Friday, February 27, 2015

Israel/Palestine News

Netanyahu on a Destructive Path

The timing of the leaked Mossad documents may undermine Iranian negotiations and escalate the threat of war says Phyllis Bennis the author of Understanding the US-Iran Crisis: A Primer

Activists confront settler women & the IDF in Hebron.

National Security Adviser Susan Rice talks to Charlie Rose about the
state of affairs between Israel and the United States, and why John
Boehner's invitation to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to address
Congress "injected partisanship" and is "destructive to the fabric of
the relationship"

Israeli satire show "Hakol Shafit" aired this on Israeli Channel 1, Feb.
19th, 2015. The piece is in response to the recently published UK
artists call for a cultural boycott of apartheid Israel.

Palestinians demonstrate with songs & dancing for the opening of Shuhada Street in Hebron.

Mislabeled news video: Gaza is flooded by a winter storm plus Israel is accused of opening floodgates to allow waters to flood Gaza.

Despite the snow and the closure of different streets in Hebron, the
activists of Youth Against Settlements managed to organize the annual
demonstration asking for the reopening of the Shuhada Street and were
also commemorating the massacre of the Ibrahimi mosque that happened 21
years ago

Before the friday prayers, Palestinian and
international activists gathered together along with local and
international media next to the Ali Baka mosque in the city of Hebron.

activists managed to get to the east entrance of the Shuhada Street,
trying to open the gate which was installed by the occupation to prevent
Palestinians from entering the Shuhada Street.

The ingenieur
Issa Amro said: Today, we are challenging both, the snow and the
occupation. Both closed our street, but the difference is that the snow
will melt away easily, in contrary of the occupation which must be
resisted until it ends. We will continue with our demonstrations to show
the world that the challenge of a Palestinian is not the weather. It’s
clearly the occupation

Today’s demonstration was lead under the
motto: The 21st commemoration of the 29 martyrs who lost their lives in
the Ibrahimi mosque.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Israel/Palestine News

Israeli High Court Rules Against Family of Slain American Peace Activist Rachel Corrie

The parents of American activist Rachel Corrie respond to the Israeli
Supreme Court’s decision to not hold Israel liable for civilian deaths
in combat zones

With 90 percent of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's campaign donors being
U.S. Americans, the Falic family tops the list, and their influence
reaches both sides of the aisle in Congress.

Palestinians in Hebron stage a campaign to open Shuhada Street.
Iran Negotiation Leaks Won't Affect Netanyahu's Prospect for Re-election

Economist Shir Hever also discusses an Associated Press report about
attacks on the Gaza civilian population during Operation Protective Edge.

The IDF harasses a Palestinian in Hebron for watching.

A demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.

Political ad produced by the Shomron Settler Council, which is an official Israeli government organization.  They released it with this blurb:

Dozens of radical leftist organizations receive millions
of Euros from Europe.  In the best case scenario, they believe that they
are leading us into becoming a more enlightened, polite and cleaner
country. Europe.

Well, for the Europeans, for the past hundreds of years you have been
good for only one thing.  The money that seems to you so shiny when it
slanders settlements and soldiers will at the end be revealed to you as a
unique self-destruction budget.
Hat tip to Richard Silverstein

Friday, February 13, 2015

Israel/Palestine News



The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is in Sweden for talks with the country's new Prime Minister Stefan Lofven.

It is his first visit to the Nordic nation since it "officially recognized Palestine": as a state. Sweden's ties with Israel have nosedived however as a result with Tel Aviv recalling its ambassador to Stockholm.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused an influential
newspaper publisher of waging a smear campaign against him, his family
and his political party.

Ezra Nawi is attacked by a settler while filming in the South Hebron Hills.

The IDF tries to expel Palestinian shepherds & their flocks in the South Hebron Hills.
Over 90% of Netanyahus' Campaign Contributions Come from the United States

Shir Hever, of the Alternative Information Center, says many dubious
fundraising strategies are used, some are illegal and under

Documentary of Israeli artist Natali Cohen Vaxberg, who was arrested for posting a video showing herself taking a dump on the Israeli flag along with other flags.


On February 6, in the morning, Israeli soldiers arrested two Palestinian
shepherds, one of them aged sixteen. The soldiers tried to arrest
another Palestinian shepherd but villagers prevented the arrest by
popular nonviolent action.
Demos take place in Nabi Saleh & Bilin.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Israel/Palestine News


Activists film lambs & kids in South Hebron Hills.
Hezbollah and Israel Call for De-escalation in the Golan Heights

 Phyllis Bennis says two Israeli soldiers were killed yesterday in
retaliation for the killing of six Hezbollah fighters, including a son
of a revered leader and an Iranian General

B'tselem issues a report on targeting homes during the Gaza attack.

A demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.
Netanyahu and Boehner Tag-Teaming on Iran Sanctions Could Backfire

Prof. Vijay Prashad says Netanyahu is a high risk gambler, his relationship with the Obama administration has hit rock bottom