Friday, July 29, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

Ex-IDF soldiers talk about shooting from towers in Hebron in this video from Breaking The Silence.

Gaza faces a sever water crisis.

An EU parliamentary delegation visits Gaza.

A church provides hot meals to Gazans.

Gazans fear more airstrikes & other Israeli violence.

Palestinians talk about what it feels like to be displaced.

The Holy Land Trust (a Palestinian NGO) rebuilds a house that had been demolished by the Israelis.

A Jewish settlement built on Palestinian land gets a last minute reprieve from demolition.

Footage of water cannon incident on July 14 off Gaza. The camera was lost overboard, recovered in a fishing net, & returned on July 20.

Al Jazeera asks residents of Ramallah how they feel about Palestine's push for statehood.

Residents of Beit Ommar protest more settlement expansion.

Another demo in Ni'lin.

Residents of Nabi Saleh demonstrate again against the Occupation.

Protesters in Jerusalem march to the Knesset to protest high housing prices.

The police arrest protesters & use mounted officers at a protest in Tel Aviv.

Ronen Eidelman talks about the protests in Tel Aviv.

A tent city erected in Tel Aviv's poorest neighborhood is evicted by the Ministry of the Environment for letting a refugee sleep inside a tent.

Tens of thousands young Israelis pour into the streets of Israel's major cities, & unlike the MSM, The Real News has the story.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

Soldiers talk about serving in Hebron.

Reuters reports on a shooting in the West Bank & an airstrike in Gaza.

Ashraf al-Khatib of Bilin is released from Ofer prison.

A demo takes place again in Nabi Saleh.

Palestinians from abroad are greeted at Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem.

In the South Hebron Hills, masked settlers attack Internationals.

Organizers of Welcome to Palestine Campaign hold a press conference at the offices of the Alternative Information Center in Jerusalem.

In Beit Ummar, an IDF soldier points a cocked rifle in the face of a man protesting the arrest of a youth.

An Israeli airstrike injures two Gazans.

The lone boat to sail to Gaza from Grece, the French ship Dignite, is boarded in international waters by the Israeli Navy & towed to Ashdod.

Al Jazeera documents the Israeli Navy's blockade & harassment of Gaza fishermen

MK Dov Khenin warns the new anti-boycott law violates freedom of speech.

A Gaza rap duo calling itself Gybo releases this song dedicated to freedom fighters worldwide.

Israel's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon stars in this video that claims there never was a Palestine, so the Jewish settlements aren't illegal.

B'tselem presents a video on how Palestinian boys are treated by the army & justice system when they are accused of throwing stones in the West Bank.

Palestine Studies TV interviews Victor Kattan of the University of London about the PA's push in the UN for recognition of a Palestinian state.

Last Friday, members of the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement & Palestinian popular resistance committees iof East Jerusalem took part in a joint Israeli-Palestinian march to support Palestinian independence efforts.

Another video of the march is here.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

MK Hanin Zoabi is removed by the speaker of the Knesset while shouting at PM Netanyahu.

Nadine Nasir tells what it is like to be denied entry into Israel.

does an update on the flotilla & the fly-in.

Breaking the Silence presents more soldiers talking about their experiences in Hebron.

Activists from Breaking the Silence reach out to participants in Birthright.

Kites fly in a summer camp in Beir Ommar.

Uh Oh! I can't put up all the videos on Daily Kos. It stopped at 15.

US artists come to Gaza.

Activists protest the Wall in Ni'lin.

Activists protest the Wall in Jerusalem.

Glenn Beck speaks in the Knesset, pushing his August rally in Jerusalem, but right wingers criticize him for not opposing a Palestinian state.

Omar Barghouti discusses BDS.

John Bolton tells the Jerusalem Post that the UN General Assembly has no right to create a Palestinian state. Nor, apparently, a Jewish one.

The IDF drives into Nabi Saleh at night, shoots off a barrage of teargas, then leaves.

A demo in Nabi Saleh.

Another demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.

B'tselem documents IDF soldiers standing by as settlers attack Asira al-Qibliya.

Raheel Raza speaks on immigration at the Presidents Conference in Jerusalem, & this video calls her out for Islamaphobic rhetoric.

Julia Bacha talks to Al Jazeera about Budrus, her film about a Palestinian town's successful non-violent resistance campaign.

Gazans are being cut off from UN food aid, while UNRWA organizes summer games for their children.

Along with the Beit Sahour Municipality & the PA Ministry of Culture, the Alternative Information Center holds its' first Culture is Resistance! Week.

Calling themselves CPSGaza (Civil Peace Service Gaza), a group of international activists took upon themselves the task of documenting the Israeli Navy's harassment of Gaza's fishermen. In this video, an IDF patrol boat attacks them with a water cannon, while they are inside the 3 mile limit Israel enforces on Gaza.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

From Breaking The Silence, ex-IDF soldiers talk about their time in Hebron.

UNRWA tries to get Gaza children into the Guinness World Book of Records with a parachute game.

Gazans demonstrate for Freedom Flotilla 2.

An Israeli airstrike occurs east of Gaza City.

A second annual summer camp in Beit Ommar is being hosted by the Center for Freedom and Justice.

Followers of Rabbis Dov Lior & Yaakov Yosef demonstrated after police arrested & questioned the two over incitement charges. Both rabbis are leaders of settlements. The investigation came because of statements both made at a rally saying the Torah superseded Israeli law. Rabbi Lior was detained earlier for endorsing the book 'King's Torah', which advocated killing non-Jews.

Last Friday, a demo in Ni'lin was held in solidarity with Freedom Flotilla 2.

Dean Partush, a Jew, & Hasan Enabe, an Arab, have formed a dancing partnership.

An international activist from Brazil was arrested during a demo in Iraq Burin.

In Bilin last Friday, instead of a demo, there was a celebration of the removal of the Wall.

Last Friday, there was another demo in Nabi Saleh.

A settler was car jacked at knife point, so settlers retaliate by setting fires in Palestinian fields.

Smugglers, and Hamas, are getting rich because of Israel's blockade of Gaza.

The Palestinian Authority is cutting salaries in half because of a budget deficit.

This video examines the media battle between the Israeli government & flotilla supporters.

Activists who have flown into Ben Gurion airport are arrested for chanting 'Free Palestine.'

The Welcome to Palestine campaign invited several hundred activists to visit the West Bank via flying into Ben Gurion airport this Friday.

Irwin Cotler, Canadian Member of Parliament, gives his opinion on the debate surrounding Israel, delegitimization, & antisemiticism.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

Peace & justice activists say the FBI is targeting them for supporting Palestinian & Colombian groups.

Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, was arrested after entering Britain on a visa for a speaking tour.

From Breaking The Silence, an ex-soldier talks about how Palestinian schoolgirls were trained to enter his checkpoint.

Beit Ommar sees another demonstration.

Another Demo takes place at Ni'lin.

Residents of Bilin celebrate the partial demolition of the Wall.

Settlers slash the tires of a Palestinian's car near Susya.

Friday, July 1, 2011

An ancient ossuary (bone casket) is recovered from antiquities thieves.

In Nabi Saleh, kids face off with the IDF with balloons, kites, & clowns.

Hamas police are accused of torturing a drug suspect to death.

Two videos on Gaza.

Israelis are asked to text for the release of Gilad Schalit, held by Hamas.

Gaza nears a medical crisis, health experts warn.

Huwaida Arraf, a co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement & an organizer of the Freedom Flotilla 2, explains its' goals.

The Israeli Government had promised to stop the flotilla without physical contact.

Al Jazeera focuses on the US members of the flotilla.

Then there is this video. Supposedly from a GLBT activist, it claims flotilla activists refused to allow gay people join the flotilla because of pressure from Hamas. However, it turns out the man in the video is an Israeli actor named Omer Gershon. The story is explored more here, here, & here.

The Irish ship in port in Turkey had to drop out of Freedom Flotilla 2 due to sabotage.

The Audacity Of Hope leaves port.

The Audacity Of Hope, the US boat to Gaza, left Athens, was intercepted by the Greek Coast Guard & forced back to a police dock in Athens.
The harbor master is saying he will arrest the captain of the ship Saturday, so the passengers are staying on board in solidarity.