Friday, April 25, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


Israel ends peace talks over the Palestinian unity deal.

The IDF raids Tekoa near Bethlehem, spraying the village with teargas & rubber bullets.

Palestinian prisoners have again launched a hunger strike over administrative detention.

Human Rights Watch condemns Israel over the death of Gazans.

A cop searches Ezra Nawi's truck & finds Palestinian herbs.

Another aid convoy arrives in Gaza thru the Rafah border crossing.

Israel fails to stop arrests & imprisonment of children in the Occupied Territories.

Settlers damage a Palestinian olive grove near Ramallah.

In South Hebron Hills, a shepherd pulls a kid out of his mother.

In Hebron, settlers harass activists & Palestinians every day.

A demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.

The City of Jerusalem has cracked down on Palestinian street vendors, seizing their stalls & goods.

At approximately 7 am this morning,
Rami Rajabi, a six-year-old child, was 20 meters away from checkpoint 29
when he threw several pebbles in al-Khalil (Hebron).

As Rami
walked away towards his school, three Israeli soldiers burst out of an
alleyway, grabbed his arm, and detained him in the street.

approximately 20 minutes of pressure from locals and activists, the
child was released and was taken home by a friend of his family.

Jordan complains to the Israeli ambassador in Amman about raids at Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

Un envoy complains about his treatment by Israeli forces in Jerusalem.

Prisoner's Day is marked in Hebron with rallies.

Greek Orthodox Patriarch leads Holy Fire ceremony at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Why the Arab Spring Never Really Sprung in Israel

Israel has started sending African refugees to Rwanda & Uganda, which are accepting them in return for foreign aid & arms deals

David Sheen doing a Q & A on African refugees in Israel at Trinity College, Hartford Connecticut.
Gaza youth do their own version of Pharrell Williams' Happy.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


Almost a million Palestinians have been imprisoned since 1967, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees.

Palestine, Britain & France mark Palestinian Prisoners Day.

Tensions increase in Jerusalem at the Al Aqsa mosque.

Palestinian refugees in the Aida
Refugee Camp have held a funeral ceremony for 40-year-old woman killed
by an Israeli gas canister which was shot into her home inside of the
camp. Palestinians in the West Bank are angry at Israel over raids
against Palestinians living in different parts of the occupied region.

Israel confiscates more Palestinian land near Jerusalem in the West Bank.

The Sharabati family suffers a home invasion in Hebron.

In the South Hebron Hills, Ta'ayush faces demolitions, IDF confrontations & undercover cops.

After three days of blockade by the IDF, activists in Nabi Saleh open the gate to their village.

In Tel Aviv, women activists hold a protest Seder against the Occupation.

In Gaza, Islamic Jihad warns Israel against any attacks.

The US criticizes Israel for withholding tax revenues for the PA in retaliation for the signing of UN treaties by Abbas.

Peace Now & Knesset members tour Hebron in March 20 years after the Goldstein Massacre.

A high ranking Hamas leader serving life in an Israeli prison---has begun
a hunger strike. Palestinian military leader Ibrahim Hamed is
protesting his move to solitary confinement. He was placed there three
months ago by prison officials for QUOTE suspicion of involvement in
forbidden activity. The Ramallah-based Palestinian Prisoners Club has
said over 200 Palestinians spread across numerous Israeli prisons will
join the fast to some degree. Some 1-thousand-five hundred Palestinian
prisoners ended a successful hunger strike in Israeli prisons in May of
20-12. In that incident, the incarcerated wanted visits from relatives
in Gaza and removal from solitary confinement.

Demos take place in Nabi Saleh & Hebron.

The peace talks continue, for now.

A British Pathe film:  In British Mandate Palestine, British forces guard Jerusalem during the Arab Revolt.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


On Friday 28 March 2014, Shadi Sidr -- a volunteer with B'Tselem's
camera project in Hebron -- was in the street outside his home with his
brother and a neighbor. Soldiers who had gone up to the roof of the
house filmed the three Palestinians and aimed their weapons at them.
Sidr entered the house to protest these actions. Sidr went back outside
after he received an apology from one of the soldiers. Yet the soldiers
did not stop filming, and Sidr went back into the building. This time he
argued at length with the soldiers and filmed the exchange: Sidr
demanded that the soldiers explain their presence in his home; the
soldiers said Sidr was in their way and therefore must leave the
premises. Not only did the soldiers not explain their presence, they
even tried to apprehend Sidr's brother and his neighbor, both of whom
were completely uninvolved bystanders. When Sidr resisted arrest the
soldiers knocked his camera down and pepper-sprayed his face. Sidr's
mother, who was inside the house at the time, sustained a reaction to
the pepper-spray and had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

the West Bank soldiers are allowed virtually unrestricted access to
Palestinian homes, entering without having to justify their actions to
the occupants. This state of affairs is particularly common and invasive
in Hebron's H2 area, with its constant Israeli military presence. In
this case, in addition to violating the sense of security of the home's
occupants, violating their privacy, property and normal routine, the
soldiers' response to Sidr's requests to explain their presence in his
home is extremely disturbing. The soldiers clearly felt that they are
not bound to provide any explanation whatsoever to the homeowner. Their
subsequent conduct seems to indicate that they detained the three men
for hours on end solely for punitive purposes, as punishment for Sidr's
persistence in trying to obtain an explanation for their presence on the
roof of his home.



An IDF officer acknowledges a Palestinian's son was murdered & says 'Nothing personal.'

Settler attacks have become
commonplace in the village of Azmot in the East of Nablus, a small
Palestinian village which lies adjacent to the Allon Moreh Settlement.
Friday, a group of Palestinian farmers were subjected to a fierce
attack by the Israeli security guarding the settlement, leading to one
villager Mohammad Agmad Radi Ibrahim being seriously injured with
multiple fractures from the attack. The group of farmers who had
accompanied Mohammad explained that the attack was unprovoked and
unjustified. The farmers explained that due to the villages proximity to
Israel's illegal settlement, both the farmers tending to their land and
the children playing in the area are left vulnerable to attacks. This
incident is just one of 399 recorded incidents of settlers violence
against Palestinians since 2013 according to the UN Office for the
Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Israeli jets have again bombed Gaza.

Palestinians in Shuafat refugee camp have had no running water for a month.

Settler Mordechai Deutsch has a temper tasntrum.

Islamic Jihad has called for capturing Israeli soldiers to exchange for Palestinian prisoners.

A video has surfaced showing Israeli police beating two Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

Israel has stopped runner Nader Al-Masri from leaving Gaza to take part in the Bethlehem marathon.
International hacker group Anonymous
has attacked hundreds of websites of Israeli ministries and
organizations as part of its protest against Tel Aviv's
anti-Palestinians policies.

Anonymous has said in a statement
that the attacks will not stop until QUOTE a police state becomes a free
state and Palestine is free. The group launched its first cyber-attacks
against Israel during the assault on Gaza in November 2012. Around 700
Israeli websites including that of the Foreign Ministry were taken down.
Following the attack, Anonymous also posted the personal data of
5-thousand Israeli officials online. Similar attacks were carried out on
April 7 last year during which the websites of the Israeli parliament,
ministries and other government organizations stopped operating for some

Protests take place in Hebron & near Ofer prison.

Settler kids thrown stones at Palestinian kids in the South Hebron Hills.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews again demonstrate in Jerusalem against military conscription.

Lia Tarachansky and Shir Hever discuss the political jockeying of  Avidgor Lieberman.

Peace talks between Israel & Palestine appear more & more to be headed for failure.

Chris Hedges speaks (@20:14) at a teach-in supporting Students for Justice in Palestine Chapter at Northeastern University in Boston on March 25.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Israel/Palestine News


Egypt has reopened the Rafah border crossing in Gaza.

The Palestinian Authority has released new figures highlighting the
Israeli seizure of land and resources from Palestinians. According to
the report, the Israeli land grabs, stealing water resources, housing
demolitions and settlement expansions have escalated since 2012. Rights
groups say the Israelis have used the so-called peace talks with the PA
to buy time for all that.

More Palestinian homes are destroyed in East Jerusalem.

Activists in the South Hebron Hills continue to try to help Palestinian farmers fight the Occupation.

The IDF continues night raids in Bilin.

Demos take place in Nabi Saleh & Hebron.

PM Netanyahu scoffs at a resolution condemning Israel by the UN Human Rights Council.
The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem condemns vandalism of a convent.

PressTV has a few choice words for IAEA chief Yukiya Amano after he praises Israel as a 'valuable member.'

Demos mark Land Day In Gaza & Bilin.

One month before he was arrested by the IDF, Mohammad Al Azraq talked with US church leaders about life in Aida Refugee Camp.

Peace talks between Israel & the Palestinians seem to be sputtering to an end.

FIFA tells Israel it will be expelled unless the IDF stops harassing Palestinian soccer players.

Israeli activists & refugees protest In Tel Aviv against Israeli policies on African refugees.

Interior Minister Gidon Saar visits  African Hebrew Israelites in Dimona.

The IDF kills two Syrians near the Golan Heights.

A local radio station in South Africa has made headlines for successfully
battling a Zionist lobby attempt to have its broadcasts curtailed,
particularly over its coverage of developments related to the
Palestinian issue.

David Sheen answers questions during a presentation about African refugees in Israel  at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada.

Shir Hever talks about where the BDS movement is heading.