Friday, December 26, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


Here are the last minutes of Q&A and concluding statement from
Tel-Aviv University's event on "The Case Against Academic Boycotts of

The panel in support of the Crime of Apartheid includes:
Amos Yadlin, Pnina Sharvit Baruch, Galia Golan, David Denker, Ilan Troen.
Is Israel Unfairly Held to a Higher Standard? Norman Finkelstein on Reality Asserts Itself (1/5)

Norman Finkelstein and Paul Jay discuss a full page ad in the NYT that
says Israel is condemned by liberals for human rights violations while
it defends gay rights, and less is said about the persecution of gays by
Iran, Hamas and ISIS


More than three months have passed since "Operation Protective Edge" and tens of thousands of families in the Gaza Strip have no house to live in. According to data published by the United Nations in October, during "Operation Protective Edge" destroyed the homes of 20,000 families and homes of 80,000 families are damaged. Khuza'a which lies to the east of Khan Yunis, near the Israeli border, were destroyed and damaged hundreds of homes. The Al -kra extended family lived until last summer five apartments in the building, which was completely destroyed during the fighting. today the family is living in two tents next to the ruins.

another night full of teargas and live bullet shooting and sound bombs
around my house. the house was full of tear gas and the children were

Soldiers stop activists at road block.
A demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.

Activists hold a demonstration against House demolitions in East Jerusalem.

With tensions rising in Jerusalem, hate crimes against Palestinians have
increased in recent months. Mohammed lost his cousin to one such
incident a while ago, and now he is one of the newest victims. Like
others, he fears for his life. This is the story of Palestinians living
in East Jerusalem and negotiating their security each day.
Identity and Collective Denial - Lia Tarachansky on Reality Asserts Itself  (3/3)

Ms. Tarachansky says Israel is ripping itself apart and fascism is celebrating in the ruins

Friday, December 19, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


Saleh, a sixty-six-year-old Palestinian resident of Tel Rumeida,
al-Khalil (Hebron), waited with his mule outside Shuhada checkpoint for
nine hours over the course of two days. He spent four hours waiting
before being allowed through on Monday (15/12/14) evening.

then spent five hours Tuesday (16/12/14), which is what this video
shows, attempting to cross in the opposite direction before eventually
turning back, after being denied repeatedly by Israeli forces claiming
that donkeys, mules, horses, and carts are not permitted to pass through
the checkpoint.

Settlers try to prevent Palestinians from plowing their own land.
Identity and Collective Denial - Lia Tarachansky on Reality Asserts Itself Paul Jay of The Real News interviews Lia Tarachansky on her personal history.

The military blocked the main entrance to a Hebron neighborhood for 3
weeks because of a torched checkpoint, punishing hundreds for a deed by
individuals. The checkpoint serves no security purpose and is part of
Israel’s separation policy in Hebron. The military must remove this and
other unnecessary checkpoints in Hebron. As long as the checkpoint
remains, the military must enable regular passage and avoid collective

Rabbi David Menachem leads an anti-racism protest in Jerusalem.

Activists watch deer.

Activists tour Issawiya.

A demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.

IDF sprays East Jerusalem neighborhood with foul smelling skunk water.

A Palestinian official says Ziad Abu Ein's autopsy proves the minister
died of a violent act, while Israeli officials cite heart failure.
Thousands of Palestinians attended his funeral on Dec. 11 in Ramallah.
Calls grew for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to suspend security
coordination with Israel.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


Palestinian minister Ziad Abu Ein died shortly after an Israeli border
policeman shoved and grabbed him by the throat during a protest in the
occupied West Bank. An autopsy is being carried out with Palestinian,
Israeli and Jordanian pathologists.


Illegal Israeli settlements continue to grow in the occupied West Bank
and East Jerusalem, and people like Canadian-Israeli Miriam Schwab are
moving into predominantly Palestinian areas. Many Palestinian families
worry they will be forced out of the city where they've lived for
generations. In 2009, Israel evicted the Hanoun family from the home
they had lived in since 1956. Sherihan Hanoun says no one has the right
to take away the home where she was born and has a history.

an interview with Mutasim Ali - part 1
Early Elections Could Result in Most Right-Wing Coalition in Israel's History Journalist Max Blumenthal says centrist parties have no other political purpose besides promoting the image of Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East

Outside parliament on Monday, a small group of Israeli activists and
African asylum seekers released approximately 2,000 balloons into the
air, symbolising the 2,000 asylum seekers currently jailed at the Holot
detention centre.

Sigal Avivi, an Israeli activist from Tel Aviv, told MEE that the
group was there to protest the law "in the name of the people jailed in
Holot that could not come".

A demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.

Roughly 2,000 people — students, teachers and parents from “Hand in
“Hand” schools from across Israel — marched through the streets of
Jerusalem Friday morning to the Max Rayne bilingual school, which was
the target of an arson attack last weekend.
Many others joined the march in support the school and to speak out
against racism, including activists and at least one member of Knesset,
Jamal Zahalka of Balad.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


11 Palestinian demonstrators were wounded at the Kufr Qaddum protest on
28th November 2014. 18-year-old Sami Jumma was shot twice with live
ammunition, once in the hand and once in the chest. He required surgery
and is now in a stable condition. The remaining 10 injured protesters
were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets and four required hospital
treatment. One of whom was a 10-year-old child, although all four were
later discharged.

An Italian ISM activist was also shot in the chest with live ammunition, the full article can be read here:

Israelis arrest five activists in Hebron.

The Chief Rabbi of the ITF (aka IDF) explains to students why Muslims
have no right to al-Aqsa mosque. His video was originally published on
28 Nov 2014:

Orthodox Jews, however, almost in their entirety, think the exact
opposite as this ITF Rabbi and see such self-proclaimed Jews as being
Zionist and anti-Jewish!
See the poster at min: 01:00 of the video!

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon has argued for keeping Palestinian
workers off of public Israeli buses. Yaalon says the laborers are
dangerous and harass Israeli women. AJ+ caught a ride on one of the
buses to hear from a Palestinian about it. Raji Abdallah Saleh Ahmed
explains that sharing a bus is about much more than sharing a ride: "It
helps build peace."

David Sheen presents two videos.

An eight-year-old Palestinian girl is opposing the Israeli occupation of
her West Bank village - with a mobile telephone. Jana Tamimi makes news
reports about the regular conflicts with Israeli soldiers in Nabi
Saleh, filming video on a camera phone and posting it online.

As Juan Cole notes on his site, anti-ISIL Arabs are fighting back with satire & ridicule, including Palestinians  (Don't give money to MEMRI.  They are Islamophobes.)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Israel/Palestine News

Sukars live exposed to elements in house shelled in Protective Edge, November 2014

Protective Edge ended in late August 2014, but most residents of the
Gaza Strip are still suffering its consequences. The video shows the
apartment of the Sukar family in a-Shuja’iyeh neighborhood in Gaza City,
which was heavily shelled in the operation. The parents and their five
children now live in an apartment that does not provide them shelter
from the cold and rain: “This apartment had been hit by shells and parts
of it were destroyed. Whenever it rains, the house is flooded. The
children get sick with colds. I hope we’ll be able to go back to our
apartment, with all our belongings and furniture, especially the washing
machine… This war set us forty years back…"

A Zio-fascist settler in the East Jerusalem settlement of Gilo (regarded
as a neighborhood of Jerusalem whose residents haven't the slightest
clue they're on occupied land), tries to "counter" the Muezzin calls for
prayer from the neighboring village of Beit Jala.
Early in the
morning he plays aloud the Jewish Sh'ma Yisrael prayer, but unlike the
Muezzin call, he's not doing so for the sake of prayer or for religious
reasons but rather for ultra-nationalistic ones.

Originally aired on Israeli Channel 1.

On November 23 and 25 Israeli settlers from Havat Ma’on hammered in the
ground three meters high iron pylons at the edge of the wood inside of
which the illegal Israeli outpost is located, keeping on the ongoing
Some days before, on November 13, the same settlers
(equipped with a white jeep carrying an electricity generator, a drill
and cement) had already dug 10 cm diameter holes in the surrounding

In both occasions South Hebron Hills Popular Committee
members and B’tselem operators called the DCO to denounce the illegal
works, but Israeli forces didn’t show up.

During the last month
in the South Hebron Hills area, Israeli forces carried out several
demolitions in the Palestinian village of Um Al Kher and seized
materials in the Palestinian village of Susiya. In the meanwhile they
have not taken any measure to stop an illegal expansion of an illegal
Israeli outpost.

Nevertheless the Palestinian communities of the
South Hebron Hills area are still strongly committed to nonviolent
popular resistance against the Israeli occupation.

The Women In Black again hold a vigil in Zion Square Jerusalem.

The deputy speaker of the Knesset expels two Arab MKs for speaking out against the bill to declare Israel the Jewish homeland.


There are countless examples of Hebrew University complicity in
occupation and apartheid. Here is one such reason as explained by Eran,
Hebrew U graduate, while standing in the village of Issawiya which is
being controlled and whose land is being stolen from under their feet,
with the help of Hebrew U and the Jerusalem Municipality.

Israeli forces go on a night raid in Hebron.

A demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.

If you wonder why tensions are rising in Jerusalem, one reason is that settlers have been posting things like this.  Hat tip to Richard Silverstein,

Friday, November 21, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


The IDF spies on activists & Palestinian farmers with a toy drone.

Palestine refugees from Syria describe their tenuous refuge in Jordan
where lack of legal status, unemployment and fear of forced return
compound the hardship of their temporary displacement.

This past weekend was a Jewish holiday commemorating the purchase of
Hebron by Abraham for the burial of Sarah. Yesterday, for several hours,
hundreds of illegal settlers, national-religious Jews and a large
accompanying Israeli military force passed through the Old City of
Hebron. As a result many shops had to close early and the freedom of
movement for Palestinians was restricted. As the groups passed through
the Old City, many shouted profanity at Palestinians, yelled chants,
draped Israeli flags over their backs and threatened to hit a volunteer
from the organization Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT). A star of David
was also spray-painted on the ground of the Old City.

Ta'ayush Activists accompanied land owners from 'Sa'ir and 'Shioch to
work on their land located between the settlements 'Asfer' and 'Mezad.
Activists and Palestinian landowners violently attacked by settlers that threw stones at them.
settlers attacked with stones, one of them had a brass knuckle on his
hand, they tried to snatch cameras and beat Palestinians and activists.
All that time soldiers who were present prevented the attacks, and did not stop and detain none of the criminals.
more than an hour of attacks, the soldiers allowed the Palestinians to
continue the work started, on their own private land.

A settler clips a Palestinian with his car & when activists protest, the IDF starts yelling & dispersing them.

This is video of two non-violent direct actions that were part of a
campaign entitled #On2Jerusalem organized by local Palestinian popular
resistance committees to show solidarity with the people of Jerusalem.

the first action Palestinian and international activists crossed the
apartheid wall and cut a barbed-wire fence directly behind it to pass
from the West Bank into Northern Jerusalem.

The second action involved activists attempting to cross into Jerusalem from Hizme checkpoint.

Residents of Issiwaya East Jerusalem show the marks of IDF use of teargas & rubber bullets.

Demos take place in Nabi Saleh & Ni'ilin.


Months before the #toilettengate affair and ahead of Dr. Gregor Gysi's
visit to Israel/Palestine in an attempt to legitimize the illegitimate,
Boycott from Within had published a letter calling on Gysi and Die Linke
to reconsider their support of apartheid. This call also applies to the
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.

The letter was handed to Gysi in
person at a Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung event in apartheid Tel-Aviv, on June
12th 2014. He refused to comment on the letter or to respond to our
question from the audience.

David Sheen gives a talk at Florida International University Oct. 14.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


On a bus, Israelis demand to search a Muslim women's purse & she protests.

Independent journalist Charlotte Silver discusses how the defense was
blocked from including the role of torture and PTSD in her case

An anti-racism rally in Jerusalem.

Activists film an ultra-nationalist rally.

Activists chased out of hall.

Rightists shout abuse.


Moshe Leon - Jerusalem City Council member and chairman of the Likud faction in Jerusalem.

Max Blumenthal & David Sheen testify to Germany's Bundestag. 

The following videos are Sheen's testimony.


Top German lawmaker Gregor Gysi endorsed a public campaign accusing Max
Blumenthal and I of anti-Semitism and demanded we be banned from the
Bundestag. After we spoke in the German parliament over his objections,
we requested a meeting with him at his office. He refused, so we
confronted him and demanded answers.

Residents of Issawaya in East Jerusalem protest.

A security camera captures Israeli settlers setting a fire in the village of Farata near Nablus.

30/10/14: Due to a teachers strike in solidarity with underpaid public workers, school in Hebron finished at 10:00
in the morning. Several young boys threw stones towards the military,
armed at Salaymeh checkpoint, and the soldiers then fired three
canisters of tear gas.

The children threw more stones, and the
soldiers fired approximately ten more tear gas grenades in several
rounds. This continued until 11:00
when an army vehicle drove up from a side street at a high speed. Three
soldiers jumped outside one of the school buildings, before running
into a school yard and arrested the 14-year-old boy.

A demo takes place in Bilin.

Israeli police shoot in the back Arab Israeli citizen Khairuddin Hamdan in Nazareth after he attacks their vehicle then flees.  More by Richard Silverstein here.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


In the South Hebron Hills village of Umm El Khei, a Palestinian woman makes pita bread.

A demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.
Unremarkable Tweets and Donor Pressure Cost Me My Job 

After the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaigne rescinded Steven
Salaita's job over tweets condemning Israel's war on Gaza this summer,
Salaita says he is waiting for a ruling on his case for reinstatement

Activists film a rally by Lehava .


The World Bank points out that letting Palestinians economically develop Area C in the West Bank would benefit Palestinians by adding 35% to their GDP.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


This talk was delivered by Richard Silverstein, author of the Tikun Olam
blog, on October 23, 2014 at Unitarian Universalist Church in Seattle.
He spoke to the group, Unitarian Universalist Humanists. The talk,
Fear, Loathing and Terror in Israel-Palestine, addresses the recent
failures of U.S. brokered peace talks, and the rise in terror on both
sides of the Israel-Palestine divide. It notes the most recent terror
attack by an East Jerusalem Palestinian on the Jerusalem light rail line
in which two Israeli Jews were killed, the settler attempts to pray at
Muslim holy sites, and Israeli police invasions of the mosques on the
Temple Mount. In spite of the bleak outlook, Silverstein outlines a
possible compromise that could resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

blog exposes the excesses of the Israeli national security state and
tosses a life preserver to the last remaining remnants of Israeli
democracy. It is at
A Third Intifada on the Horizon?

Journalist Max Blumenthal discusses the situation in Jerusalem and the reconstruction plans for Gaza