Friday, December 15, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


        Palestinians will continue to protest as long as they are not liberated, says Mariam Barghouti.


MK Cohen from the "Zionist Hope", congratulates the public on the occasion of International Human Rights Day and describes groundbreaking achievements that are particularly relevant to Palestinians rights. (satire)

"I make a very clear distinction between right and return. And there is no doubt that within the framework of a comprehensive peace agreement, there will have to be an answer to the Palestinian issue of return. I think there will be a return to the Palestinian state." Zahava Galon (Meretz chairperson) respects the aspiration, but does not see the possibility of a return to the territory of the State of Israel. Knesset members talk about return - a fifth interview in the series.

"The refugee issue is a kind of shadow that everyone is so afraid of, and I say - on the contrary, this is exactly the place where Israeli Jewish society should show humanity." Avraham Burg on the return of displaced people and Palestinian refugees. Knesset members talk about return - a sixth interview in the series.

"This is a right, and we are not going to give it up, we are not people who demand to correct an injustice by causing injustice to others. We will find a way." MK Ayman Odeh (The Joint List) believes that the state must recognize and find the way to rectify this historic injustice. Members and Knesset members talk about return - a fourth interview in the series.

"The right of return is part of any solution, there is no solution without recognition of the right of return, there can be no solution, the right of return is a universal right and it is for everyone, and our idea is that every Palestinian will be entitled to return to being a Palestinian citizen of the state of Palestine." Meron Rappaport talks about the right of return in the context of the "Two States, One Homeland" initiative.

"It is important to ask the question not only whether it is possible to realize the right of return in practice, but based on what principles do we accept or reject the right of return ... I think the Palestinian leader to give up the right of return was yet to be born, nor will they ever." Ilan Pappe on the right of return and the practice of its realization, the perception of the issue among the Palestinian public facing the Israeli public and the attitude of the authorities.


On 31 Oct. 2017, a soldier fired at a passing car in the West Bank, injuring driver Muhammad Musa and his sister, Latifah. Israeli personnel did not offer first aid, stopped treatment by Palestinian paramedics and carelessly transferred the driver to an ambulance that took him to an Israeli hospital, where he died. B’Tselem’s investigation found that the shooting was unjustified. MPIU is reportedly investigating, but experience shows this will likely end in nothing. Musa is the 36th casualty of Israeli security forces in the West Bank in 2017.

The Palestinian protests over Jerusalem come on the 30th anniversary of the First Intifada & amid declarations that the peace process is dead.



Khaled Bahar, a 13-year-old 8th grader, is the youngest of four siblings who live with their parents in the a-Dahar neighborhood of the village of Beit Ummar, in the Hebron District. At about 6:00 PM on 16 October 2017, Khaled was sitting with his cousin ‘Abed Bahar, 12, his brother Ahmad, 19, and five other boys from the neighborhood. The boys were sitting opposite a closed storeroom and chatting.


14 November 2017 • WRFG 89.3 FM • Atlanta, GA

On 9th of December 2017, there was an extremely heavy presence of Armed Israeli Occupation Soldiers who stormed the city of Hebron. Dispersing sound bombs, and tear gas into crowds of people . They also physically forced shop owners in the area to close their stores

On 9th of December 2017, an activist of human rights defenders' group in Bab al-Zawiya was injured in the city of Hebron during an incursion by Israeli soldiers this afternoon. He was taken to Hebron Governmental Hospital for treatment.

On 9th of December 2017,The Israeli occupation army targets the journalists in the city of Hebron with sound bombs and trying to prevent them from documenting their harassment .

On 9th of December 2017; this is the army that frightens Arabs and Arab countries.

On10th of December, Israeli soldiers arrest two Palestinian youth from the health center in Hebron and took them to an unknown location.

On 10th of December 2017,Journalist Amir Abu Ghalioun and Sa'id Nassar were injured when they inhaled tear gas after Israeli soldiers stormed the city today and escorted them to the Hebron Governmental Hospital for treatment.



Friday 8.12.2017 demonstration at the Palestinian village of Qusra in the West Bank, 8 days after 47-year-old Mahmoud Za’al Odeh was killed on the village's land by settlers, and following U.S. president Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

As the Israeli crackdown on Protests in the Occupied Territories turns deadly, Noura Erakat says the Trump Administration's decision on Jerusalem is only the latest US attack on Palestinian self determination.


Another demo in Ni'llin.

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews protest the decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capitol.


In response to Donald Trump's announcement the U.S. is recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and preparing to move its embassy there, activists in the West Bank city of Bethlehem burned photos of Trump outside the Church of the Nativity. Activist Munther Amira tells Mondoweiss, "Today we tried to send a message to tell Trump you crossed all the red lines."

Friday, December 8, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


As protests erupt over over the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Mustafa Barghouti says Trump & Netanyahu won't succeed in displacing Palestinians from their homeland.


"The right of return is an explosive issue and Meretz opposes it, in order to reach compromises," says MK Ilan Gilon (Meretz), but he believes that the state must compensate for decades of discrimination against this population. Knesset members talk about return - the first interview in the series.

"What is at the center of things right now is not the right of return, but the very recognition of two states as a solution." Ran Cohen, former Meretz MK and Minister of Industry and Trade, on whether refugees should be allowed to realize their right of return. Knesset members talk about return - a seventh interview in the series.

"In the political platform of the Joint List, the right of return is clearly stated, but in the current political climate it is necessary to fight for survival and not to leave and open new fights." MK Aida Touma Suleiman (the Joint List) on the difference between a political stance and a practical program on the subject. Knesset members talk about return - a second interview in the series.

"Let's agree on the principle, the right, the practice will already come. There is a right for the children of the Jews and the children of the Arabs to live in a free and democratic society and to enjoy a future of prosperity for the benefit of all." MK Jamal Zahalka (The Joint List) Knesset are talking about return - a third interview in the series.

TV7 Israel News President Trump's decision on declaring Jerusalem as Isr...


Six part videos of EU/US Fall 2017 speaking tour of journalist David Sheen.


By recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capitol & moving the US embassy there, Trump is catering to the US right wing while risking a new revolt against his agenda, says scholar Rami Khouri.


Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capitol & move the embassy there.  Ali Abunimah says years of US policy set the stage.


Israeli Occupation soldiers and intelligence closed the Shuhada Street checkpoint in Hebron on 3rd of December 2017 , preventing residents from entering and leaving It was not opened again until after soldiers and intelligence had entered the street.

Children of extremist settlers attack the children of Raed Ghanem from Tel Rumeida on 4th of December 2017 in Hebron.

 Michael Flynn's guilty plea on lying to the FBI falls short on Russian collusion, but points to the Trump Administration acting on Israel's behalf, says Michael Blumenthal.


Demo in Ni'ilin.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Israel/Palestine News



This is the first time the IDF is using an eviction order against Palestinians based on a military order meant to enable the evacuation of unauthorized settlement outposts.

Max Blumenthal & Paul Jay on Mike Pence's announcement that Trump is planning to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, plus answering questions from viewers.


The residents of Jabal Al-Baba Bedouin community, east of Occupied Jerusalem held a rally a week after receiving an eviction notice from the Israeli authorities. The protest, in cooperation with the Avazz organization and international activists aimed to send the message they are refusing Israeli orders and are determined to remain on their land.

Paul Jay talks with Larry Wilkerson.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


from a Q&A with independent journalist David Sheen during his Fall 2017 lecture tour.

Phyllis Bennis says the Trump administration threat to close the Palestinian mission in Washington is part of a wider US/Israeli/Saudi effort to assert regional dominance.

Who actually attended the Knesset Negev Day?


The Israeli government, which has adopted an aggressive counterstrategy, 'likes to believe it is somehow winning the fight against BDS,' but that view is 'quite delusional' says Omar Barghouti, who co-founded the BDS movement.


from a Question & Answer session with independent journalist David Sheen during his Fall 2017 lecture tour "Netanyahu's New Normal"

from a Question & Answer session with independent journalist David Sheen during his Fall 2017 lecture tour "Netanyahu's New Normal"


Over half of the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank has been declared an active military “firing zone” by the Israeli army. The Israeli military conducts military exercises in these areas, even if Palestinian villages still exist there. Ibziq is one such village where Uday Nawaja’a was recently killed after stumbling upon an unexploded ordnance, left behind by the Israeli army, while tending to a flock of goats. “I was tending to the flock, as Uday was wandering underneath a tree, about 30 meters away,” Nawaja’a's uncle told Mondoweiss. “Suddenly, I heard an explosion. I ran over to Uday to see what happened. But a few seconds later, he was dead.”

Friday, November 17, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


Cambridge University threatened to shut down an event about the BDS movement, saying the moderator wasn't neutral.


Demo in Ni'ilin.

The disgraced film producer hired the Israeli firm Black Cube to spy on his accusers.  Max Blumenthal says that is no surprise give Israel's role as a leading expert in repression.


What are the difficulties and barriers that make it difficult for Bedouin women in the Negev to integrate into the labor market? This video was screened on "Negev Day" in the Knesset, on the Committee for the Advancement of the Status of Women and Gender Equality, which held a discussion on the employment of Bedouin women.

Although the one-state idea is perceived as taboo in Israeli society, it is gaining more and more popularity. A conference that took place in Kfar Kana came to discuss the issue and to see whether it is the right political solution for us, given the decreasing relevance of the two-state solution.

The residents of Moshav Ya'ad in the north tour together with the descendants of the displaced people of the Palestinian village of Mi'ar, which Ya'ad was built on parts of its land. During the tour, voices are heard from the Jews about their willingness to acknowledge the right of return. The Palestinians want to live side by side with the Jews and are mainly looking for recognition. Watch the last speaker, which indicates the intensity of meetings and tours of this kind.

"The fact that the state is destroying the structure, it not only destroys the structure, it is trying to destroy your human image." At a conference on land and housing for the Arab population, they discussed the severe damage to the lives of the Bedouin, the lack of recognition of their rights to the land, and ways to fight.



       UK-Israel agenda of repression of Palestinians is brought under scrutiny by the Priti Patel scandal.


3 part

from a Question & Answer session with independent journalist David Sheen during his Fall 2017 lecture tour "Netanyahu's New Normal"

Friday, November 10, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


slideshow presentation by independent journalist David Sheen in Stockholm, Sweden on 15 October 2017

On the 22 anniversary of PM Yitzhak Rabin's murder by a far-right Israeli, journalist Gideon Levy says Israel has become even more hostile to a just peace--one that Rabin himself was never willing to offer.

The move is a key step in the reconciliation of Hamas & Fatah.  Hamas scholar Imad Al Soos discusses what to expect as the process moves forward.


Ni'ilin Friday 3.11.2017 protest against the separation wall cutting them off from their land, against the occupation and against apartheid.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


       One hundred years after the Balfour Declaration, Britain's colonial heritage endures, says Shir Hever.


Be'er Sova is a communal restaurant that feeds hundreds of residents of the south with a nominal fee of 3 NIS per meal. In addition to the distribution of food, they act to raise awareness and encourage activism - diners become volunteers and even activists in the coalition for national struggle against food insecurity and poverty.


Ron Shani understands the narrative of Mi'ars displaced community, but at the same time notes that Mi'ar no longer exists, and in his eyes this is an illogical narrative that is inconsistent with the narrative of the State of Israel.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


Another demo in Ni'ilin.



The state of Israel is a model for the extreme right in the US & Europe.


Testimonies of soldiers from the Karakal Battalion, which are published here for the first time, reveal a harsh story. Four years after the state informed the High Court of Justice that it was refusing to return asylum seekers immediately, it became clear that the Non Refoulement procedure had not stopped: two groups of asylum seekers, one of twenty-seven pepole and the other with eighteen crossed into Israel in June 2015 and were returned after a few hours The events were silenced, and apparently the military records were changed and corrected retroactively, but the soldiers decided to take the story out.

The growing number of anti-BDS laws across  the US should be seen 'in the larger context of this very well resourced effort to shut down the entire grassroots movement for Palestinian rights,' says Palestine Legal Director Dima Khalidi.


Testimony & footage of children arrested without charge Oct. 13 2017.  The IDF arrested 16 children & 2 adults who were caged, beaten threatened & then released.

This film shows the process of traditional soap production in the old soap factory in central Nablus. The film was produced in May 2014 by Eirik Moe, Stavanger, Norway.