Friday, May 19, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


Clashes broke out between protesters and soldiers from the Israeli
forces in the West Bank city of Hebron, Friday, during a rally in
support of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails
entitled ‘Day of Rage’.

Clashes erupted between Israeli security forces and Palestinian
protesters near the West Bank's Qalandia checkpoint, north of Jerusalem,
on Thursday night.

The residents of Ma'lul who were expelled from it in 1948 are part of
the 300,000 internally displaced persons living in Israel, and it is
unclear to them why they are not being allowed to return to their lands.
They celebrated Easter at the church in Ma'alul, one of the few
buildings that survived the ruins of the army.​

Documentary filmmaker Lia Tarachansky explains that the income
garnishing measure targets African refugees and is intended to
discourage asylum in Israel

Every Friday, a group of freeganists arrives at the Carmel market to
save the food that is about to be thrown out by the merchants in the
market. In a reality where 40% of the food is thrown into the trash,
they try to create a new ecological culture and more appropriate use of
existing food.

An alternative torchlighting ceremony took place on the eve of Yom Ha'atzmaut, parallel to the official ceremony held on Mount Herzl. This
year's ceremony marked the 50th anniversary of the occupation, calling
for an immediate end to the oppression and violence in the occupied
Palestinian territories, for redressing the injustices we cause, for
correcting the attitude towards the weak among us, for promoting
workers' rights and for the hope of peace with all our neighbors.

Alaa Tartir of the Palestinian Policy Network explains that the
Palestinian Economy is unable to grow or develop because the Israeli
occupation controls all aspects of the economy

Some protesters faced off with security forces after one person was
killed and a few people were injured in the clashes erupted between a
group of Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers in the village of
Nabi Saleh, West Bank on Friday. The group walked through the village to
express solidarity with the 1,300 Palestinians, kept in the Israeli

Playback Theater is not conventional and predictable, it depends on the
cooperation between the audience and the actors. From the audience comes
a story and the actors reflect it in an abstract and personal way. This
festival hosted People with Disabilities, Refugees, Members of the LGBT
Community, Immigrants, etc. The festival is therefore called 'The Quiet
Voices Receive a Stage'.

Palestinian flag flies over Dublin City Hall in solidarity with Palestine and Palestinian hunger strike.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


Mohammed Matry, a former political prisoner, talking during the march of
return on the land of the village of al-Kabri, about the prisoners'
strike in which he participated in the 1980s, the lethal tactics of
forced feeding, and the basic demands of Palestinian prisoners today. In
contrast to the government's propaganda, the prisoners do not demand to
be released from prison or seek excessive rights. They require the
installation of public telephones in prisons (where all the
conversations are recorded) so that they can speak with their families,
they demand the right to relatives visits , the right to study and basic
human conditions.​

Hundreds of Palestinians prevented by the Minister of Defense from
entering Israel participated in a joint memorial ceremony in Beit Jala.
At the event, a discussion was held on the importance of Memorial Day in
Israeli society and the ceremony was broadcast live from Tel Aviv.

Ali Abunimah of The Electronic Intifada says Democratic politicians,
even progressives like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, are out of
touch with their supporters when it comes to defending Palestinian

Eritrea is one of the countries that produces more refugees in the
world. More than 8.500 asylum seekers managed to arrive to Israel, but
for women, life is even more difficult. They usually can not take the
way to Europe because it's a more dangerous trip by the sea, so usually
the risk their lives crossing the Sinai, where most of them end up in
torture camps, raped and tortured by the smugglers.

The Peace NGO Forum is a platform for interactions and collaborations
with some 120 organizations. The forum's last meeting was held in Lod,
with the aim of examining the question of the connection between peace
organizations and Arab society in Israel.

Najah a-Rajabi, also known as Um Nasser, lives in Batan al-Hawa, a
neighborhood in Silwan, East Jerusalem. She is 62 years old and has nine
children. Twelve years ago settlers took over the building that adjoins
hers, and have made her life a misery ever since. She recently
received, as did most local residents, eviction claims from the Ateret
Cohanim settler association. Backed by authorities, it is part of the
most extensive dispossession proceedings underway in recent years in
East Jerusalem. Settlers are already living in a few neighborhood
buildings, and they were joined by official and private security
personnel funded by the Ministry of Housing. They regularly use violence
against Palestinian residents, including the use of live fire and crowd
control measures, threats, arresting minors and disrupting the fabric
of life.

Batan al-Hawa, a neighborhood in the heart of Silwan, is the setting for
the most extensive expulsion scheme in recent years in East Jerusalem.
The Ateret Cohanim settler association, backed by the Jerusalem
Municipality and the courts, has been trying to evict 81 neighborhood
families and take over their homes. It has already taken over six
buildings. The presence of settlers is attended by official and private
security personnel who regularly use violence against residents,
disrupting daily life.

Thousands of Palestinians gathered in Mandela Square in Ramallah on
Wednesday to support the more than 1,000 Palestinian political prisoners
who have been on hunger strike for 17 days in Israeli jails.
Demonstrators took to the street while Mahmoud Abbas was meeting with
U.S. President Donald Trump. According to Haaretz, the Trump
administration has asked Abbas to end government payments to the
families of prisoners in Israeli jails. Palestinians will strongly
disapprove if Mahmoud Abbas concedes to Trump's request. Ahmad Al Akra, a
demonstrator in Ramallah, said, “[Abbas] has been compromising more of
our freedom and so far nothing has been accomplished. And I think this
might be the final straw."

Friday, May 5, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


Abbas flattered Trump in an effort to gain favor with Trump, but Trump
offered nothing new in terms of US policy towards Palestinians, says Ali
Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada

Imad Al-Soos discusses the new Hamas declaration of principles, and how it differs from the old Hamas charter of 1988

Two Israeli men with serious mental health conditions who crossed
separately from Israel into the Gaza Strip in 2014 and 2015 have
apparently been held by the Hamas military wing, Human Rights Watch said
today. Avera Mangistu and Hisham al-Sayed, who both have histories of
wandering far on foot, including across borders without authorization,
have not been heard from since they entered Gaza.

authorities have indirectly acknowledged in media statements holding the
two men, but say they will divulge nothing about them – not even to
confirm their detention – until Israel frees a group of detained Hamas
members. Hamas authorities refer to the men as soldiers, but a Human
Rights Watch investigation indicates that the Israeli men were not
combatants or affiliated with the Israeli government when they entered

People living in occupied east Jerusalem are contesting a bill to impose
limitations on the Muslim call to prayer. The legislation is currently
making its way through Israel's parliament. But the people living in
Issawiya have literally built their opposition to the bill. TRT World's
Andre Pierre du Plessis reports.

Trailer (subtitled) - 70 Years Across the Sea: American Jews and 21st Century Zionism from Eric Axelman on Vimeo.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


Mass arrests of over 400 Palestinians were the result of a computer
algorithm based on their social media usage, explains TRNN's Shir Hever

Introduced by Rebecca Vilkomerson, Executive Director of Jewish Voice
for Peace, Gandhi Peace Award Honoree Omar Barghouti describes victories
of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) in the effort
for Palestinian justice

Lets show "Im Tirzu" what it means to be an Israeli.
Watch Social TV Video that was rejected by the Im Tirtzu movement.
Tirtzu movement had launched a video competition with prizes of NIS
70,000 which presents a certain perspective of what it means being
Israeli according to the values of the movement. They uploaded a video
that will set an example to the values they want to promote
Social TV
submitted a video created specifically for the competition, which
corresponds to the video of Im Tirtzu, with values that are…well…quite
different and challenging.
This week Im Tirzu's competitions website
was launched and Social TV's video was not included as Im Tirzu is
claiming it is " Offensive, humiliating, defamatory and inappropriate to
the values of "Im Tirtzu" and that Social TV is actually a foreign
agent" (Quote by Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirtzu).

Palestinian protesters gathered outside the Israeli embassy in London
yesterday to express solidarity with Palestinian prisoners who launched a
mass hunger strike in Israeli jails on 17 April to press for basic

Israelis had a barbecue outside Ofer Prison, near Ramallah, while Palestinian prisoners are on a hunger strike.

Settlers attack activists in the South Hebron Hills.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Israel/Palestine News

Hundreds of Palestinians are currently held in Israeli prisons without charge or trial, known as administrative detention. Administrative detention is a common tactic used by Israel to detain and imprison Palestinians for up to six months at a time without having to charge them or put them on trial. Today on Prisoners day, over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners launched an open-ended hunger strike with a list of demands to improve the conditions.

Sahar Francis, Director of the Adameer prisoner support NGO, explains
how this is the largest such strike since 2012 and how it has its roots
in the different legal systems for Palestinians and Israelis.

Israel Border Police personnel deployed tear gas against demonstrators
marching in Bethlehem, Monday, who were rallying in solidarity with the
thousands of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails taking part in
an organised mass hunger strike.

Police officers fired cans of
tear gas at the demonstrators, who responded to the shots by throwing
rocks and setting bins on fire.

Over 2,000 Palestinians are
thought to be taking part in the hunger strike against conditions in
Israeli jails and the occupation of Palestinian territories, with the
action kicking off on Sunday to coincide with Palestinian Prisoners'

Friday, April 14, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


Many organizations intend to promote peace or a solution to the conflict
by employing various strategies: demonstrations, conferences,
round-table discussions, direct action… or even keyboard activism. The
bottom line – there’s still no peace. So what is the right strategy?

New Israeli missiles in the arms deal serve no real purpose for India says TRNN's Shir Hever

thousand demonstrators participated in the march of the democratic camp
in Jerusalem against the occupation and for peace. The demonstration
was attended by Jews and Arabs, calling after 50 years: "Stop the

The yellow star is an inseparable part of the Jewish-national identity
and of our Holocaust victim, but alongside the Holocaust of the Jews,
millions of other citizens of various groups were murdered by the Nazi
regime. They, too, wore a patch for marking, and they, too, were placed
in concentration and extermination camps. What do we know about these
victims, and why do the education system and institutions of Holocaust
studies minimize these victims?

Palestinian Villages Hidden Under Israeli Forests from Jonathan Cook on Vimeo.

Saffuriya was one of more than 500 Palestinian villages ethnically cleansed by Israel in 1948, during the Nakba. Journalist Jonathan Cook explains how Israel quickly acted to raze the villages so the 750,000 refugees could not return and then covered up these war crimes by planting forests over the ruins.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


The leaked Hamas charter suggests a willingness to accept a two-state
solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict says Imad Alsoos.

A tour of the city of Hebron with Hisham Sherbet (Hebron Protection
Committee), where he tells about the historical past of Hebron and
presents the narrative of life in the city - from living together to
limiting and dangerous control of the Palestinian population. Hisham
reviews the situation in Hebron during the Oslo Accords, the massacre in
the Tomb of the Patriarchs and talks about the current reality between
the settlers and the Palestinians.

Jewish Defense League members attack protesters with IfNotNow outside
the AIPAC convention in Washington D.C., March 26, 2017. (Video courtesy
of JDL Watch)

JDL walking towards Kahane's grave to pay a special visit while in the country.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


TRNN Correspondent Shir Hever highlights what may have driven
ex-National Security Advisor's Michael Flynn controversial lobbying work
tied to Turkey: an unknown Israeli natural gas company seeking a
Turkish pipeline.

Journalist Max Blumenthal sits down with renowned Israeli historian Ilan
Pappé to talk about the first of his forthcoming book, Ten Myths About

Journalist and author Max Blumenthal says the vocal Jewish-led protests
at this year's AIPAC Policy Conference highlight a growing generational
divide on Israel-Palestine

After the P5+1 nuclear deal made it difficult for the Israeli government
to continue to appeal to the right-wing through casting Iran as the
bogeyman, casting BDS as a 'delegitimization' campaign became its next
means of generating fear and paranoia among voters, says journalist
Richard Silverstein

UN Secretary General Guterres caves under pressure from Israel and
United States and orders Under-Secretary Rima Khalaf to withdraw an
incriminating investigative report on Israeli apartheid policies against
Palestinians, says Vijay Prashad

Anti-AIPAC protest in Washington: Thousands of Jewish Americans gather
in DC in what is being called the largest protest of the AIPAC annual
conference in history.
Copỷight: AJ+

Members of the Jewish Defense League clashed with protesters from
several left-wing protest groups under the umbrella of the IfNotNow organization, during a demonstration against the annual AIPAC (American
Israel Public Affairs Committee) Conference in Washington DC, Sunday.

At about 1:30 P.M. on 19 March 2017, a force of more than 15 soldiers
seized 8-year-old Sufian Abu Hitah, who was out on the street barefoot,
looking for a lost toy. Two soldiers dragged him to the al-Harika
neighborhood and took him into several homes, demanding he identify
children who had thrown stones and a Molotov cocktail at the Kiryat Arba
settlement. Over an hour later, several women managed to extricate the
boy and return him to his mother. Two local residents, including
B’Tselem volunteer May Da’na, captured the incident on video.

National Press Club 2/27/2017 Senator Chuck Schumer admits to journalist
Sam Husseini that Israel has nuclear weapons. Under the Arms Export
Control Act, the U.S. may not provide foreign aid to countries outside
the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) absent waivers and sanctions.

Despite Israel's status outside the NPT congress passes
multi-billion dollar aid packages every year, which the president signs
into law.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


TRNN's Shir Hever says although the reality of apartheid is obvious and
uncontroversial to most Israelis, the recent United Nations report
establishes an important legal [case] for why apartheid exists [beyond] the
Occupied Territories

Lecture by journalist David Sheen at the University of Arizona in Tucson
on 6 March 2017 • SUMMARY: With far-right governments in power in both
Washington and Jerusalem, an examination of Israel’s state-sponsored
race wars against indigenous Palestinians and African refugees is in
order. An unflinching look at the last eight years under Netanyahu, and
specifically the past year 2016, serves as a primer on his racist
playbook – one which Trump seems keen on implementing here at home. Can
Americans of conscience help roll back the rise of the racist right,
both in the USA and in Israel and Palestine?

Ali Abunimah, co-founder of, discusses David
Sheen's reporting on Israel's treatment of African refugees, in a short
segment from his lecture "Pinkwash, Greenwash, Hogwash", presented in
Toronto, Canada, at the 519 Church Community Center, on 24 June 2013.
The original 1.5 hour video, filmed and edited by Queers Against Israeli
Apartheid, can be viewed here:

Dr. Jeff Halper, co-founder of Israeli Committee Against Housing
Demolitions, was leading a tour of an Israeli settlement in East
Jerusalem when police arrested him on suspicion of 'incitement'

Al-Walaja, occupied West Bank -- Around 2,000 mourners marched on Friday
in the Bethlehem-area village of al-Walaja for the funeral of slain
Basil al-Araj.

Al-Araj, 34, was killed on March 6 during an
Israeli military raid at the home where he had been hiding out for two
months after he was released by the Palestinian Authority in October and
forced into hiding by Israeli forces who reportedly raided his family
home 11 times between October and March.

Israeli authorities
said the political activist and philosopher exchanged gunfire with
Israeli soldiers during the raid, resulting in his death. No injuries
were reported among Israeli soldiers carrying out the raid, however
doctors at the hospital which received al-Araj’s remains on Friday told
Mondoweiss that his body had been riddled with 21 bullets.

Palestinians have branded the killing an “assassination” of a budding political leader.

On 20 Jan. 2017, during clashes with Palestinian minors in the village
of Sa’ir in Hebron District, Israeli Border Police pursued several young
women onlookers and assaulted them. The end of the incident was
captured on film: a masked officer is seen grabbing a 13-year-old girl’s
arm and striking her cousin on the head. B’Tselem has documented many
cases of Israeli security forces’ violence against Palestinian minors.
By holding no one accountable, the military’s senior command - including
its law enforcement system - allows such cases to recur.

Hundreds of people have staged more protests in the occupied West Bank,
furious over cooperation between Palestinian and Israeli security

Journalists have accused Palestinian riot police of violence, in what they say is a wider crackdown on dissent.

Al Jazeera's Imran Khan reports from Ramallah.

On Sunday 12th March 2017, Basil al-Araj was meant to be tried in court.
Instead, Basil was assassinated by the Israeli occupation forces in
Ramallah – just a few minutes away from the headquarters of the
Palestinian Authority security forces.

We gathered outside the
Palestine Mission in London to honour Basil, and to demand the end of
the security coordination with Israeli occupation forces. We condemn the
complicity of the PA security forces in arresting Palestinian activists
with no charge and torturing them with impunity.

For more information, see http://londonpalestineaction.tumblr.c...

== Basil Al-Araj 'The Intellectual Martyr’ ==
was born in al-Walajeh village between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. He
studied pharmacy and was an advocate for resistance against the

Basil and five of his friends disappeared in March
2016. They were later arrested by the PA after the Israeli army tipped
them off. They were placed in solitary confinement, tortured and denied
visits for 6 months. Following a group hunger strike, they were released
in September 2016.

Basil’s friends were rearrested by Israel but
he was in hiding for 9 months. On March 6th, Basil was murdered by
Israeli soldiers in a two hour standoff in Ramallah.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


London Palestinian Solidarity Campaign Chairman Hugh Lanning says these
laws are exposing the anti-democratic nature of the state

RNN's Shir Hever says Intel is attempting to add prestige to its brand
while Israeli politicians strive for a political victory to create the
appearance of an international foothold in the nation’s economy

On Friday, 10 Feb. 2017, Madama residents went out to enjoy the good
weather at a spot south of the village. Soldiers guarding the nearby
settlement of Yitzhar came there and threw tear-gas canisters at the
villagers. Ahmad Ziyadah, a B’Tselem camera project volunteer, began
filming the soldiers and was ordered to leave. When he refused, he was
violently detained. When his brother came to help him, a soldier fired a
rubber-coated metal bullet at short range at his knee. Ziyadah, who did
no more than film the soldiers, was kept in custody for six days with
the backing of a military court. The footage, which shows only the end
of the incident, was edited by B’Tselem.

Civil Administration confiscates trailer home and market stall

Soldiers & settlers manhandle activists filming construction at an illegal outpost.

Israeli and Palestinian women commemorated International Women's Day by
breaking a symbolic wall between them. The event featured a panel of
women from the Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families Forum, women have
painted graffiti on the model of the separation wall and broke it, and
finally walked down the separation wall, where they lit a candle in
memory of those who lost their lives in the conflict. Among the speakers
was Suha Abu Khdeir, the mother of Mohammed Abu Khdeir from Shuafat,
who was kidnapped, murdered and cremated by Jews in July 2014.

To mark 23 years since the massacre committed by Baruch Goldstein in
Hebron, a demonstration was held demanding the opening of Shuhada Street
and get the settlement out of the city center. The night before the
demonstration, soldiers were sent to threaten two Palestinian activists.

Does the Israeli public care about what is happening in the occupied
territories? We asked the public about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:
What do they think? What do they think about the proposed solutions?
What is their hope?

Teachers demonstrated outside the home of the Minister of Education
Bennett to protest the deprivation of their rights as contract workers
and demanding continuance of employment and job security.

Dozens of activists on behalf of direct employment with security and
cleaning staff of Azrieli Malls danced in the entrance plaza of the
Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv on Friday morning (03/03/2017). According to
the protesters, the management of the network - which has 14 shopping
malls and through contractors employing hundreds of security and
cleaning employees - ignored their demands to employ them direct
employment. protesters danced in the hope that it would spur the mall
management to accede to their request. the dance was the first step in
the campaign to encourage customers not to buy in the network as

Since 2000, Israel has maintained a “buffer zone” along the Gaza border,
within Gaza, restricting Palestinians’ access to their farmland and
killing or injuring hundreds of civilians who posed no danger. Since
2014, the military has also sprayed herbicides to maintain the “buffer
zone”, damaging land it authorizes owners to cultivate. In January,
spraying without prior notice caused farmers serious damage. If Israel
believes a “sterile” is crucial to its security, it must establish the
zone in its own territory.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


Palestinian activist Basel El A'areg was eliminated on Monday by the
Israeli occupation forces in the Palestinian Authority town El Bire.
Since then, the authorities hold his body in the pathological Institute
Abu Kabir and make the release of it subject to unacceptable conditions,
including: limiting presence in the funeral to number of people agreed
by the regime, and the putting up a mourning tent for one day only, as
opposed to the traditional three days.

This protest in front of
the pathological Institute demanded release of the stolen body to his
family immediately and without any conditions!

TRNN correspondent Shir Hever says the ban could be used to prevent
re-entry of Palestinians who oppose the Israeli occupation of their land

In May 2013 soldiers fired at ‘Ata Sabah, 12, in a field behind his
school in al-Jalazun Refugee Camp. He was left paralyzed from the waist
down. Ever since, apart from some funding from the PA, his family has
had to foot the bill for expensive treatments and medicines and
transport to school because Israel has managed to craft a legal reality
in which it is virtually impossible for Palestinians harmed by Israeli
security forces to get compensation. This reality, along with immunity
from criminal charges enjoyed by government and military officials
allows Israel to operate in the occupied territories with no

In Feb. 2004 Basmah Mansur, a mother of 10, was hit in the face by
soldiers’ gunfire as she stood by a window in her home. After lying
unconscious for two weeks she woke to find she could not accomplish even
the simplest of tasks unaided. She has been dependent on the goodwill
of family and neighbors ever since because Israel has managed to craft a
legal reality in which it is virtually impossible for Palestinians
harmed by Israeli security forces to get compensation. This reality,
along with immunity from criminal charges enjoyed by government and
military officials allows Israel to operate in the occupied territories
with no accountability.

In June 2004 soldiers in Nablus fired at the Islims’ balcony, killing
Ihab, 17, and wounding his father and 15-year-old brother Bahaa, who
lost an eye and required many operations in Jordanian hospitals. While
the actual surgery was funded by the PA, the high cost of travel and
staying in Jordan had to be shouldered by the family because Israel has
managed to craft a legal reality in which it is virtually impossible for
Palestinians harmed by Israeli security forces to get compensation.
This reality, along with immunity from criminal charges enjoyed by
government and military officials allows Israel to operate in the
occupied territories with no accountability.

Students and faculty held events including mock checkpoints and poetry
readings to draw attention to the occupation of the Palestinian
territories and settler-colonialism, says scholar-activist Yara Hawari

Journalist Richard Silverstein says Trump's nativist populism has emboldened hate groups to commit anti-Semitic attacks

The Knesset scheduled a day to discuss about the situation of the LGBT
community, for the second year. Many committees were held, and Members
of Knesset were discussing with LGBT youth associations representatives.
However, the same week some laws regarding LGBT community rights
weren't approved, thus, is The Knesset really able to provide equality?

In Last Monologue, Israeli Comedy Show Host Implores Israelis to Wake Up and Smell the Apartheid
Asaf Harel's scathing indictment of Israeli society has gone viral.

Israel's troops sneak into Syria to gather intel. by presstv


Dear Rabbi Sacks – stop your lies about BDS

MP Gerald Kaufman died Feb. 26, 2017.  He was a critic of Israel.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Israel/Palestine News


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to believe he can secure a
regional peace agreement without [involving] Palestinians, says Haaretz
columnist Gideon Levy

Water cistern destroyed in South Hebron Hills, February 2017

Fayha Shalash, Palestinian journalist and the wife of imprisoned hunger
striker and journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq, urges international action for
his release.

Water pipe sawed off in Jordan Valley, February 2017