Friday, June 24, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

Irish Palestine solidarity activists celebrate the sail of an Irish ship in Freedom Flotilla 2.

Stop the War Coalition presents Why does Israel build the Apartheid wall?

A punk rocker makes a video to dissuade Jello Biafrafrom playing in Israel.

Rela Mazali talks about her work trying to demilitarize Israeli society.

Last Friday, another demo takes place in Nabi Saleh.

At the third Presidential conference, Tzipi Livni, the head of the opposition in the Knesset, criticizes changes to ID cards.

Israeli President Shimon Peres sponsored the third annual Presidential Conference in Jerusalem. Rabbi Eric Yoffie gives his views at the conference.

Jeremy Ben-Ami explains the policies of J Street.

On Monday, the IDF bulldozes Bir El Aeid.

The Miles of Smiles convoy from Europe enters Gaza thru the Rafah border crossing.

Gazans demonstrate on World Refugee Day.

Jews and Arabs again protest settlers in Sheikh Jarrah.

Here's what the Freedom Theater filmed: Waiting for Godot under teargas.

Jenin's Freedom Theater takes part in a demo in Bilin.

UNRWA's Summer Games opened this year with a Olympic torch replica relay thru all of Gaza.

The unemployed in Gaza sift sand to retrieve gravel to sell, & get shot by the IDF for their troubles.

Israel has given the UN permission to build 1200 new homes in Gaza.

Young Mizrahi Israelis have issued a letter in solidarity with Arab Spring demonstrators.

The Israeli Ministry of Interior has refused to issue an ID card for a 7 month old boy living in Silwan.

In another video from the Breaking the Silence series, an ex-IDF soldier describes taking over a Palestinian home so 30 soldiers can crash.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Israel/Palestine News


In Biddu, near Jerusalem.

In Beit Ummar.

in Deir Qaddis .

In Bilin.

In Nabi Saleh.

Palestinian shepherds are harassed by settlers, trying to drive their sheep away. The IDF shows up, & one soldier kicks a goat in the head. The goat dies. Ezra Nawi takes the dead goat & dumps it in front of the regional HQ. He is arrested by the police, charged with illegally dumping waste material & fined 1500 shekels.

A battalion commander tells his soldiers to kneecap protesters in the West Bank in this video from Breaking The Silence.

EU Parliament President visits Gaza.

English students from Goldsmiths University visit Gaza.

Gaza kids mark the start of Summer Games 2011.

25 Mayors from all over the world met in Tel Aviv, including Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz.

Gaza students with UNRWA's Khan Younis Training Center have built a homemade Formula I race car.

Herb Keinon is interviewed for Jerusalem Post TV. He is the Jerusalem Post's diplomatic correspondent.

In time for Freedom Flotilla 2, we have this video.

Thabet Abu Ras comments on Israel's Prawer Report, a proposal to move Negev's Bedouins to townships.

A natural gas explosion kills 4 in Netanya, a town north of Tel Aviv.

This video by B'tselem documents brutality against protesters in Nabi Saleh on May 13.

Jews & Palestinians demonstrate against settlers taking Palestinian homes in Sheik Jarrah.

UNRWA issued a report on Gaza saying the Israeli blockade is causing unemployment of 25% in the enclave.

Bassem Tamimi of Nabi Saleh went on trial in an Israeli courtroom last Sunday. He is one of many activists Israel has arrested for his activities against the Occupation in the West Bank.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

Omar Barghouti is skeptical of the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation.

Israelis from the Left & Right discuss Zionism.

In the South Hebron hills, a typical day with an atypical conclusion: a settler flees from the IDF after being questioned about an assault on a Palestinian shepherd.

Demo in Qalandia.

Demo in Gaza.

Demo in Bilin.

Demo in Nabi Saleh.

UNRWA funds a mobile clinic to serve Palestinians in the West Bank.

CPS Gaza will monitor the Israeli Navy's harassment of Gaza fishermen.

Kid, when the police ask to see your passport, not only is it commonsense to show it to them, it's the law.

US students raised $20K to install rain storage systems in a school in the Jewish town of Kfar Vradim, which is in Galilee, where the majority of the population is Arab.

Bedouin shepherds are being evicted from their houses after being evicted from land to make way for Ma'ale Adummim, a Jewish settlement.

10,000 to 9,000 people turned out for a demo & rally in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu's policies.

UNRWA creates jobs in the West Bank to offset economic & social problems caused by Israel's occupation.

Israel's first solar panel field opens in Kibbutz Ketura in the Negev.

Hamas, during an argument with Egypt over rules, closes the Rafah border crossing on Sunday, to Gazans' disgust.

Hisham Al-Sharabati, the Director of "Youth Against Settlements", talks about life for Palestinians in Hebron.

Another video from Breaking The Silence.

Former Miss Israel Israel Shavit Wiesel does her tour of duty in the IDF.

Ex-IDF soldiers talk about the Rules of Engagement, i.e., the IDF guidelines for shooting in the Occupied West Bank.

Richard Falk, the UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine, comments on the shootings in the Golan Heights.

More footage from on the shootings.

Al Jazeera has a video on the June 5 Golan Heights shootings.

In a video posted by The Guardian, Sara Benninga shows her life growing up in West Jerusalem & then as a solidarity activist in East Jerusalem.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Israel/Palestine News

On June 1, right-wing settlers marched from Sheikh Jerrah thru the Muslim Quarter of the Old City in East Jerusalem to the Wailing Wall to celebrate Jerusalem Day, the re-unification of Jerusalem. Reminds me of Marching Season in Northern Ireland.

More footage of Jerusalem Day, with settler youth chanting "Death to Arabs", "Muhammad is dead", " Butcher the Arabs", " I hate all Arabs" and " Listen well you Arabs! We don't want any making-up! The refrain will always continue! May your village burn down, May your village burn down!".

On May 27, Palestinians invited Jewish Israeli solidarity activists into the neighborhood of Ras al-Amud to protest new housing for settlers.

More footage of the Ras al-Amud protests.

Egypt opens the crossing at Rafah in Gaza.

The opening of the Rafah border crossing gives hope to Gazans.

Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat comments on the opening of Rafah.

Al Jazeera looks at reactions on the Egyptian side of the border to the opening of Rafah.

In Tel Aviv, an Israeli non-profit organizes a soccer tournament between Israelis, West Bank Palestinians, & African refugees.

Israelis, internationals, & Palestinians celebrate the one year anniversary of the Susiya Creative and Learning Center in the South Hebron Hills.

Mustasfa says 'Ciao' to Bella.

The parents of Koby Mandell hike along the Israel Trail to raise money for the Koby Mandell foundation.

Last Friday, another demo took place in Bilin.

On May 31, villagers from Ni'lin & Deir Qaddis blocked Israeli bulldozers from starting construction on a bypass road.

Last Friday, there was another protest in Nabi Saleh.

Over 2000 Israelis flocked to Joseph's Tomb in Nablus to pray.

An ex-IDF soldier recalls his experiences at a checkpoint in Ramallah.

Another video about Gaza marking the anniversary of the Freedom Flotilla of 2010.

Gaza marks the anniversary of the Mavi Marmara.

Ken O'Keefe talks about trade to Gaza.

The Center for Constitutional Rights & Furkhan Dogan's father have filed a FOIA lawsuit against the US government.