Friday, January 28, 2011

Israel/ Palestine News

Palestinians discuss how the Palestine Papers will effect negotiations with Israel.

Gazans demonstrate against conditions for Palestinians in Israeli jails.

Last Friday, 60 protesters marched from the neighboring village of Beit Rima to An Nabi Salih.

There was a demo this Friday in Bilin.

Last Friday, there was another demo in Bilin.

Over 400 people demonstrated in front of the courthouse during a hearing asking for an injunction barring the Jewish National Fund from leveling al-Araqib & planting a forest over the Bedouin village.

Palestinian boys protest settlers in their own way, & suffer the consequences.

Demonstrators again came to Sheikh Jarrah last Friday.

Salam Hamdan of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation critiques calls for dialogue between Israelis & Palestinians.

As you may know, Al Jazeera early this week released the Palestine Papers.
Above are two videos about Palestinian reactions.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

From Tikun Olam, Richard Silverstein posts this video of Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish speaking about the deaths of two daughters in Gaza during Cast Lead.
A news report on a demonstration against CSI of Jamestown PA, which manufactures the tear gas that killed Jawaher Abu Rahma in Bilin.

Last year, UNWRA took Palestinian youths from Gaza to the MLK Center in Atlanta.

Mohammad Ziad Khader talks about the destruction of his house in Gaza.

In Gaza, we visit the Gaza Music School Project.

Food & fuel shortages will follow the closing of ports of entry into Gaza.

Nadim Nashif, of Baladna - Association for Arab Youth, discusses why his group opposes the establishment of one year of civic service for Arab Israelis.

Settlers from the illegal settlement of Shilo come to protest at the house of Rabbi Arik Ascherman of Rabbis for Human Rights. They protested his plan to plant olive trees with Palestinians.

Activists are arrested while helping Negev Bedouins rebuild the village of El Arikib.
Friday Jan. 14 in Sheikh Jarrah, there was a demo outside the Shepherd Hotel.

Last Saturday, ten thousand Israelis demonstrated in Tel Aviv against anti-democratic initiatives by the Knesset & current government, specifically the formation of a Knesset committee to investigate 'left-wing' organizations.

From +972:

Representatives of various opposition parties spoke at the event. Hadsh MK Mohammad Barakeh told the crowd that though some people hoped that the occupation would "remain outside the 1967 borders," this idea was proved wrong. "The occupation corrupted Israel," said Barakeh.

MK Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) said that it’s too easy to blame [Israel Beitenu's Avigdor] Lieberman and [Shas'] Eli Yisahy for the current unti-democratic trends. "It is Binyamin Netanyahu’s government that initiates the racist and anti-democratic laws," said Horowitz. He later attacked Labor party and Defense Minister Ehud Barak for taking part "in the most racist government in Israel’s history."
. . . MK Meir Sheetrit of Kadima, former Justice and interior minister, advised human rights organizations not to cooperate with the planned Knesset committee that would look into their actions and financial sources. The committee has no legal or moral authority, said Sheetrit.

Haaretz also covered the demo.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish talks about the Peace process between Israel & Palestine.

An aid convoy from Iran & Jordan finally enters Gaza through the Rafa border crossing.

Palestinians released from Israeli jails & returning to Gaza describe conditions in prison.

A convoy from Libya delivers aid to Gaza.

Max Blumenthal is interviewed on Al Jazeera about loyalty oaths in Israel.

Last Friday, demonstrations took place at Ni'ilin and An Nabi Salih also.

One week after the funeral of Jawaher Abu Rahma, Bilin demonstrates against the Wall.

Gangreen TV suggests this punishment for the ex-President of Israel, convicted of rape.

Alex Kane interviews Hamza Abu Eid after the police in Lod bulldozed his home.

Nassar Ibrahim discusses international aid to the Palestinians.

On Sunday Jan. 9, the Jerusalem Municipality demolished a part of the Shepherd Hotel in Sheikh Jarrah, to make way for housing for religious Jews.

Critical Mass held a bike ride on Tuesday Jan. 11 to protest Jonathan Pollack being sentenced to three months in jail. They are chanting:Prosecute the real criminals ! End the siege of Gaza ! Free Jonathan Pollak!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

Boston activists on New Year's Eve do some skits about the Gaza siege, & record reactions.

Yousef Al Helou talks about himself in this short video.

Ramsey Clark leads a US delegation to Gaza.

Israel launched two airstrikes on Gaza last Sunday.

A woman visting Gaza films one family's story.
Women are joining militant groups in Gaza & are training to fight.

From last year in Susya in South Hebron: settlers begin to plow land owned by Palestinians. Activists & the land owners stop the plowing, then two more settlers come rushing up, one brandishing a pistol. The police are called. Police & soldiers show up, along with more settlers, who start singing & dancing. Finally, the IDF shows the activists an order declaring the land an off limits military zone. The activists have to leave. They do, as a settler makes a veiled threat.

Remi Kanazi recites a poem about Gaza at PalFest in Nablus on Oct. 27 2010.

Sami Abushhadeh, a PhD student at Tel Aviv University, discusses Jaffa's history in Mandate Palestine to the present. Hat tip to Mondoweiss.

This next video is from Anarchists Against the Wall.

The City of Jerusalem has approved construction of housing and a hotel on the abandoned Palestinian village of Lifta. The three thousand residents fled in 1948 during the Nakba.

This is the funeral in Bilin of Jawaher Abu Rahmah on New Year's Day.

On New Year's Day, demonstrators in Tel Aviv protested the death of Jawaher Abu Rahma from teargas in Bilin. This is outside the military base at HaKirya.


The next video marks some sad news about Rabbi Menachem Froman, the religious leader of the settlement Tekoa in the West Bank, who crafted a ceasefire with Hamas in 2008 that the Israeli government did not join. Richard Silverstein reports on his website the Rabbi has cancer. This is a celebration in song & Torah study by the Rabbi & his disciples.

Now, for a little satire. From the show "Eretz Nehederet" (Wonderful Country) on Israel's Channel 2.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Israel/Palestine News -New Year's Edition

This video examines the industry of smuggling through tunnels in Gaza. This was first shown on Dateline on SBS One in Australia in 2008. SBS is the PBS of Australia.

A photo exhibition commemorates the Israeli invasion of 2008-2009.

Gazans remember Operation Cast Lead on its' second anniversary.

Tourism in Gaza once was a growing industry. Now the siege has driven many hotels & resorts into bankruptcy.

Israeli bulldozers demolish another house in al-Rifayaia,near Yalta in South Hebron.

This is the birthday party for Myar Burnat, the daughter of the head of Bilin's Popular Committee of the Resistance. This is on May 28, 2010. The videographer finally dug this out of his vaults. The Palestinians have sparklers! Cakes! Popcorn! Corn on the cob! Music! What a shindig!

Last Sunday in Bilin, Internationals (mainly French), Israelis, & Palestinians from Bilin & An Nabi Saleh were tear gassed as they planted olive trees on land seized for the Wall.

Settlers set fire to three tents in Susya in the south Hebron hills on Dec. 28 2010

In An Nabi Salih, the IDF even tear gasses Santa on Christmas Eve.

A large undersea natural gas field has been discovered off the coast of northern Israel.

On Dec. 21 2010, 200 rightists & religious residents of Bat Yam (a central coastal Israeli town) demonstrated against Arabs moving into town & seducing Jewish women.

Adnan Gheith, the General Secretary of Fatah in Silwan, is fighting against a military order deporting him from East Jerusalem for three months.

The role of International Solidarity activists in the Palestinian struggle is examined in this video.

French Internationals protest at a checkpoint at Qalandia. Nine of the protesters were later arrested.

The New Year starts off with the death of Jawaher Abu Rahmah in Bilin, who died of asphyxiation from inhaled tear gas. She was the sister of Bassem Abu Rahmah, who died from being hit in the head with a tear gas canister in April 2009.