Friday, August 4, 2017


On 10 March 2017 Palestinians and Israeli security forces clashed in
Silwad. A Border Police officer fired a sponge round, injuring D.T., 17.
The officer then hit him in the head with a gun. D.T., who lost
consciousness, was taken to Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, where he
underwent surgery for a cranial fracture and subdural hematoma. During
his 12 days in Hadassah Hospital, his parents were not allowed to
approach him, and he was kept in restraints. While shocking, this case
is not at all unusual, nor is the fact that no one will be held
accountable, guaranteeing these injustices will continue as long as the
occupation does.
The incident was captured on the gas station’s security cameras
Please note: The security cameras' timestamps are inaccurate.
The video was edited by B'Tselem

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