Friday, May 27, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

Max Blumenthal interviews AIPAC delegates & protesters.

Omar Barghouti critiques Obamas speech on Middle East Peace.

Diana Buttu, former adviser to the PLO, gives her views on Obama's speech.

Inside Story discusses Pres. Obama's opposition to the push for the UN General Assemble to declare a Palestinian state.

Al Jazeera presents Netanyahu speaking before Congress.

Israeli musician Noy Alooshe satirizes Netanyahu's speech to Congress.

Dozens of Israelis in Tel Aviv protest Pres. Obama's speech.

MK Einat Wilf of the Independence Party comments on PM Netanyahu's speech to Congress (Independence was formed when Ehud Barak split from the Labor Party to stay in the current coalition government of Israel.)

Four government ministers & the Speaker of the Knesset attended this ceremony to mark new Jewish settlements in Ras El Amud.

Demonstration against settlement in Ras El Amud

This video shows the demonstration against the new Ras El Amud settlements.

A conference between Palestinian & Israeli organizations took place in Hebron May 7.

Demonstrations took place in several places last Friday: in Nabi Saleh . . .

Bilin . . .

& Iraq Burin.

Ni'lin continues to struggle against the Occupation.

During Passover this year, the IDF closed all gates in the Old City of Hebron, making it hard for a Palestinian kid to get home from school.

Three videos from Gaza.

Dana Golan, as part of Breaking The Silence, talks about going on a raid of Palestinian homes in Hebron.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

Four videos from Gaza.

US TO Gaza posted this video to encourage Americans to write letters of support to Gazans.
Write a letter, card or postcard and send it to:
119 West 72nd St. #158
New York NY 10023
Email your letter to:

More protests last Friday in Al-Ma'asara . . .

In Nabi Saleh . . .

in Bilin . . .

In Ni'ilin.

Palestinians describe how Jewish settlement effects them in the center of Hebron.

In al-Walajeh, the residents face the Wall, settlements, land annexation, and home destruction.

A former IDF paratrooper discusses the Neighbor Procedure in this video from the organization Breaking the Silence.

Terrorism, road rage, DUI, or brain fart, the Arab Israeli truck driver who killed one while hitting a bus & several cars in Tel Aviv is guaranteed a life sentence.

The Coen brothers go to Tel Aviv to accept the Dan David prize.
Spencer Tunick wants to photograph nudes at the Dead Sea.

A border policeman slaps an Arab woman lawyer for asking him a question.

Palestinians march to Qalandiya Checkpoint to mark Nakba Day.

Nakba Day.

Nakba Day.

Nakba Day.

Al Jazeera reports on the marches to the border of Israel by Palestinians from Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank, & Gaza to mark Nakba Day.

A Palestinian youth explains what 63 years of Nakba means to her.

Nakba Day, as seen from the Palestinian viewpoint.

This video of demonstrations last Friday in Nabi Saleh ends with the cameraman getting a grazing head wound from a shot teargas canister.

During the first Intifada, we have this story of the might of Israel versus 18 cows.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

A panel discusses the issues raised by Israel's targeting of intellectual & former Knesset Member Dr. Azmi Bishara.

The winner of a photo contest organized by UNRWA was Hadeel Al Ramli, for her portrayal of life in Gaza Womens' Prison.

The Egyptian government says it will open its' border with Gaza.

Last Friday (& Sat.) saw demonstrations in Beit Ommar . . ,

in Ni'lin . . ,

in Bilin . . ,

& in Nabi Saleh.

Gazans hope for foreign aid to open the Abu Salem crossing.

Gazans prepare for the Nakba Day.

In Gaza, 50 protesters are shot at by the IDF when they march against the closure of a buffer zone at Erez Crossing in Beit Hanoun.

'Their Independence is our Nakba' is the slogan chosen by residents of Bethlehem this Independence Day of Israel.

B'tselem focuses on Israel's policies in the Jordan Valley.

The Jerusalem Post TV & Minister Yuli Edelstein show how hasbara is done.

Israel has withheld $100 million in PA tax revenues because of the Fatah-Hamas unity accord, so civil servants in Gaza & the West Bank go unpaid.

Jerusalem Light Rail normalizes the Occupation by crossing the Green Line to connect to West Bank Jewish settlements.
Israeli Inequality Sustained By Citizenship Laws
British journalist Jonathan Cook, who lives in Nazareth, Israel, talks about Israel's citizenship laws.

Palestinians driven out of the village of Lifta in 1948 are suing to stop Israel from selling the village site to real estate developers.

The Jerusalem Post TV shows Israeli paratroopers training to take over an Arab village.

The US to Gaza campaign has announce it will sail to Gaza in the US flagged ship The Audacity of Hope in late June. Alice Walker talks in this video about why she supports this campaign.
The US to Gaza campaign is asking for letters of support for the citizens of Gaza, in the form of an e-mail, letter, or video. They can be e-mailed to or mailed to:
Letters To Gaza
119 West 72nd Street
New York, New York 10023

Friday, May 6, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

Tom Segev discusses with Gilbert Achcar his book The Arabs and the Holocaust.

The Arabs and the Holocaust from Danny Bermant on Vimeo.

Shir Hever: Israeli economy now depends on pool of cheap non-Palestinian workers.

Gerry O'Sullivan examines the impact of arrest & imprisonment on Palestinian children.

Palgaz (Yousef Al Helou) is back . . .

Residents demonstrated in Nabi Saleh on April 29.

Next are two videos of demos in Ni'lin on April 22 & April 29.

Nabil talks about Juliano Mer Khamis.

Settlers in the hills of Hebron pitch a YouTube fit, where they accuse Gen. Gai Hazut of siding with Palestinians.

Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim holds a concert in Gaza.

In Gaza, 1500 people take part in the first ever marathon.

Different Palestinian political factions explain their support for the unity accord.

In Gaza, members of Fatah remember those killed by Hamas when it gained control, but support a unity accord.

Al Jazeera looks at the unity agreement signed in Cairo.

The Alternative Information Center presents Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) member Muhammad Totah from Hamas to comment on the unity agreement signed in Cairo on May 4.

With May Day just celebrated, this video looks at the plight of Palestinian workers at the hands of Israeli & Palestinian authorities.