Friday, January 27, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


Israeli mathematician Kobi Snitz, who participated in the action in Umm
al-Hiran, says the evidence undermines the police's version of the story
as a terrorist attack

Activists film herd of gazelle.

Two parts.

Benjamin Netanyahu might become the first sitting prime minister of Israel to be charged with a crime, says Shir Hever

13 December 2016 • Session of the Israeli parliament's Committee on the Status of Women & Gender Equality

On the night of 18 Dec. 2016 four Israeli military and Border Police
jeeps arrived at Beit Rima. In clashes that ensued, a member of the
security forces shot and killed 17-year-old Ahmad Zidani. A security
camera captured the moment Zidani was shot. The video was edited by

The official police video of the killing at Um al Hiran, 18 Jan. 2017, which had been circulating on Israeli media is fake!

had been doctored in order to remove the initial shot which was fired
by a police(wo)man as well as speed up the car being shot at - trying to
create the appearance of shooting in self defense.

Um al Hiran
is an "unrecognized" Bedouin village in the Naqab (Negev) desert in
Palestine-Israel. The village, which is denied basic infrastructure by
the state, is set to be evacuated and demolished in order to build an
ethnic-Jewish settlement in its place.

On the day Donald Trump was sworn in as the United States 45th
president, Israeli Border Police arrested six Palestinians activists in
the E1 area of Jerusalem for protesting against the expansion of illegal
Israeli settlements, the annexation of Palestinian land and Trump's
plan to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Israeli soldiers [Jan. 16] shot and killed a Palestinian teen during
clashes between the troops and Palestinian protesters in Taqou village
of Bethlehem, West Bank. At least four people were reportedly injured in
the clashes.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


If the Trump administration is serious about peace, they will quickly
realize that moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem will make it
impossible, says journalist Daoud Kuttab

A central question of the Middle East Peace Process remains: can the two-state solution be saved?

continues to build illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian
Territories - contrary to the recent UN resolution 2334. Against this
backdrop, a conference has been organized in Paris on Sunday, January 15
to try to relaunch the moribund peace process. Over 70 countries will
be attending the conference although Israeli and Palestinian officials
will not be present.

The French Initiative has been warmly
received by the Palestinian leadership as a final chance to save the
two-state-solution: “Two states today is possible. Tomorrow, it might be
too late” warned Muhammad Shtayyeh, Fatah Central Committee Member, who
nevertheless remains optimistic. “The reality on the ground, the
demography on the ground, the geography on the ground, shows that a
two-state solution is still possible today”.

However, Palestinian
public opinion no longer reflects this official position. A recent poll
shows that 65% of Palestinians no longer believe the two-state solution
is viable due to ongoing settlement expansion. “The more people think
the two-state solution is no longer viable, the more likely they it is
that they will shift and support a one-state solution” explains Dr.
Khalil Shikaki, Director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey

A few years ago, a minority of Palestinians would
openly express support for the one-state solution. But today support is
growing according to Radi Jarai, a Fatah dissident and Political
Scientist at Al-Quds University. In 2013, together with members from
other political factions, he created the ‘One Democratic State’ movement
that advocates for the creation of a binational state. According to
Jarai: “We are in a one-state solution since 1967, after the occupation
of the West Bank and Gaza strip”. Young people are key proponents of the
binational state. Mainly because they are disillusioned with the
concepts of state building and the peace process.

Will the peace process be relaunched after the Paris Conference? More than 60% of Palestinians believe otherwise.

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson has also provided major support to Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for years, but that relationship might
collapse in the coming days, says Shir Hever

Al Jazeera Investigations publishes a 4 part series on the Israel lobby in the UK.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


Another demo in Bilin.

Excerpt from the short documentary “The Boy from H2”, directed by Helen
Yanovsky and filmed in collaboration with B’Tselem's field researchers
and Camera Project volunteers in Hebron. Produced by B’Tselem’s video
The short film (20 min.) tells the story of 12-year-old
Muhammad Burqan, who lives in Area H2 of Hebron, a section of the city
that is under full Israeli control.

3,000 Nights Movie Trailer - Mai Masri

3000 Nights is a 2015 internationally co-produced drama film directed by Mai Masri. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.[1] The film focuses on a Palestinian woman, who whilst in jail, gives birth to a son.[2] It was selected as the Jordanian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards but it was not nominated.[3][4]

Electronic Intifada's Asa Winstanley says Israel has set up astroturf
organizations in the UK whose purpose is to sabotage Palestine

Richard Silverstein on PressTV on Israeli plot against UK politicians

Friday, January 6, 2017

Israel/Palestine News

The case is an attempt by Israel to head off intervention from the International Criminal Court in order to maintain the occupation, says economist Shir Hever

The Trump administration might make a historic break with US policy and follow through on its rhetoric, warns New Internationalism director Phyllis Bennis

Kafr Qadum, 23 December 2016, 12:30 PM, 7-year-old Muamen Shteiwi held by soldiers. Photo by B'Tselem volunteer Abdallah Kadumi. The footage was edited by B'Tselem.

Investigation into the death of Toveet Radcliffe, REMIXED

Zaha Hassan comments On Secretary Of State Kerry's speech defending US abstention.

Settler brawls with IDF in South Hebron Hills.