Friday, July 31, 2015

Israel/Palestine News

Placating Israel Over Iran Nuclear Deal By Releasing Convicted Spy Pollard?

Electronic Intifada's Ali Abunimah says those arguing for Pollard’s
release after serving 30 years of a life sentence should also demand the
release of others, including Palestinian prisoners who are serving much
greater sentences for questionable convictions.

On Sunday the 26th, Israeli settlers gathered at the end of Hebrons
occupied Shuhada Street, preparing to go on a march through the H1 area,
which is the Palestinian administrated part of the city .Three
international activists were present, documenting the behavior of the
settlers and Israeli soldiers. At one point a settler walked up to the
activist, and openly issued threats on their lives, telling them
“Remember this face, because it will be the last thing you see on this
earth” and “I am going to find each and every one of you”. This is not
the first time that settlers has threatened the safety of international
activists, and activist has in the past been subjected to severe
physical attacks and harassment from settlers.

On the 16th of July at 4 a.m. in Betounia (a village near Ramallah) IDF raided the house of Mahmoud Nasser and kidnapped him.

Israeli police have clashed with 200 Jewish settlers in the West Bank
after the country's High Court ruled that two buildings had been built
without permission and should be demolished.



Palestinians and Israelis have clashed in Jerusalem after hundreds of Jews tried to enter the Al-Aqsa mosque compound.

Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz discusses the question of obedience to the
law, conscientious objection and the essence of the Nazi ideology.

Slideshow by David Sheen about incitement to racist violence by top
Israeli leaders leading up to and during the assault on Gaza in the
summer of 2014. Presentation given at Palfest (Arts festival
demonstrating solidarity with the people of Palestine) in Dublin,
Ireland on 8 July 2015, exactly one year after the assault.

Q & A session with journalist David Sheen at the Richmond Green
United Reformed Church in Richmond-Upon-Thames, United Kingdom on July
13, 2015 - camera footage by Marwan Zeineddine

During the demo last week, 2 young people were wounded by live fire by IDF snipers.


Demos take place in Susiya, Kafr Qaddoum & Nabi Saleh.

The Palestinian village of Susiya is about to bulldozed after Israel's
high court recently rejected an injunction to stop the demolition.
People have been fighting the demolition for decades.

Hamas says its leader shook hands with Saudi Arabia's King Salman after
Muslim holiday prayers, signaling an easing of tensions over the
Palestinian group's ties with Iran.
There was no official announcement in Saudi state media of Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal's visit to Saudi Arabia.
The visit came days after Iran reached a nuclear deal with Western powers, prompting concern among its regional rivals.
Hamas website said Friday that Mashaal and the Saudi king attended
prayers in the holy city of Mecca and that the two shook hands.
Hamas says Mashaal met the Saudi intelligence chief Thursday.
ties had been strained for a decade since a Saudi-brokered
reconciliation agreement between Hamas and its rival Fatah faction

Friday, July 24, 2015

Israel/Palestine News

US Condemns Israel's Plan to Demolish West Bank Village - Just Lip Service?

After Israel's high court orders demolition of homes in West Bank
village of Khirbet Susiya, Gaza Unsilenced Co-Editor Refaat Alareer says
this reflects a move away from a two-state solution.

19-year-old boy is detained and then later arrested, accused of grabbing
one of the soldiers, in occupied Khalil. He was blindfolded and taken
to the army base in Tel Rumeida.

Wedding party for Saeed Tamimi from Nabi Saleh who was in prison for 21 years

On July 14, 2015, the P5+1, European Union, and Iran announced an
agreement to restrict Iran's nuclear program. Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu called the deal a "stunning historic mistake" and
said he would "kill himself" to stop the deal.

Three days later, I hit the streets of West Jerusalem to ask Israelis what they think about the deal.

Protests take place in Billin & Nabi Saleh.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel tried to explain to a young Palestinian
immigrant girl facing deportation why she can't stay in the country.
Merkel's attempt to comfort the sobbing girl started a Twitter storm.

In the South Hebron Hills, the IDF once again closes Palestinian land with an administrative order.

When Israel started its invasion of Gaza in the summer of 2014, the
pictures of death and destruction were all over our screens. But Max
Blumenthal traveled there to see for himself. So many of the stories he
witnessed were never talked about in the news.

A film by Rabbis for Human Rights For English subtitles, go to the "captions" button on the bottom right side of the video window and choose "on."

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Israel/Palestine News


Boston Area SJPs Call for BDS in New Video Response to Israel's Obstruction of Freedom Flotilla III

With participating members from:
Boston University Students For Justice In Palestine (BUSJP)
Brandeis Students for Justice in Palestine
Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee
Northeastern University Students For Justice In Palestine (NUSJP)
Students for Justice in Palestine @Seton Hall University
Students for Justice in Palestine @Pace University Pleasantville
University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston)
University Of New Hampshire (NHU)
Wellesley Students For Justice In Palestine (WSJP)

Iran, the U.S. and five other countries have signed a historic deal to
control Iran's nuclear program while easing the sanctions against the
country. Win–win? Not everybody thinks so.

The title on this video has nothing to do with its' content. 

Israeli forces have re-arrested Palestinian activist Khader Adnan, only one day after his release from an Israeli jail.
authorities claim they re-arrested 37-year old Adnan because he entered
a part of Jerusalem al-Quds, where access is prohibited for
Palestinians below 50

17-year-old Mohammed al-Kusbah was killed by an Israeli officer after
throwing a rock at a military SUV. The officer claimed his life was in
danger, but a video has now been released that appears to dispute that.

Demos take place in Nabi Saleh & Ni'ilin.

A year to "Operation Protective Edge": For hundreds of thousands living in #‎Gaza, it’s not over:

The Israeli government alleged on July 9th that two of its missing
citizens are being held captive in Gaza. One captive is an Ethiopian
Israeli believed to be held by Hamas, and the other is unidentified. A
year ago the Israeli government announced the kidnapping of three
Israeli teens, an event which launched the 2014 war.

Gaza is still in ruins one year after the 51-day war Israel called
“Operation Protective Edge.” The territory hasn't been allowed to
rebuild, and the majority of Gaza's children are showing signs of
extreme emotional distress. AJ+'s Dena Takruri explains.
Freedom Flotilla III: Activists Sail to Break Gaza Blockade

Robert Lovelace speaks to TRNN via satellite phone from the Freedom
Flotilla III, four boats that are attempting to break the Israeli
blockade of Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid.

The Lebanese Army posts footage of a downed Israeli drone.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Israel/Palestine News

One year after the Israeli attack that killed 2,100 civilians and wounded 10,000

Refaat Alareer and Laila el-Haddad say the people of Gaza will not turn on Hamas and submit to the occupation. 

I think the title is trying to say GAZA STRIP CAPTIVES.

The Twitterverse was set ablaze after Tel Aviv was featured in
Snapchat's “Stories” stream – which highlights different cities, people
and their photos from around the world – on the anniversary of the 2014
Gaza War.

The Israel-Gaza War in 2014 left schools destroyed and students' futures
unknown. AJ+ catches up with high-school senior Inas as she prepares to
take her final exams. From video journalist Lena Odgaard in Gaza.

The Israel-Gaza War in 2014 left thousands of Gaza's children in need of
help. Today, a band called Nisan is showing that a little bit of music
can go a long way in making things better. From video journalist Saud
Abu Ramadan in Gaza.

The Israel-Gaza War in 2014 killed more than 2,000 people and decimated
Gaza's infrastructure. A year afterward, AJ+ hears from a water delivery
driver about how many people are not getting enough of this crucial
resource. From video journalist Andrea DiCenzo in Gaza.

2 July 2015, In honor of the first anniversary of the murder of Muhammad
Abu Khdeir, Palestinian activists with International supporters blocked
a settlers-only road leading to the illegal Adam settlement.
Demonstrators cited this road as the road that the murderers took in
their search for a Palestinian victim. Journalists, Palestinian and
International activists, suffered from pepper spray burns and several
were hospitalized.

Around ten o clock, in Tel Rumeida, Anas Sharabate, a 23 year old
Palestinian man, was violently beaten and arrested by Israeli solders.
After the beating, Sharabate was handcuffed and detained by solders for
around twenty minutes. Though he was clearly suffering, the police
continued to push and berate him. Though an ambulance was eventually
called, its entrance was blocked by soldiers at checkpoint 56, so the
medical personnel had to arrive on foot. After some minutes Anas was
released from handcuffs, and he was carried on a stretcher to the
ambulance. Because of the soldiers’ obstruction, it took the stretcher
around five minutes to arrive at the checkpoint, and pass through the
metal detector. He is currently hospitalized, and is being treated for a
fractured skull.

Moments later, 16 year old Awne Abu Shamsiyeh
was arrested by a dozen solders just one hundred meters further up Tel
Rumeida, who converged in numbers, threw him violently to the ground,
put him in a choke-hold, and removed him to the military base. He was
held for some 30 minutes before he was released and taken away by a
second ambulance, to be treated for injuries sustained by the soldiers’

part of an interview with Savannah Johnson
about the Israeli version of the N-word


Protests occurred in Kufr Qaddoum & Nabi Saleh.

On July 3, two lion cubs that were living in an apartment in Gaza were
moved to an animal sanctuary in Jordan. The Four Paws animal charity
collected the lions after being notified by the United Nations.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Israel/Palestine News

Survivor of Israeli Attack on USS Liberty: It Could Not Have Been a Mistake

To mark the 48th anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty,
TRNN speaks to survivor Sgt. Bryce Lockwood and former CIA Analyst Ray

Lieutenant Colonel Itzhar Jona, who heads Israel Aerospace Industries,
spoke about “loitering munitions” — what he called a “politically
correct” name for Suicide Drones. They are a hybrid of drone and missile
technology that have “autonomous and partially autonomous” elements,
and are “launched like a missile, fly like an UAV [unmanned aerial
vehicle],” and once they identify a target, revert to “attack like a
missile.” Jona called the Suicide Drone a “UAV that thinks and decides
for itself,” then added, “If you [the operator] aren’t totally clear on
the logic, it can even surprise you.”

Jona praised the advantage
of the Suicide Drone because the operator “doesn’t have to bring it home
or deal with all sorts of dilemmas.” The Suicide Drone will quickly
find a target using its internal logic, which Jona explained in this
way: “It carries a warhead that eventually needs to explode. There needs
to be a target at the end that will want to explode. Or it won’t want
to and we will help it explode.”

An anti-Iran propaganda video from the office of the Israeli Prime Minister.

Palestinians protest a new settlement near El Arub refugee camp south of Bethlehem.

Israeli forces boarded and took over a boat bound for Gaza, five years
after a similar incident resulted in the death of 9 activists.

At 18:30 PM on the 29th of June 2015, masked settlers from the nearby
illegal settlement of Beit Hadassah attacked Palestinian houses and souq
(market) with a water hose and stones.

A settler with an assault rifle arrives, also.

Yesterday, 26 of June 2015 approximately 21:30,
nineteen year old Hatem Al Mohtaseb from Tel Rumeida, Hebron, was
walking up the hill of Tel Rumeida when an Israeli soldier detained him
and asked for his ID.

After the soldier had finished checking the Palestinian ID, the
Israeli soldier then threw the ID on the concrete and told him to pick it back up.

The Palestinian man told the soldier that he is not a dog
and will not pick it up off the ground and suggested to the soldier
he pick it back up and hand the ID back to him, like he had given it to
the soldier at the start. The soldier then refused and began to argue.

A demo happens in Nabi Saleh.

"Nine years after they landed here and kissed the ground, it all
erupted. The pain and frustration turned into the rage of people who
simply ask to be treated as equals."

“The Jewish Quarter” – a new series about Cairo's once-thriving Jewish
community – is angering both Egyptians and the Israeli Embassy in Egypt.