickly and a few soldiers stood up and shouted they must move. This
startled Robert as it was so unexpected, Robert asked the soldiers what
was happening.. He then was faced with an M16 being pointed straight at
him as the other soldiers told him to leave.

Robert had to know
more and asked some questions as to why he wasn't allowed to be there as
he was clearly away from the Apartheid Wall and clearly away from the
barb wire also. The soldiers threw something at in Robert ps direction
and it exploded with an incredibly loud noise that Robert had never
experienced in his life. To the soldiers amazement and surprise Robert
did not move and again questioned the soldiers.. The only response
Robert received was they were protecting Israel and they had rules that
we must follow.

The next day Robert was having coffee and with a
few people from the village when a distressed call came in explaining
the soldiers were at the only play ground taking equipment. Robert saw
everyone in a panic and insisted he tag along to see what was happening.

got to the hill and were stopped by heavily armed soldiers and a truck
that had a small crane on it. Robert had not been in the village of
Bil'in for even 24 hours and he was again faced by the strength of the
Israeli army insisting he leave with a M16 at his head. For whatever
reason Robert refused and walked towards the soldiers filming with his
iPhone and he asked the soldiers what they were doing. Again the
soldiers told him to,leave or he would be shot. He continued towards the
soldiers and again asked what they were doing. Thee were some younger
People from the village behind him watching and to his amazement they
all started running a away. He saw the truck with the equipment already
loaded and again demanded the soldiers give him an answer. The soldiers
were taken back by Robert and his inability to be intimidated by these
soldiers clearly provoking a fight. The soldiers began to retreat even
though they again said I'd he continued they would shoot him. As they
left they threw another object at him that exploded and began to smoke..

Robert had read and heard about could not have prepared him for what he
had just witnessed as the disregard towards the Palestinians was so
blatant, how could this be?

Friday, June 3, 2016

Israel/Palestine News


Abdel-Fattah Al-Sharif was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier as he
lay wounded on the street. He and another Palestinian were accused of
having carried out a knife attack. Now, a newly released video shows a
man kicking a knife towards the dead body of the Palestinian man.

On May 31, 2016 the Israeli Mission to the UN commandeered the General Assembly for the “Ambassadors Against BDS” summit -- a day-long pro-Israel pep rally, filled with an estimated 1,500 people–many of them college students–who listened to speakers rail against the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel.

Daniel Birnbaum, the CEO of SodaStream, claimed the West Bank is “not legally occupied”–that it’s “disputed” land, and in one of the more bizarre moments of the conference, said that an Israeli soldier “wants to come home to his family, and he wants to go to the beach and he wants to travel after military service. He is not motivated by 72 virgins”–an Islamophobic reference that implies Palestinians are driven by a religious belief that they will be rewarded after their death.
For more on the “Ambassadors Against BDS” summit see Alex Kane's report here:


Janna Jihad, 10 years old, has been reporting from Palestine for two to
three years now, sharing with the world the message of “the Palestinian

Israel Police submits file to Jerusalem district attorney: enough evidence for Prime Minister's wife to be indicted for graft.

The Israeli Left demonstrate against the government of Netanyahu-
Lieberman, against the racism and fascism, Tel Aviv 28.5.20216

Demo in Nabi Saleh.

Settler guards threaten Palestinians & try to run them off their own land.

Settler guards show up at the activist meeting point in Israel to harass the group.

Life for Palestinian merchants in Jerusalem.

On Wednesday we sat with Abu Sadam in the rubble of all that remains of
his family’s house, in Hisbet Wadi Joz, East Jerusalem. Early Tuesday
morning at about 2am occupying forces arrived with a digger to demolish
the house. The Israeli authorities have planned a national park and his
home is in the way. Although the house was on Waqf land (The Jerusalem
Islamic Waqf is a trust best known for controlling and managing
buildings and land on and around Haram Al-Sharif), because it was built
after the occupation in 1967 it is not protected.