Friday, September 23, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

France 24 News looks at the West Bank settlers.

Just for fun.

Jewish Americans talk about their changing feelings about Israel.

A unit commander makes Palestinians take part in crawling races to get thru a checkpoint in this video from Breaking The Silence.

Activists hold a vigil in front of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv in memory of Ibrahim Zaza, 12 years old, who died from wounds received in a drone attack in Gaza.

The police arrested 13 J14 activists Monday for protesting the cutting of electricity to their tent cities.

Refusing To Die In Silence is a new media campaign to counter settler Price Tag attacks with 24/7 surveillance.

UNRWA examines the poverty among Palestinians in the West Bank.

100 settlers attacked Asira al-Qibiliya near Nablus & were driven out by Palestinians. The IDF arrived & started shooting teargas & rubber bullets at the villagers, hitting a 14 year old boy in the head with a canister.

Palestinians demonstrated in favor of statehood in Beit Ommar . .

in Hebron . .

& in Nabi Saleh.

On Sept. 21, Palestinians clash with the IDF at Qalandia checkpoint.

Last week, Israeli & Palestinian women called for a demo in support of a Palestinian state for Sept 17 at Qalandia checkpoint. The demo from the Palestinian side.

This is the demo on the Israeli side.

Activists in New York & DC support the statehood bid.

Settlers in the West Bank protest the Palestinian statehood bid.

But will the statehood bid lead to real change, Israelis & Palestinians ask.

Al Jazeera reports on how Palestinians feel in Gaza about the statehood bid.

Gazans have different opinions on the PA's statehood bid.

In response to the Palestinian statehood bid, PM Netanyahu calls for new negotiations.

In the West Bank, Palestinians rally in support of the statehood bid.

Pres. Obama gave a speech to the UN, promising to veto the application for statehood.

Mahmoud Abbas made a speech today on Palestine asking for statehood from the UN.

This is the third part of his speech. For some reason, there is no second part.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

From Breaking The Silence, an ex-soldier describes what happened when an IDF truck collected the corpses of Palestinian militants.

A photo exhibit of Nabi Saleh shows what life there is like.

Bilin demonstrates for Palestinian statehood.

Nabi Saleh demonstrates against the Wall.

Two Gaza children injured by Israeli airstrikes end up in an Israeli hospital.

A Gaza man relates what happened to him in the US after 9/11.

J14 protesters demonstrate in front of police headquarters in Tel Aviv to protest the arrest of 40 activists during the City Hall demo.

The Israeli Navy continues to harass Gazan fishermen.

The Labor Party of Israel will hold a run-off election for its' leader on Sept. 21.

Israeli PM Netanyahu announces he will speak at the UN before the vote on Palestinian statehood.

PM Erdogan blasts Israel before the Arab League.

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan tours Cairo to acclaim from crowds.

Egyptians attack the Israeli Embassy over the killing of Egyptian border guards by the IDF, & Cairo remains tense afterwards.

Palestinians continue demonstrations in support of the bid for statehood.

Ban Ki-moon comments on the Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN.

Al Jazeera's Inside Story reports on the reaction of Saudi Arabia to the US threat to veto the Palestinian bid for statehood.

The Prawer Report, which would move 30,000 Bedouins out of their villages in the Negev, was approved by the PM on Sept. 11.

Israeli & Palestinian women are going to demonstrate in favor of a Palestinian state on either side of the Qalandia Checkpoint near Jerusalem this Sat. Sept. 17.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

Al Jazeera's The Stream looks at Captain Israel, a comic book superhero to defend Zionism.

The IDF acts different when in front of cameras claims this Breaking The Silence video.

In Fasayal, Jordan Valley Solidarity makes mud bricks for houses.

There were demos in Nabi Saleh . .

Beit Ommar . .

& Ni'lin.

Settler Rabbi Menachem Froman calls for the expulsion of the mosque arsonist in Qusara.

Border police demolish three houses in an illegal settler outpost in Migron in the West Bank.

Hamas praises Turkey & criticizes the UN report on the Gaza aid flotilla.

Thie Alternative Information Center posts this trailer for their documentary Sumoud: The Struggle for al-Araqib .

In Petach Tikvah, near Tel Aviv, Ethiopian & Russian Israelis protest racial segregation.

Wikileaks highlights a US cable saying the IDF detailed their harsh response to peaceful protests in the West Bank.

Turkey says it will subject Israeli airport visitors to the same treatment accorded Turks entering Israel.

Turkey has downgraded its' ties to Israel after Israel refused to apologize for the Mavi Marmara raid.

After the City of Tel Aviv demolished tent cities (see below), J14 protesters storm City Hall.

In Tel Aviv on Wednesday, city workers started to dismantle tent cities.

Last Saturday, the J14 protesters held the largest protest so far in Israel.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

Israel's Channel 10 has a story on Breaking The Silence.

TheRealNews reports that leaders of the J14 protests have issued demands that ignore the issue of Palestinian rights.

In Tel Aviv, J14 protesters block major intersections with folk dances.

Marcello Weksler talks about the J14 protest movement.

In Bet Shemesh near Jerusalem, Haredi & Religious Zionist residents clash over the opening of a girls' school.

Hamas has denied permission to travel to Gazan youth who have received study visas abroad.

This is the weekly demo in Ni'lin.

Activists investigate live fire & flares near the Wall in Bilin.

Ayed Morrar of the Popular Committee of Resistance discusses the Olive Revolution & Palestine's statehood bid in the UN.

Palestinians have started a protest campaign called The Olive Revolution: Knocking on Jerusalem's Door.

The residents of Halhul (near Hebron) are fighting settlements that are taking their land.

Ramadan ended this year on Aug. 29. This video shows a band of drummers in Gaza on the last day of Ramadan, waking up people at 2am for a meal before the fast begins at the first morning prayer. People are throwing them money wrapped in paper for doing this.