Friday, August 26, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

Hani Amer and his family live surrounded by the Wall & an illegal settlement in Mas'ha.

Two videos on Hebron.

Demos in Beit Ommar . . .

Ni'lin . . .

& Nabi Saleh.

Palestinians give their opinions on whether the Sept. UN push will lead to a state.

B'tselem shows clips of soldiers firing tear gas canisters directly at protesters.

J14 activists occupy a house that is vacant & owned by the City of Tel Aviv. Below, they are evicted the next day by police.

Israelis chant "Jews & Arabs refuse to be enemies' at a J14 protest.

J14 protesters hold a silent demo after the attack on Eilat, but leftists refuse to be silent.

Max Blumenthal comments on Israel's response to the Eilat attacks.

(Bonus: East Coast earthquake!)

Two videos from TheRealNews say there is no evidence connecting the Eilat attacks to Gaza.

Gaza & Israel supposedly have a truce, but Al Jazeera reports Israel is still bombing & rockets are still being fired from Gaza.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

On June 14, protesters confronted the Israeli historian Benny Morris outside the London School of Economics, where he was to speak.

Jerusalem Post TV interviews Haviv Rettig Gur of the Jewish Agency.

Riverdance is criticized for breaking the cultural boycott of Israel outside the International Conference Center in Jerusalem.

This video discusses the 5 people killed in Ni'lin while protesting the Wall.

Jews & Palestinians demonstrated in Jaffa against discrimination & for housing.

Last Saturday, another demo took place in Beit Ommar.

A woman director struggles to make movies in Gaza.

The Israeli siege puts pressure on Gaza rehabilitation centers.

International Solidarity members help Gaza farmers break their Ramadan fast near the Erez Crossing in a protest against buffer zones.

Palestinian workers in a quarry in Salit in the West Bank are on strike for a contract with their Israeli employers.

On Tuesday, the Knesset met in emergency session in response to the housing protests.

Single mothers join a tent city in Jerusalem to protest for public housing.

Apparently, Gaza militants attacked a bus, an IDF vehicle, & a car on the road to Eilat, leading to airstrikes on Gaza.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

Ex-Ambassador Thomas Pickering discusses US foreign policy, including the letter he & other former diplomats sent to Pres. Obama on Mideast peace talks.

A little boy asks to go to the bathroom during a home invasion by the IDF in this video by Breaking The Silence.

The IDF checkpoint at Qalandia is busy during the first Friday of Ramadan.

Abdul Raouf Abu Raheh explains what residents of Bilin will do with the land returned by court order after being confiscated for the Wall.

Three videos from Gaza.

The IDF invades Beit Ommar at midnight, firing off stun grenades & tear gas.

An Italian Christian Peace Group takes part in nonviolent protest in Al Tuwani near

Ni'lin protests again against the Wall.

Nabi Saleh demonstrates with a tent.

Demonstrators protest olive trees being uprooted in Al Walaje in the West Bank.

After the protest.

Silwan in East Jerusalem is still being targeted for Jewish settlements.

Guy Sharett gives a Hebrew lesson using J14 protest slogans.

More J14 videos here, here, here, there, there, here, here, and here.

A group of single mothers protests in front of a public housing office in Jerusalem.

Because of the J14 protests, the cost of settlements is being discussed among Israelis.

Al Jazeera looks at the internal tensions leading to the J14 protests.

TheRealNews looks at the continuing protests against high prices in Israel (dubbed J14) & how Palestinian Israelis are joining the movement.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

An ex-IDF soldier talks about another soldier filming an arrest & how he then showed it to his family in this Breaking the Silence video.

Gaza children break kite flying record.

An UK aid convoy enters Gaza.

Ni'lin marks the third anniversary of Ahmed Mousa's killing by the IDF.

We have demonstrations in Beit Ommar . .

Al Walajah . .

Bilin . .

& Nabi Saleh.

B'tselem presents this video of undercover border police arresting a 13 year old in East Jerusalem.

Ambassador Svein Sevje discusses the relationship of Norway & Israel.

Gazans still have problems leaving Gaza by Rafah.

During Ramadan, Hamas passes out food to poor Gazans.

This video examines the situation of Toura al Gharbiya, isolated by the Wall.

The RealNews & two independent videos focus on the second week of economic protests in Israel.

Al Jazeera also covers the second week of protests.

The Alternative Information Center focuses on the second week of protests about housing & the economy.

This video shows what it was like for 13 British women to be stuck inside an Israeli prison before they were deported for taking part in the Fly-tilla. (Mariosavio liked this video.)